Special Protection

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Chapter 30

This is a lil appreciation chapter for being kind last week. I really needed the week off. Please enjoy this next chapter. It’s a bit boring but I can’t seem to write this story well lately. -Mel<3

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"I'm not going home, so stop asking me to leave," I hissed before dragging him into the restaurant. Ben sighed, and I could basically hear him rolling his eyes.

"I'm sorry but did you forget about Trenton's threat? We have NINE days left! Nine!" Ben whisper-yelled at me as we sat in a booth in a corner. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Yes and for my last days here, I want to relax away from everyone and everything," I picked up my menu, analyzing it.

"What about the facility? Killian can't run it by himself. You're being selfish, Lili. You're the owner of it. You have to do your job. This," he pointed to the menu before continuing, "is not your job."

"Ben, I don't want to go back. I don't know if we're all going to die or if I'm never going to be happy again, but I don't want to spend another minute in that facility, accepting my death along with everyone else's," I said in a tone that should've warned him that enough is enough. He just slowly nodded his head. I watched as he picked up his menu and looked at it.

"I love you," he whispered softly, grabbing my right hand in his left on top of the table. I accepted his love and affection, quietly saying endearments back to him. We both ordered from the laminated menu that laid on the table and waited for our brunch together.

I understand that I should go back, but I want to be a carefree child for a little bit longer. I want to be with Ben and not have to worry about the repercussions.

“Can’t I just be with you for all eternity?” I quietly murmured, resting my chin in my hand while my elbow rested on the table. He glanced at me before looking out of the window.

“You can be. We would just have to give up everything we’ve worked for,” he said in a matter of fact type of way. All of my attention was on him, but he couldn’t look at me right now.

“Look at me, Ben,” I demanded softly. He turned away from the bright window and stared deep into my eyes.

“Yes, my queen?” He answered my silent pleas to give me the attention I yearn right now.

“I don’t care about the consequences. I want you and only you,” I told him before sighing.

“I sense a but,” he cracked at smile towards me.

“But I have to finish out my time at the facility before I had it over to someone like Killian. People may not like being led by a P.S., but I never signed up for this,” I thought aloud to fill Ben in on what I was thinking. He slowly nodded.

“Of course. Whatever you want,” he grabbed my free hand and brought it to his lips. Kissing it, he once again stared at me with intensity that burned my body deliciously.

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