Special Protection

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Chapter 33

Another shortsies!! Sorry about it! I’ve been dealing with reality and just pure hatred for the people I once loved. It’s crazy. People can lie to you with the flick of their tongue,and others can break your heart with one life shattering word. -Mel <3

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Lilith’s POV

“Alright, guys. Listen up. We need to figure out what powers we hold over him without starting a war with every country that has an alliance with North America,” I announced towards my secret team of P.S.s.

“We don’t have any powers to do anything. It’s like we’re useless,” Dakota defeatedly groaned out.

“We aren’t giving up without a fight. Can we erase his memories of him declaring war on us?” I questioned, turning towards Killian, or shall I say my dad.

“No, your parents gave him a chip. He’s protected,” Killian reminded me.

I rolled my eyes. Yeah, parents.

“We can kidnap him, cut the chip out, and erase his memories,” Ben hissed out.

“Listen, just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean you can torture him. Also, he’s guarded all of the time. If we kidnap him, and someone finds out we did it, we could be facing so many problems. Most starts with an N and ends with an uke,” I informed. They all nodded carefully before thinking some more.

“What if we found a place to hide, make him think we’re gone?” Dakota questioned. For once, she was the smartest person in the room. I’m proud.

“Hold on! That’s not such a bad idea,” I told them, circling around the room.

“We don’t have a P.S. that can make everyone invisible, and we have no bunker that can contain everyone,” I sighed, gripping my hair in my hands. I yanked a bit, trying to get the ideas I needed to keep the people I love safe.

“Wait, what if we don’t stay on earth,” Killian asked quietly. That caught my attention. What was he on about?

“What are you talking about?” I turned towards Killian. He looked shy and guilty for a moment before adverting his attention to the ground. My interest at what was about to be said peaked.

“I-I don’t know how to say this,” he sighed out. I rolled my eyes once again at the mess of a man.

Ben walked forward, being there for me without actually touching me. Him being there made me feel secure.

“You have powers. You can create worlds, and despite your father trying to keep that away from me, I knew about it. You have compulsion capabilities, and you are a creator. You can create the simplest of things as in life, a world, a god. That, your father didn’t know about, but I did. I researched every little thing about you from alternate futures and pasts. If I’m correct, you’re more powerful than any of us,” Beth walked in, unannounced. I was at a loss for words.

I’m not a P.S. I never will be. I don’t want to be. This isn’t the life I want for myself. Normalcy is what I want. Why can’t I have that?

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