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Chapter 18

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Lilith’s POV

"Where is all of this negative thinking coming from? I will love you until my very last dying breath, and as far as my death is concerned, it's not today or anywhere near today," I heard in my head. I let out a cry of relief.

"Ben! I'm in the supply closet near your room. President Trenton is going to rape me. I need help! Please! I don't want to be raped!" I thought. Hopefully, Ben got my distress signals. If he doesn't, I don't know what I'm going to do.

"Why don't we get these all the way off, yeah?" President Trenton questioned, pulling my underwear all the way down until they hit my ankles. I was still furiously shaking my head while crying.

That's when I had the brilliant idea. There were metal shelving units in here that would hurt a whole fucking lot if someone were to get their head smashed in to them.

I finally stopped struggling, saving my strength for what I was about to try. When he saw me stop struggling, he glared at me. He knew I was up to something.

"What are you planning, you little bitch?" He gritted out, trailing his hand between my legs.

No, he was going to touch me there. I have to do it now. I have to retaliate now.

I used my last remaining strength to push him to the left towards the metal shelving unit. He was heavier than I thought though. He was stronger than I had expected.

"You bitch! How dare you shove me off? Now you're really going to get it!" He whisper yelled, pressing his lower half on mine. I bawled some more.

"Lilith!" I heard as the door opened to reveal an out of breath Ben. He had a spot on his left cheek that would surely bruise. A look of determination crossed his face as he froze President Trenton.

"Why can't I fucking move?" He asked, grunting out as he tried to move only to be held back by Ben's powers.

"I told you not to touch what was mine. I don't share. She will always only ever love me, but I can't complain because she's the only reason I get up every morning. Now, I will unfreeze you. You will leave this facility along with your goons. You will never come back unless invited by Lilith. Understand?" Ben questioned in a calm voice.

"Yes!" He yelled, being unfrozen by Ben. President Trenton dusted off his suit before looking at Ben behind him. Ben stepped aside to let him by. The president nodded his head at Ben, leaving the room.

"You have ten days, Lilith. I will nuke this place in ten days. You better run or die, Lilith. Either way, leave this Earth," he finalized, turning to face me. A look of shock crossed my face.

Could he do that?

"Get the fuck out of this facility," Ben hissed out, trying to hold on to the shred of control he had left. The president left, walking down the hallway with his beat up goons behind him.

As soon as they were out of my sight, I jumped into his arms. I hugged his body to me in a tight squeeze. Tears streamed down my face in waterfalls.

He saved me. He saved me from getting raped by the president.

"I've got you. It's okay. You're safe now. Here, let's pull your undergarment back up okay?" He whispered, bending down to reach my black lace panties. He didn't look up my skirt like a hormonal teenager. Instead he stared into my watery eyes and brought my underwear back up.

Once they were secure, he hugged me back to his chest. My tears soaked his white tee shirt.

I can die happily now. I am in the arms of the one person that understands me. I am wrapped up in unconditional love. He's the one.

"I'm glad you think that I'm the one. Now, let's talk about how you thought I wouldn't save your from the big bad wolf," he smiled against my hair, pressing a kiss against it. He ran a hand through my hair but gasped out in surprise and pulled away quickly. He turned me around, staring at the back of my head.

"What? What is it?" I shot questions at him. He just put his left arm underneath my knees and his right under my back, scooping me up into his arms.

"You're bleeding. I'm going to bring you to the infirmary," he whispered, kissing my lips quickly while I laid in his arms. I just wrapped my arms around his neck while he walked to the infirmary. I had a questioning look on my face from how he didn't teleport there.

"I'm too tired to teleport. I'm sorry. I'll get there as fast as I can," he said in a hushed voice, feeling ashamed of how he didn't have the energy for something as elementary as teleporting.

"No, it's okay. You're fine. Here, I can walk. Will you let me?" I smiled at him to show that I was okay. He furiously shook his head.

"Absolutely not," he glared at me for even suggesting the idea.

This exchange revived old memories I had. It was when we were picking him up from Italy. He wouldn't let go of me until we were safely in the car.

"But you're tired. I can walk, Ben," I tried to get out of his arms, but he held on tighter to me. That made me stop moving.

"No. I mean it," he said. I knew that voice. That was the voice that said, "End of discussion."

"I love you, Lilith. Never question my love for you. I would chase you to the ends of the universe. I am yours. You are mine. We are meant for each other. Never question it," Ben leaned down to kiss my lips once more.

That was my breaking point. It made me realize that I will forever be Ben's. I will never stray from him. He will always be mine, and he loves me. He really really loves me.

The ring in my room held a deeper meaning. It was a promise to never leave me despite the circumstances. It was a promise for every first. It was a promise for little Bens and Liliths running around. It was a promise for a better, brighter future. It was a promise for the superstitions on P.S.s to drop so that we could live happily together as a human and her beloved. It was a promise to love me forever.

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