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Chapter 32

Hey, guys!! Another short one, but I’m sorry. I swear I’m trying. I’m currently writing this while my eyes hurt from lack of sleep. I swear I really am trying. -Mel <3

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Lilith's POV

It was late, too late. I was still under my silky sheets like always with Ben. His arms were wrapped tightly around my stomach, pulling me to him, but I couldn’t sleep.

What if I really did have powers? What if Killian lied? I don’t doubt that he did.

I need answers. Gosh, I wish that I had someone who would tell me it straight, someone who would tell me what I’m capable of, if anything.

“I can feel your thoughts running a mile an hour. I couldn’t sleep because it was nagging in the back of my mind. What’s wrong, my queen?” Ben lightly and softly kissed my bare shoulder. A shiver ran down my spine while the hairs on my arms stood straight up in attention.

“Nothing. Go back to bed. I’m sorry for waking you,” I turned my head slightly to kiss his lips in the pure darkness. Ben let out a sigh and pressed more kisses on my shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” He once again asked. I was too distracted by his movement to say anything.

“I-I,” I couldn’t even form proper sentences. He could affect me so much with such little actions.

“What?” He was being patient, and I love him for that. I can’t think of a more patient person.

“Ben, do you think I’m a P.S.?” I asked him. Ben reached out to turn on the lamp. I turned to face him, staring into his hazel eyes.

“Genetics are a strong thing. I think it’s possible,” he whispered, bringing a hand up to cup my cheek.

“I’m not going to lie, Ben. I don’t want to be a P.S.,” I murmured, burying my head in his warm chest. He just brushed a hand through my tangled and knotted hair.

“What’s so bad about being one?” He questioned, kissing the top of my head.

“It’s not bad, but I’m supposed to be a captor for people like you. I’m supposed to keep you contained and protected. I can’t do that if I am one,” I told Ben, unburying my head from his chest. He now stared into my eyes, trying to decipher what my problem is.

“What if I said that I want you to be like me?” He murmured before grabbing my left hand in his right. I held my breath at his question.

“But I can’t. I’m human, and I enjoy being normal,” I held back the urge to roll my eyes at him.

“I love you, Lili. Human or P.S., I don’t care. Whatever makes you the happiest is that you need to trust and believe in,” he told me and kissed my palm. I stared down at the intimate action.

I can already tell what makes me happy. He makes me happy. He’s Ben, and that enough for me. He makes me happy, and I don’t want him any other way.

What if me being a P.S. helps Ben and I finally be together? What if this is the answer we’ve always needed?

But I can’t abandon these people yet because we have a war to fight. If the president is going to kick us out then we need to figure out if we’re powerful enough to fight or if we need to get everyone some place safe, but where? Where can we possibly go?

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