Special Protection

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Chapter 22

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Lilith’s POV

"There's a new P.S. that has shown its face on the radar. Should I call Killian about it? Are you up for it? I mean things happened, and I completely understand if you don't want to go. Killian and I can go if you'd like," Ben softly murmured, stepping into my pitch black room. I was snuggled under the covers in a cocoon of warmth.

It was the morning after Ben had found me almost getting raped by the president. Killian was God knows where, and now there was another P.S. Great news, right?

"Where's Killian?" I huffed from under my blankets. Ben sighed out, coming to sit beside my burrito body.

"I love you, my queen. Can you come out for a moment?" He asked. I peeled the covers from off of my body and met eyes with Ben. Sometimes I forget how beautiful he is.

"Come here," I whispered, pulling Ben to me by his wrist. Ben obliged, leaning towards my body. I grabbed the back of his neck, bringing him down. Our lips fell together, fitting perfectly as if it were a puzzle. Ben's right hand cupped my cheek while his left was too busy trying to maneuver himself so he was on top of me. The blanket separated our bodies, keeping enough space as to not let us over do it.

"Ben, thank you for saving me yesterday. You're the only thing I want, need. I can't imagine what I would do without you," I smiled, pulling away from Ben's lips. I stared into his hazel eyes, admiring him. Everything about him was good, perfect.

"I'll always be here. Even if we were worlds apart, I would find a way back to you," he said in a hushed voice, touching our noses together. I could feel my eyes drift back down to his lips.

"No, my queen, we have work to do. Get dressed," he gave me a pointed look, attempting to be strict. I giggled, pressing a sneaky kiss on his lips before unwrapping myself from the blankets.


"I'm sorry, you what? What do you mean you almost got raped by the fucking president?" Killian hollered, checking my body for any marks, scratches, or bruises. I rolled my eyes.

"Where were you Killian? I don't particularly blame you for not being there, but it would've been nice to have some sort of back up," I told him. Killian just pulled me into a bear hug, wrapping his long arms around my small frame.

"I'm sorry, Princess. I was busy with work. A P.S. needed my attention," he murmured into my freshly brushed hair. It was about time to travel to where the P.S. was.

"It's fine. Who needed your attention and why?" I asked, needing answers. Killian pulled away, rubbing the back of his neck in a guilty fashion.

"Uhm well... you see... we're two consenting adults! I can't fucking help it, okay? I had to do what I had to do, and that just so happened to be her!" Killian blurted out. My eyes widened and my face became blotchy with red spots.

"TMI, Killian! Oh, my God! Ew! Disgusting! Take that out of my fucking memories!" I gagged, starting to speed walk away from the man who just got laid.

"Hey, it's perfectly normal for me to get some action! It was like the best thing I've ever experienced," he giggled! He fucking giggled! Why is he a love sick teenager?

"I'm going to end the conversation here. We shall never speak of this again," my eyebrows were raised, signaling that I had a bit too much information. Killian kept walking with me to the jet where Ben was patiently waiting.

"Yes, but what am I supposed to do now? Date her? I've never dated anyone before!" I hate the way that he's actually talking to me about his relationship problems with Dakota.

"I don't care who you date or fuck. Please do not talk to me about this anymore," I calmly stated, walking up the steps to the plane. Killian just whines about me not helping him with his love life.

"Killian, go sit in the back and leave me the hell alone," I snickered, sitting next to Ben in the front. Ben looked severely confused, but didn't say a peep.

"Fine, but it's not because I take orders from you. It's because I'm going to daydream about what I've done," he huffs, adding way too much information. I just buckled up, grabbing Ben's hand in mine and hoped that Killian couldn't see us.

Ben looked down at our hands before trailing his eyes up my arm, past my neck, and to my face before settling on my lips. Goosebumps appeared where his eyes traveled. He's a walking sin.

"The P.S. is supposedly female. She's twenty-four, has black hair, and green eyes. Her powers are yet to be determined for sure. I assume it has something to do with time travel, but to different timelines if that makes any sense," Ben told me and Killian. Killian didn't seem to respond to it, so I just diverted my attention back to Ben.

"What's her name?" I asked Ben in a whisper. Ben chuckled, leaning down to kiss my forehead. I just raised one eyebrow at him, wanted to know the answer to my question.

"Beth Smith. That's her name," Ben said in a hushed voice. I just nodded, taking his word for it. Maybe she's friendly.

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