Special Protection

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Chapter 23

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Beth’s POV

A bright light flashed, blinding me momentarily. It felt like I was floating in water for a solid thirty seconds before I gained my footing.

Where the hell am I? I turned my head, trying to find out what happened.

“Hey! Watch out! The infected’re comin!” I gasped, hearing a male voice yell. A body pushed me to the side, grabbing my hand and taking me away from the spot I once stood at. There was a lady who looked like a real life zombie, barreling towards us. She snarled, begging for food, but the mysterious man took me away from there.

“What- what’s going on?” I asked the man with stained, tan pants tucked into black boots that reached his calves. He had a dirty white button up and a tattered coat on the top half of his lean body. He carried a hand gun with him along with a brown, leather satchel. A gruesome scar ran down the left side of his fairly handsome face.

“What year is it?” I questioned, looking around for a clue.

“The infected’re gonna getcha. It’s 1903, ya looney. Are ya feelin’ okay, looney? Are ya sick? Do ya feel feverish? Feelin’ any aches an pains?” He shot multiple questions my way, but I was too focused on the year. It’s 1903. I traveled to a parallel timeline and this one has an apocalypse.

“I’m not sick, you imbecile!” I hissed, trying to escape the man’s firm grasps. He just held on tighter, turning me to face him. I stared at his scar that marred his face, trying not to be distracted by his heated gaze.

He clicked his tongue to the roof of his mouth before lifting my chin up with his fingers. I obliged nicely, not creating a scene that would attract any unwanted attention.

“Nah, ya clean,” he murmured and started to drag me again. I wonder how far the destination is. Would we forever be on the run from the infected? I’m glad I met him.

Eventually, we came across a campsite. Multiple men and women stood beside the fire despite it being mid day and ninety degrees.

“This one right ere isn’t infected. Ya hear? She ain’t infected so don’t worry about her,” he called out to the group of survivors. I rolled my eyes at them.

“Why do you look like that?” A lady asked from her seated position on a rotting log. A confused glance was sent her way.

“What do you mean?” I was trying to figure out why they looked at me weird.

“Your clothes are clean, your hair looks to be washed, and you have a square in your pocket. Explain yourself, traveler,” she gave me insight to what she was thinking. I sighed out. Telling them that I could travel to parallel timelines would surely blow their minds.

“This is called fashion. I was with another group of survivors that had a shower and clean clothes, and this is what I like to call a phone,” I held up my cellular device. Everyone gathered around to look at the square. I sighed, handing it to them. No need for it now. There’s no way that I’ll be able to contact Killian if the Killian that’ll be born in this timeline won’t know who I am.

“Ya should probably rest, looney,” the man pointed to a dirty sheet that laid on the ground and had multiple if not millions of bugs on it. I lightly shook my head, excusing myself to “pee” in the woods.

“I have got to get out of here

Take me somewhere near

I have no reason to fear

I hope I’m forgiven

I know I’ll go to heaven

Take me to 2007!” I whispered to myself, trying not to alarm the survivors. When a bright light flooded my vision, I almost passed out due to exhaustion. I can’t be traveling as much as I am doing right now. If I kept this up without finding the right timeline, then I’ll never get back home. All of my juice will run out.

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