Special Protection

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Chapter 21

I know that these are super short, but I’d really appreciate it if y’all could like the chapters. Thanks a lot!! -Mel <3


Killian’s POV

"Wait!" Beth screeched, running towards me, but a barrel was now also pointed towards her head.

"What is it you want?" Beth shakily breathed out. I slowly shook my head at her.

“You and your family,” the man spoke up. My head shot to him. He wasn’t serious was he?

“You can’t possibly be serious, can you?” I asked the man. He shot a glare towards me.

“Either that, or we kill him. Your choice,” the lady said, pressing the barrel farther into my forehead. To say that I was terrified for my life was an understatement.

“You can’t kill him!” Beth was visibly shaking at this point. I’m scared of what Beth would do in this moment and time.

“You can have something else, anything. Just not him!” Beth insisted.

“The girl. We want the girl,” the man spoke.

“No! Not her! Take me instead!” I screamed, attempting to save one of the only people I care about, my daughter.

“Either him or her, Beth,” the lady said her name mockingly as if Beth was a stupid name. I just stared at Beth with burning eyes.

“Her. Have her. Not Killian,” she whispered from the middle of the hallway.

My world stopped in that moment and time. Why? Why would she give up the one thing we made together, the one thing we loved.

“Bring her here,” the man demanded, retracting his fun from pointing it at her. Beth took her time going to the kitchen. When she returned, she held hands with a scared Eli.

“Hand her over,” the creepy, kidnapping man told Beth. Beth didn’t obey though. Instead, she did the unexpected. She fought for her family, like I would always do.

Beth brought her hands out in front of her. She was trying to use her powers.

“Through the stormy nights

Filled with terror and fright

You’ll be ever so bright

But now that you’re free

You won’t know the fiend

Go to a similar nineteen oh three!” She shouted. She was sending them to a parallel timeline but back to 1903.

I assumed it worked because a bright flash interrupted the moment. When it all died down, I looked around toward the couple. The terrifying thing was that they were still there, and a piece of metal was still pushed against my forehead.

I looked towards Beth, but she wasn’t there, only Eli and I were. Where the hell was Beth? What happened to her? Did she die when she used her powers? Wait, was she in the parallel timeline to 1903?

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