Special Protection

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Chapter 19

Really short chapter. Sorry about it, muffins! -Mel <3


Killian’s POV

My head automatically snapped to the wooden door as a rapid knocking sound echoed through the medium sized house. I used my secret powers to examine the person's mind. Worry, urgency, and adoration was plaguing her brain. I instantly walked to the door, pulling it open to reveal a flustered Beth. I grabbed her arm, hurrying her inside before wrapping my long arms around her small frame. Her head rested on my level chest as I pressed an enduring kiss on the top of her raven haired head.

"Eli?" She called out, leaving my embrace. Eli poked her head out of the kitchen. I told her to hide in the pantry in case something weird or bad happened. As soon as Eli saw her mother, she bounced up to her before jumping into her arms.

It was a wholesome sight.

"I think we're in danger. People are after us, Beth," I whispered, staring at Eli and her mother.

"We should leave," she announced before taking Eli with her to the bedrooms. I could hear rummaging coming from the rooms. I followed the two, entering behind them to see a suitcase getting packed.

Eli now stood beside the bed while her mother ran frantically around the room, packing necessities. I just rushed to our room, grabbing a suitcase for Beth and I. It's time to go.

"Don't forget toothpaste, Killian!" I heard from the other room. I just silently cursed under my breath, making a move to get it. I threw a couple shirts, pants, boxers, and socks for me in the bag along with a few blouses, leggings, pants, and undergarments for Beth.

"Let's go. I have Eli packed up. We have to leave," Beth announced from the doorway of our bedroom. I nodded my head, zipping up our suitcase and setting it on its wheels.

"Go put them in the car. I'll get some snacks for the road. We may not stop for a while," Beth whispered, giving me Eli's suitcase. I grabbed both handles and rolled them to the door.

"Eli, go with your mother. I'll call for you guys when it's time," I told my beautiful daughter. She nodded her small head full of brown hair. I watched her body walk to the kitchen before opening the door.

"Oh, hello! Killian, right?" I gasped out in surprise before backing up. It was then. It was the creepy couple from the park.

"Beth, take Eli away!" I hollered towards the kitchen. Beth poked her head out of the door, widening her eyes and stepping out fully. I mentally rolled my eyes. Now was not the time to disobey me.

I turned my attention back to the couple to feel a piece of metal being held to my head. This was it. This is how I die.

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