Special Protection

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Chapter 15

I have no clue if some of my chapters are confusing but this is a continuation of the moments that followed Lilith losing her memories of Taylor. I hope you muffins enjoy!! Give the book a review if you haven’t. It would mean a lot! -Mel <3


Ben's pov

Seeing her that way made me feel powerless. If I couldn't protect her from death or mourning, then what could I do? Being there for her wasn't enough, so she somehow convinced Killian to wipe Taylor from her mind. I just stood there wordlessly like a wimp. I watched her as she lost a part of herself. I watched as she transformed from a crying mess to a happy girl.

"Why am I crying," she asked Killian, and turned towards me. A look of confusion crossed her face.

"Why am I in Killian's room?" She questioned us. I looked at Killian as he looked at me. I went into his mind, telling him to come up with a lie. He responded with a, "No, you."

"Well, Lili, I found you watching a sad movie in your room, crying. We thought that something happened, so I teleported you to Killian," I smoothly lied. She nodded her head in understanding.

"Why can I not remember any of this?" She wondered, turning to Killian. She must've been ready to blame him.

"Oh, you hit your head when Ben accidentally dropped you in your room. You had passed out and then woke back up when he teleported you. You must have short term amnesia," Killian quickly answered. I nodded my head along with him.

“Oh, Ben? You have super strength. How’d you drop me?” she asked. I mentally cursed Killian for putting me in this mess.

“Oh, I stubbed my toe,” I hurriedly explained, pointing to my toe. She peered down at it, seeming skeptical of us, but nodded her head anyways.

“Alright, well... I’m going back to my room to finish the movie,” she murmured.

I sucked in a quick breath and waited for her to exit the room before teleporting to her bedroom that was in a different hall. I turned on her TV, heading to her Netflix before choosing the first movie I could think of. When the movie was on, I facepalmed. She’s almost seventeen. She would never watch Barbie and Princess Charm School. I just sighed out before fast forwarding to the middle of the movie and teleporting back to Killian’s room.

“What movie did you put on?” Killian wondered aloud, now sitting back on his bed. I was out of breath from my cover up.

“Barbie and Princess Charm School,” I murmured, cheeks going red. Killian threw his head back in laughter. I scratched the back of my neck in embarrassment.

“It was the first thing that popped up,” I hissed out before rolling my eyes and turning on my heel to exit the room. Killian called out my name. For a second, I turned back to him.

“Why would she cry over a Barbie movie?” He questioned. I huffed and exited the room.



“So, Taylor. Care to inform me who killed you?” I wondered aloud into the empty room that was only filled with me, a mirror, and a dead body that barely resembled Taylor.

When I didn’t get an answer, I said, “Thought so.”

I picked up what I assumed to be a finger before grimacing and setting it back down on her body.

“I think that’s yours,” I whispered and sighed before standing back up.

Nothing in this room could lead to a specific person. So, who? Who could’ve killed Taylor?

I walked out of her bathroom to investigate her room. On her desk was the usual reading novel and cup of pens. I picked up the book, sifting through the pages. What I came across on the last page was truly horrifying.

There was a sketched out picture of Killian with hearts around him, but he had knives in his eyes with blood dripping down his face.

What kind of shit was she into? This surely wasn’t a kink, and nothing was going on between Taylor and Killian, right?

I bunched all of her pens up into a hand before looking into the bottom of the cup. There was nothing. I set them back down and left the desk area. I walked over to her white, twin sized bed.

I picked up her pillow, nothing. I lifted a side of the mattress, nothing. I check under the wire framed bed, nothing. Until, something out of the corner of my caught my attention.

While I was checking under the bed, I saw that the wires under the mattress, holding it up was squishing something. I stood up and lifted the entire mattress until it was pushed against the wall.

Taped underneath the mattress was tons of papers. All of them were portraits of Killian. Except, they weren’t simple, good portraits. They were all showing different ways to kill Killian. The thing that threw me off was the hearts on it.

It was like she was obsessed with him at the same time she hated him.

“What game did you play?” I asked aloud to the nothingness of the room in a hushed voice. I did a once over of the room before something caught my eye. The desk chair was bulging. The desk chair that she had was pearly white. It was mostly plastic, but had fabric and a bit of cushion on the back and on the seat part. It was something that would be in a teenager’s room.

Once I reached it, I noticed a small tear in the stitches of the fabric towards the back of the seat part. I slipped a finger inside before reaching towards the lump in it. Something metal touched the tip of my finger. I struggled to pull it out with a singular finger, but I finally succeeded.

In my fingers, I held a small ring. No diamond adorned it, but it was a silver band.

What the actual fuck went on in this goddamn facility? It was like with every passing day, experiment, and death, more secrets unraveled before us. Who was the culprit of it all? Was it my own torturer, Killian, or was it someone we didn’t quite know yet?

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