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Chapter 26

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Lilith’s POV

"That's my baby?" The strange lady gasped, moving towards me. Killian looked angered, but I allowed her to grasp my cheeks in her hands. Ben stepped forward protectively like he would with any other person.

"Elizabeth?" The lady uttered once more. I sucked in a breath before taking her hands off of me.

"No, I'm Lilith," I mumbled, leaning towards Ben for the sense of comfort I normally have with him. He noticed and wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Killian, that's my child. That's our child. Tell me that you're joking, that's she's mine," the P.S. cried out to Killian, now diverting her attention to him.

"Yes. It's true. Lilith, your real name is Elizabeth Lilith Grace Smith, and you’re my daughter,” Killian told me. His face shown love and compassion, but my world stopped spinning.

“W-What?” I questioned. Ben’s arm tightened around me. He could tell that I was falling apart.

“You’re her daughter too, but she’s never been much of a mother,” Killian hissed, glaring at the lady. I looked at her, up and down.

“You’re my dad, and you never told me?” I asked, now staring at Killian’s face with hurt etched into my frown.

“I’m sorry, but you should know the full truth. Dawn and Adrien found Beth and I at a young age. We were struggling college students that had superpowers. Instead of issuing them, we wanted to be normal. Beth and I fell in love. It was an interaction between two soulmates. Then, we had you. We raised you for three years, always making sure that you were loved. When the time came, Dawn and Adrien showed up to our house. Guns were involved too. I had the barrel of a gun pressed to the back of my head, and I told Beth to take you away. She didn’t. Instead, she tried to sacrifice you for me. I refused, but before they could take you away, she attempted to send them to an alternate timeline. It didn’t work. Beth ended up in an alternate timeline while Dawn and Adrien kidnapped us, claiming you as theirs. It’s not like I could tell you either,” Killian admitted, stepping towards me. I back up, now pressed against Ben as far as I could. Ben didn’t budge though.

“Say something, Princess,” Killian whispered. He lifted a hand to brush a piece of my dark brown hair back, but before he could, I flinched away. I stepped out of Ben’s hold, running out of the door.

I can’t do this right now. I can’t talk to my supposed dad while my long lost mother stood before me. I can’t pretend that my whole world is okay when it’s shaken to its core. I mean how could I not tell that Killian and I looked the exact same? How have I never pieced it together that I could be related to Killian?

I ran to the car, putting the keys into the ignition.

“Lilith! Please! Listen to me! I love you so much. I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you sooner rather than later!” Killian hollered after me. I slammed the door shut, locking the doors. Killian pounded on the window. I just closed my eyes, a tear falling down my cheek.

“Go to Hell!” I screamed, pressing the gas pedal all the way down and speeding out of there.

Did I know how to drive? Yes. Did I do it well? No. Now a plane, I can do that pretty well, but a car is my worst nightmare. Let’s see how far I can get without crashing.

I don’t know where I went, but I went for an hour, only stopping at red lights and stop signs. The air was filled with the radio, occasionally playing a bop, but never country music. Country music sucks.

When it was time to refill the gas tank, I pulled into a gas station. Looking for a credit card or some cash, I searched the car. I could hear a honk due to all of the pumps being full and me not filling my gas up. I stuck my middle finger out at them before grasping a plastic card. I let out a sign of relief and got out of the car.

The thing that scared me as I got out of the car was the incessant banging coming from the inside of my trunk. I hesitantly opened the trunk door to come face to face with a red faced, sweaty Ben.

“It’s hot in there,” he huffed, finally unfolding his tall body from the cramped position he was in. I helped him steady himself.

“Why did you teleport to the trunk?” I asked. He glared down at me.

“I couldn’t remember what the back seat or front seat looked like,” he rolled his eyes at me. I chuckled, pulling him in to kiss my lips. I needed that laugh.

“But you remember what the trunk looked like?” I teased, shaking my head at him. He just chuckled pulling me in for another kiss.

“I had to put money in there once, remember?” He smirked, grabbing my waist to pull my body flush against his again. I groaned into the kiss.

“Mommy, why are they sucking on each other’s faces? Uncle Bill does that with you, doesn’t he?” A young boy yelled amidst all of the cars. The woman gasped, dragging him along. That was our cue to pull away.

For the remainder of the ride, Ben sat in the front instead of the trunk. I enjoyed the company. It gave me someone to talk to.

“Hey, let’s stop here and watch a movie. I’ve never been to a movie theater before,” Ben said, pointed to a movie theater in a city we were traveling in.

“What kind of movie?” I asked. I stared at our options. They all looked boring, but I’d do anything for Ben.

“Let’s do an action movie,” Ben giddily hopped out of the car, grabbing the card off of the dashboard. He sprinted to the window, paying for two tickets to watch whatever movie he wanted.

“Popcorn, my queen?” Ben asked, grabbing my hand in his. A fluttering feeling erupted in my stomach before a blush settled on my cheeks.

“Sure,” I chuckled. He bought popcorn and a drink, balancing those and my hand in his grip before acting like a kid in a candy store and leading me to the right door.

The things I’d do for this man.

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