Special Protection

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Chapter 1

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"Can you just hold me for a little longer?" My soft voice asked to the darkness in my room. I had always had a room in the facility, never bothering to buy a house when my life and duties were here.

"No, you know the drill, my queen," he whispered, kissing my exposed shoulder. Our legs were tangled underneath my silky blankets and his arms were wrapped around me. I felt safe, loved in his grip.

"Five more minutes," I pleaded. He chuckled and made a move to get out of bed.

"Absolutely not. You know that I have to be back in my cell by checking hours. I'll see you when you do the daily rounds. Remember to act like a stranger, my queen," I flinched at his choice of words for his room.

Yes, it was a cell, but I tried to make it feel like home. I just can't do too much or else I know that things will start getting chaotic. I can only do so much when I have a facility of P.S.s trying to kill me.

"You know that I try to make it a home for you. I'm trying, Ben," I shot him a look. He bent down to grab my face before pressing a soft kiss to my forehead. His lips were addicting, and I just wanted more. I wonder if that was one of his powers he had. Ben, the amazing kisser.

"I know, baby. I know. I'll see you later," with that, he exited my room in a flash. I sighed as his teleporting figure disappeared from my room. What a dork his is doing the teleport of shame. I always left his cell open a smidge at night so he could teleport in and out of it to visit me. He always closed and locked the door with his telekinesis before checking hours. What a clever couple we are.

I drifted back into a sleep, tossing and turning all night while drenched in sweat. I just kept thinking about Ben and how much I wanted him there with me, laying there, enjoying the time he had with me. But alas, he was smarter and more responsible than me. He did the right thing.

Our relationship was complex. We couldn't be seen showing any signs of compassion towards each other, or else everyone would think something was up. I didn't want to compromise what we had, so I kept us a secret. In case it wasn't obvious, I love him.

I am now the owner of the Protective Service. My parents died on a retrieval mission for a dangerous ranking level P.S. P.S. 092 killed my parents, but Killian grabbed the confinement cube just in time to capture the P.S. and bring him back. I was a twelve year old little girl at the time, but Killian, who didn't age, raised me to be who I am today.

Five years ago, I would say that my parents were my hero's, but when they died and Killian had to teach me everything, he slowly became my hero. I loved him, trusted him, relied on him. The employees at the facility were hesitant to have a P.S. lead them for a couple of years until I turned fifteen, but they all stepped back and let him do his job that he was trained to do by my former parents. They were becoming more accepting of P.S.s. I was extremely grateful since all I had left was Killian and Ben.

Ben was special though. Ben had powers to no extent. He didn't even know what he could do. It was a new surprise everyday. We tried testing his blood to see if he matched anything in our system, but it didn't seem like he did. He was a species on his own. I called them the "advanced humans" because he was basically human but better.

Ben's known powers ranged from having no taste except for vanilla, his breath always smelling of minty toothpaste even if he just wakes up, telekinesis, speed and advanced thinking, super strength even though he isn't totally buff, and teleportation. We were still running test results on his blood and stuff to see if we should try something else, but I didn't see anything that he couldn't do.

My alarm started blaring around five in the morning. I had to wake up, get dressed, look presentable, and check on the P.S.s. I groaned, rolling out of my comfortable bed. I wish that I could wake up in the morning with him by my side, arms wrapped around each other. What a shame that can't happen.

I slowly took a shower and got dressed. I blow dried my hair and threw it up into a half up half down. I wore my normal, boring clothes that consisted of a white shirt tucked into a black skirt with black high heels. Sometimes it would change from a skirt with heels to pants with flats or tennis shoes, but today I felt like enjoying myself. I don't normally come into contact with P.S.s that can and will hurt me, so there was no need for protective gear.

I walked out of my room with enough time to grab a snack from the cafeteria. Munching on my breakfast bar, I walked all the way back to the classified dangerous hallway. This was where all of the dangerous P.S.s were stored. They would most likely kill me if I stepped foot in there.

"How are you this morning, P.S. 023?" I asked into the mic. The computer buzzed, waking up from its slumber. It beeped a few times before omitting an electrical shock throughout the room. Our walls were designed to protect everyone against that, so I had no need to worry.

"I would be better if you were dead," it's ominous voice spoke from the speakers that the employees set up. They allowed me to communicate with it.

"Well, that's not very nice. Did you sleep well?" I asked with genuine curiosity. It beeped once more, letting out another shock wave that could surely kill a man. I sighed away from the speakers so it couldn't hear me.

"What do you think?" It hissed. I just went back to the microphone and shot the computer a cold look. I was done playing nice this morning.

"P.S. 023, a few employees will be in in a few minutes. Please rest for now and do not be volatile towards them. Thank you," I whispered the thank you and exited the room. I've always been extremely emotional when it came to being trapped in a facility. I mean, I was ever since I was a child.

I walked towards another door to open it. This was the room to a slightly less aggressive P.S. Its ability was to conjure fire. It was a small dragon no bigger than a fly, but it's fire was big enough to start a forest fire.

"Hello, P.S. 193. How are you today," I asked to the small fly-like figure in the room. It flew around in figure eights. I taught it that. Figure eights mean good or yes. Back and forth means bad or no. It was our simple way of communicating.

I smiled into the cell. I'm glad that it was doing good. That means that I was doing something right.

"If you will, could you show me your new moves you learned yesterday?" I wasn't here when it was taught how to breathe fire to make shapes. The dragon flew in figure eights again and eventually stopped in the middle to blow fire. The fire changed from a star to fireworks, then back to a circle. I chuckled.

"That's wonderful, P.S. 193!" I exclaimed, clapping my hands. It flew in figure eights again, blowing random spews of fire every now and then.

"I will leave you to it then. An employee will be here soon to bring your daily candle to consume. Please keep practicing. You look amazing," I praised and walked out of the room.

That dragon was so wonderful when it was in a good mood. When it wasn't, it burnt an employee to a crisp even with his fire protectant suit on. I was lucky to be out finding a P.S. with Killian at the time, but P.S. 193 was not happy when I came back.

Eventually after fifty more P.S.s, I made it to the classified mild hallway. This was where the unpredictable were. We didn't know what they were thinking. They normally didn't do anything harmful though. If they did, it wasn't enough to kill us.

I sighed and walked down the hallway, occasionally passing an employee every now and then. I wish that my day wasn't the exact same over and over again.

Maybe this was why I decided to engage with P.S. 071 in the first place. He was kind and he made my days exciting. He was my anchor when things got bad. Despite everything he is, I'm just glad that he's mine.

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