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Chapter 31

Hey, guys. Thanks for being patient. This is another shorter chapter, but it clears up a bit of confusion I think. Enjoy it!! -Mel <3

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“Are you alright?” Ben whispered, moving closer towards me in the hallway closest to his room.

I sighed, pulling Ben into the safety of his room. I brought him into the biggest hug I could muster before smiling at him.

“I will be,” I lied through my white teeth.

“Don’t lie to me. We’re supposed to trust each other, remember?” He raised an eyebrow at me in a scolding way. I felt like a child for a moment.

“I’m not lying. I’ll be fine eventually,” I chuckled and unwrapped myself from his embrace, leaving the room.

I had to see Killian, or shall I call him daddy? Decisions, decisions. He would know everything. He would give me the answers I need to move forward with or without him.

I walked down the sterilized halls, headed to his chamber before knocking lightly. I could hear a faint “come in”, and I pressed the button to open the door.

“Hey, Princess,” he chuckled awkwardly. I rolled my eyes. He doesn’t have the right to call me by that anymore. Father or not, he hurt me.

“Save it. All I want is answers. Why did you lie to me even after my fake parents were dead?” I shot at him.

He accepted the bullet in the form of my question and answered to the best of his ability, “You were too young to know. You’re just starting your life. You needn’t worry about all of the things that keep messing it up.”

I scoffed at him. He sighed out, obviously tired from anything and everything under the sun.

“Does she care for me?” I asked. He stared at the floor in total fascination.

“I don’t know,” he looked up into my eyes as he said that. I just flinched back.

He doesn’t know if my birth mom actually cares for me.

“If she’s a P.S., and you’re also a P.S., does that make me one?” I shakily breathed out.

Honestly, I don’t want to be one. I want to be the normal, boring girl I’ve always been. Changes are unnecessary problems.

“I- No. You’re not,” he answered while I let out the breath of air I was holding hostage. I silently thanked whatever God that was up there. He was looking out for me when no one else would. Thanks, big guy.

“What was I like as a child?” I chuckled out. Finally this conversation was a bit carefree, but I was still mad.

“You were very concerned about others. You were convincing too. You had your mother and I wrapped around your finger,” he smiled warmly at that thought. I slowly nodded.

“We’re you happier then?” I questioned. He slightly frowned, being brought out of his good mood too fast.

“In certain aspects, yes. In others, no. I loved you so, so much. At least I got to see you grow up. If I hadn’t, then I would’ve said yes. Now, your mother,” he paused to sigh before continuing, “she was spectacular, truly. I loved her, and she loved me. The thing with that is that when she left, so did my feelings. She tried to give you up to Adrien and Dawn so that they wouldn’t take me before she disappeared. I was beyond pissed.”

I gasped at that. What? She tried to give me away? At what cost? She loses her child, but she keeps the man she loves? What selfish human being does that?

If I had to choose between Ben or our child, I would feel stuck too, but never would I ever choose to give up my child. It’s just impossible.

“I-I... she tried to throw me to the wolves, huh?” I chuckled dryly, backing away towards the door, staring at Killian.

“She was overwhelmed. She couldn’t choose between me or you,” Killian defended her.

“Why’re you defending her? She doesn’t love me, and you don’t love her,” I hissed, rolling my eyes at the once again stupid Killian.

“She does love you,” he lied. I could tell that he was lying. His simple tells are that he has a vein that pops out on his forehead, and he sucks his top lip into his mouth.

“I’m done with this conversation. Talk to me when you can stop lying to me,” I told him and exited his room.

What am I doing with my life right now? I would be on a beach with Ben, but instead I agreed to come back. Too bad that I can’t see Ben in a swimsuit now.

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