Special Protection

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Hope you guys enjoy this book. I’ve never written a fantasy book. This book has drained a bunch of my imagination. -Mel <3


"Mommy, why're we in a desert?" My seven year old voice asked worriedly. We were on a dune buggy, racing towards a small town filled to the brim of merchants and travelers.

"We're here to pick up someone," she smiled back at me, grabbing my small hand and encasing it with hers. The wind blew her hair across her face and she was forced to let go of my hand to tuck it back behind her ear.

"Who?" My meek voice drifted out into the wind. I was lucky that my mom caught it. She gave me a look. I knew that I wasn't supposed to ask, but I did it anyways just like the other seventy-one times.

"Its name is P.S. 034. It can control the weather with its mind, but it does not have a natural form or body. It is a reflection. You have to be mindful of it. It is cunning and deceitful. It's IQ is triple times the average man," my dad filled me in. My small brain didn't understand what he was telling me, but I knew that what we were about to face was dangerous.

My parents' assistant, Killian, was sitting in the back with me. The twenty-eight year old was unusually quiet as we approached the city. He was the one to always sit with me in the car while my parents trapped the being in a small cell. He also deleted everyone's memories of the P.S we were saving. He was a P.S. himself, but he was deemed a safe one. My parents trusted him, so therefore I trusted him.

The confinement cube was the size of an apple. It was very intense technology that I didn't quite understand. I just knew that with the press of a button, any being that didn't have particles that matched anything in the earth's database and system in the area was drawn to it and stuffed in it.

"Will it hurt me?" I asked cautiously. They chuckled and shook their heads.

"No, sweetie. They won't. We won't allow it. We'll take it back to home base. I promise," my mother said and held out her pinky. I gripped it with my tiny one and leaned down at the same time she did to kiss my thumb that was poking out.

By the time that we arrived, my parents had their game faces on. They grabbed the small confinement cube, getting out of the buggy to stop whatever was causing havoc.

Killian just smiled down at me, giving me his phone to watch a show on. I giggled, watching Dora the Explorer while Killian kept his watchful eye on me. Killian had his ear piece in, listening to the confinement mission while we sat in the quiet corner of the city.

Eventually, my parents came back. They had the confinement cube with them, and they were out of breath from how hard that must've been.

Killian nodded at them and used his powers from the buggy. My parents and I were wearing special chips in our skin that allowed us to deny Killian's abilities. Killian couldn't control who he wiped the memories of in large groups like these, so just to be sure, we had chips implanted in our arms by the best surgeons we could find.

"Does it have a name like you and I?" I whispered to Killian in the back seat. He nodded his head and leaned down to whisper its name to me. My parents didn't want me becoming attached to the P.S., so they never let me know the names. Killian was kind enough to tell me them when we couldn't be heard. The dune buggy made too much racket for my parents to hear Killian.


I stared at Killian in awe as he nodded his head to the machine sitting in my mother's lap while my dad navigated away from the city. I giggled and grabbed Killian's hand. He has always been my absolute best friend. He just leaned down to kiss my head and pressed play on the Dora show again while we sat for another three hours to get to our plane.


"Do you wish to harm us?" My mother asked in her scary voice through the speakers at a glass mirror. There was a figure of a teenage girl on it. She had black hair and green eyes along with tan skin.

"Of course not. I just don't want to be in a room," she shrugged. She was still a figure. We could open the doors a smidge, but unless we opened them enough for her to get out, then she couldn't. She was invisible to the blind eye though. You needed a mirror to see and communicate with her.

"Did you hurt any of those people?" My frail voice piped up from beside my mom. She squinted her eyes at me in a glare. I wasn't supposed to make my presence known. I knew that. My mother snapped the speakers off and turned to scold me, but before she could, the mirror spoke.

"I grew up there. I wouldn't hurt anyone from there. They may not look like much, but they're my family," she looked broken, hurt. I felt for her.

"Lili, we don't talk to the P.S.s. Okay?" She murmured in my ear. I just nodded and sat silently beside my mom as she interrogated the being.

"We are opening a slot in the door. I need you to please put you arm through the hole, P.S. 034," my mother instructed and pressed a small button on the control panel.

"Okay," she whispered and stuck her hand through the door. I wanted to know what they were doing to her. She hissed out in pain, trying to yank her arm back, but couldn't.

"Ow! It hurts! Stop!" She exclaimed. My heart wrenched at seeing her that way through the mirror. I tugged on my mom's arm, trying to get her to stop. She wouldn't listen to me and kept draining something from P.S. 034.

"That's enough. Thank you. P.S. 034, thank you for giving us some of your subatomic particles to do research on. We will get back to you with energy to consume so you can stay healthy. Good day," my mother flattened her hand out for me to take while I cautiously stepped down from the countertop I was on.

Taylor was not happy in her cell. She started crying and saying naughty words that would get me beat. Again, my heart felt like I was being pierced. I felt terrible for the girl.

"Mommy, can I get a sandwich and play with P.S. 029?" I asked in a small voice. She stared down at my watering eyes and nodded her head. She led me down the halls to Killian's confinement room. She pressed the button to let him out and he got up from his desk he was working at.

"Yes, Dawn?" He asked and eyed me. He noticed my tearied eyes and bent down beside me as a drop trickled down my cheek.

"Aw, Princess, don't cry," he cooed, wiping the tear and picking me up in his arms. I softly cried in his arms as he quietly argued with my mother about something.

"Really? You let her see P.S. 034? You know that it's not good for her, especially not at this age," Killian seemed angry. I just hugged his neck some more as he cradled me.

"She needs to prepare. You know it, Adrien knows it, I know it! Also, P.S. 013, you shouldn't be talking to me that way," my mother hissed and walked out of the room, instructing him to take me to P.S. 058. He sighed and walked with me to the doggy's chamber.

"Here we are, Princess. You can play with Vor while I watch you. Your mom should be bringing you your sandwich," he sat me down next to the normal looking puppy that barked playfully at me. I giggled and grabbed at his face to pet it. He slobbered on my hand while I just squealed.

Vor seemed like a normal puppy, but that's all he would ever be, a puppy. He never aged, always staying the exact same age. As soon as we heard of him, we grabbed a confinement cube and set off to pick him up. We didn't quite know what breed he was, but he was the size of a small bear cub and was pure white.

This was a normal day for me. Forever puppy, mind swiper babysitter, and torturing P.S.s. Who knows when it'll change.

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