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Chapter 17

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Killian’s POV

"She's bossing you around, and she's your three year old daughter, Killian. Can you please do something to keep her from using her powers? I have classes at uni. Please control your daughter," I sighed out, staring in to my child's gray, blue eyes. She just gave me a cheeky smile, grabbing onto my legs. I grinned down at her, picking her up. She wrapped her legs loosely around the side of my stomach and her arms around my neck.

When we found out we were having Elizabeth, Beth wasn't ready. I don't know what snapped in her, but as soon as Eli popped out, she was there mentally. She was ready to love our daughter unconditionally.

The problem was that our daughter was special. Eli has unique abilities to control people. If you've ever seen "The Vampire Diaries", you'd know. They had mind compulsion. Unfortunately, my daughter had my powers, but bigger and better. She was able to control people. She could control how they felt, how they acted, what they did. She was a manipulator.

Beth hasn't discovered it yet, but Eli wasn't just able to manipulate people. She could also create worlds. We had a bottled world in our cabinet as we speak. Eli once found ants getting "attacked" by rain and transported them to a world she somehow created. Don't ask how a three year old was able to do that, but she was. If she worked on her powers in the future, I'm sure she could learn how to make bigger worlds, and eventually universes.

"Of course, my love. See you after class. Call me before you get here, yeah?" I kissed her right cheek, giving her the backpack she had by the door while she slipped on her shoes. Eli was gripping onto me the entire time.

"I love you, Killian. You seem to prove to me every day that you're the one. You always will be," she smiled and grabbed the backpack I held out for her. She kissed Eli on the cheek and left the house.

"What shall we do today, Princess?" I asked, setting Eli down on the floor. She just walked over to the door, staring at it. I knew what she wanted. She wanted her mother.

"Look, mommy will be back soon. Let's go to the park," I swooped down to grab the toddler, setting her on the side table in the hallway. I grabbed her shoes from underneath the side table and put them on her feet. She just stayed quiet which was extremely unusual for her.

"I want ice cream, dada," she murmured out. I groaned out before following her orders. I grabbed her coat along with mine and slipped on my shoes. She grabbed my hand that was held out for her.

"You need to stop telling dada to do stuff. When you do that, you make it where dada can't say no, and Santa watches. I report to him when I see you do bad things like get dada to buy you ice cream," I explained to her as we walked to the ice cream shop down the street. She just stayed quiet.

"Dada, why am I the only one like this?" She asked while my eyes widened at her question. I sighed out.

"Well, Princess, there are millions like you out there in a world somewhere. One day, you find them," I saw the ice cream parlor in the distance as I told her that. She walked along with me, a skip showing itself in her steps.

"I want rocky road," she demanded, looking up at the lady at the counter. I rolled my eyes.

"Please?" I reminded Eli. Eli just nodded her head, mumbling a soft "please". The lady chuckled softly.

"Bowl or cone?" She asked Eli, getting the scoop ready for the ice cream.

"Bowl, please. I don't want her to make a mess on herself," I cut in before looking down at Eli to see a pout adorned on her face.

"Of course. And for you?" She questioned, looking towards me. My eyes swept across the choices they had before settling on the cookies and cream.

"Cookies and cream, please," I pointed towards the huge tub filled with heavenly goodness.

"Bowl or cone?"

"Bowl. Gotta be fair to my Princess," I smiled down at her. She just stared at the lady with a blank face.

It's rude to stare.

"$10.57," she said, handing me the rocky road. I handed it to Eli before grabbing my wallet and giving her a ten and three ones.

"Keep the change," I grabbed my ice cream from her hands along with two spoons. I handed one to Eli while we made our way to the local park.

I liked this park since not many people were here. We were an introverted family, only sticking to people we know and trust. Most of the time it was just Eli, Beth, and I.

Eli left her ice cream on the bench beside me where I rested while she went to play on the slides.

"Sister?" A man asked, sitting on the opposite side of the melting, rocky road ice cream. I contemplated lying since I looked younger than what I actually am, but I decided against it.

"No, daughter," I told the man. He just nodded in understanding.

"How old are you? You look too young to be a father," a blonde woman said, coming to sit beside the strange man. I felt awkward being with two strangers. Something is off.

I checked their minds. Flashes of pain, torture, and evil flooded my mind. My eyes widened. I have to get Eli out of here.

"Excuse me. We have to get back home for lunch. See you around some time," I excused myself, grabbing Eli's now melted ice cream from the bench and threw both of our remains away.

"Eli, let's go," I called towards the little girl. She nodded, running up to me and jumping on me. I caught her with ease and walked with her in my arms all the way back home. Thankfully the strange woman and guy weren't following us. They gave me the creeps. I don't know what it is, but it's not right.

I pulled out my phone, dialing the love of my life's number. It ring a few times before she answered.

"Yes, babe?" She asked through the phone. I slightly cringed at the pet name, but brushed it off.

"There are some really weird people. I think they're after us. We have to figure out what we're going to do. This is the first time something like this has happened to us," I explained, speedily walking in the direction of our family home in the suburbs.

"I'll be home in twenty," she said through the phone. I just sighed, hanging up. I have to get Eli home fast.

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