Special Protection

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Chapter 16

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Trigger warning. Has attempted rape. You have been warned. -Mel <3


"And this is?" Asked the president. I rolled my eyes at him. I had just explained it. What more did he fucking need?

"As I said, this is a never ending book about sickness. It starts off with things like the common cold. No one fills it out, but it fills in around thirty sicknesses that have not been found out in the world yet every day," I pointed towards the book. It was in the safe hallway since it wasn't alive and didn't want to kill us.

"Well, why doesn't the WHO have this?" He questioned, pointing at the big, dusty book. I just held back a groan of frustration.

"This is the unknown. There isn't supposed to be a such thing in the real world. I can't give it to the scientists or doctors at WHO. Sorry, President," I hissed before leading him to another room.

Killian peeled off somewhere to do something. Lord knows what he does when he disappears.

"Who's this?" He asked, peeking into the room that held Ben. I quickly tried to lead him away, but he knew exactly who it was the moment he saw Ben.

"Is this your boyfriend body guard?" He scowled before turning towards me. I was at a loss for words. What was I supposed to do in this situation?

"Lets continue the tour, shall we?" I smiled sickly sweet at him before trying to shove him to the next door. But we all knew the president wouldn't budge. He was a force to be reckoned with. He was that one annoying kid in the class who always tried to figure out your secrets so that he could destroy you.

"No, I would like to see the P.S. that is Benjamin," he grinned at me before grabbing my wrist and using my hand to open the door from the button scanner on the wall.

"Hey, get your slimy hands off of me!" I exclaimed, ripping my hand from his hold. The door opened to reveal a Ben sitting criss cross apple sauce with his back to the wall and a book in hand.

"Benjamin, right?" He smirked at Ben before walking towards him. Ben sat the book face down on his pillow to the right of him then stood up to face President Trenton.

"Actually, it's Ben," I gritted out from clenched teeth. The president turned towards me with the same fuck boy smirk he always has on.

"He's a P.S.? You're dating a P.S.?" He questioned, pointing at Ben who looked utterly confused. My mouth formed an O. Ben quickly defused the situation before it could get even worse.

"No, we were on a mission. We aren't actually dating," Ben lied smoothly, running a hand through his hair before looking into my eyes. His looked apologetic.

"Oh, well, you guys must've been really smitten when he had you against the wall orgasming," he eyed Ben with a glare. My eyes widened. I looked towards Ben who looked like he was handling this pretty well.

"So what? It's not like you were the one with her lips pressed against yours were you? At least I can make a girl orgasm by dry humping her. Not like you can," Ben raised his left eyebrow in a "your turn" kind of way.

Oh, no. This has come to a toxic masculinity contest. What a joy it is to be me.

"Well, humans aren't meant to mingle with monsters. Come on, doll. Let's let you experience a real man," the president grabbed my arm, trying to drag me away from the room. I somehow got out of his hold. When I looked back at Ben, I saw how defeated he looked.

I knew that Ben didn't like being called a monster. He wasn't one. He is perfect. He is mine, and ice will have to freeze over Hell before I leave him willingly.

"She's mine. Get your grubby, little, no good, narcissistic hands off. of. her," Ben hissed, attempting to freeze him, but the switch that turned on and off the power dampeners wasn't turned off. Ben tried to resort to hand to hand combat, but before he could, the bodyguards decided to step in and push him against the wall just like Dakota. Ben struggled against the big men. One of them doubled over and groaned out in pain. My eyes drifted down to him. He was kneed in the balls.

Good job Ben!

The other saw what happened to the one on the floor. He quickly covered his manly jewels, letting go of Ben. Two more bodyguards stepped in to hold him back, but Ben punched one of the new bodyguards square in the face. His lack of strength made it where the bodyguard barely felt it.

Before I could see what was happening, the president dragged me out of there and into a supply closet a few doors down.

Fuck the labels! Why'd I have to label the doors?

"Let's show you what it's like to be with someone who can properly please you," his smelly breath fanned over my neck where he spoke. He pressed his lips down my neck towards the dip in my V neck white tee shirt. I was squirming in his grip, letting out a bloodcurdling scream when I felt his hands grip my skirt and attempt to pull it up.

"Shut up, you slut," he grunted, putting a sweaty hand over my mouth. I attempted biting his hand, but he pushed my head towards the wall, smushing me between him and the wall. It caught me by surprise. My vision was blurring from the smack my head took.

"Now, are you a back door or front door type of girl? I like both," he chuckled dryly, grabbing the hem of my panties.

Throughout this whole experience, I was screaming nonstop. Hell, tears were streaming down my face at this point. I was going to be raped. This was it. I am accepting my fate. I could never overpower someone of his stature.

"Since you can't answer without screaming, I'll fuck you in both before anyone can find you," he whispered, dragging my panties down my thighs. I whimpered out, shaking my head profusely. He saw that and used his hand over my mouth to smash my head once more against the wall.

I am going to murder him if I don't murder myself first after this whole ordeal.

Ben wouldn't love me if I was tainted would he? He would toss me aside right? The proposal was a scam. He wouldn't love me if I was raped.

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