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Chapter 27

Hola, Muffins!! Super duper short chapter, but I’ve been too too busy. Longer chapter on Thursday. Promise!! -Mel <3

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Dakota's POV

"So you're telling me that Lucy is just a friend? You're telling me that the girl you let fuck you in your office is just a friend?" I hissed, blinking away the salty tears. It was bittersweet. I didn’t love him, but it hurt because I had thought he loved me

"Honey, I would never do that with anyone other than you," he assured before circling the desk that separated us. He tried to pull me to his chest, but I knew better.

I knew he was cheating on me. I knew that Lucy wasn't a friend. She was a whore, and he was a cheating bastard. I kept ignoring the signs of them, but I don’t want to waste my time on someone that doesn’t love me.

“You don’t love me, do you?” I whispered, backing away from him. He sighed out and rubbed the back of his neck. He closed the distance between us, but kept a few inches. Those inches were my lifelines.

“I-I really like you. I do,” he smiled his charming ass smile. I couldn’t fall for that though. Not again.

“I’m done here. Your lies, your cheating ways, and your bastard child can all go to hell. Oh, yeah! That’s right! Lucy is fucking pregnant!” I was slowly losing my sanity, so I turned around and attempted to exit the room. He stopped me though. He grabbed my wrist in his right grip, not letting me leave him. I was determined though. I was extremely determined to leave him.

“The child doesn’t matter. It probably isn’t even mine. Lucy is a whore anyways. Trust me, baby. I’m all yours,” he said carelessly. I rolled my eyes and somehow got out of his stone cold grip. He desperately reached for me again, but I dodged each and every one of his attempts.

“You’re an asshole. No one will ever love you,” I hissed, walking out of his room and slamming his mahogany door on the way out. This was the beginning of the end for us.

Passing his employees as they whispered about me made a dent in my hard shell. The thing that broke me was Lucy sneering at me as I left. Now, I know that she’s pregnant, but I couldn’t help myself because the next thing I knew, I was decking his pregnant secretary in the nose.

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