Special Protection

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Chapter 35

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“Ben,” her raspy voice whispered out. I squeezed her body closer to mine underneath the silky covers. She slowly rolled her body to face me in my arms.

“I love you so much,” she continued. A sob broke through her tightened lips.

That simple sound truly broke me. I never want her to hurt this much. Ever.

I know Lilith. I know that what she needs right now is to know that she’s loved. What makes her keep going in a difficult time is the need to do her job. What if her job all this time hasn’t been to protect the outside. What if it’s been to protect us, the broken, the bruised, the special?

“I love you more, my queen,” I kissed her forehead and cupped her face.

“What do I do, Ben? What should I do right now?” She questioned as tears kept falling down her porcelain skin. I quickly worked to wipe them away.

“I can’t tell you what you should do, my queen. I can only tell you what I’d do. Take what you will from that,” I kissed her forehead again this time lingering there.

“What would you do?”

“I would pick up the pieces I have left and get to work on doing what I am made to do. I would create something to save us all. I would create a world, a world where nothing is wrong and P.S.s are normal,” I told her. She held her breath at that before even more tears seeped from her eyes. I pulled her closer, shushing her in the process.

“Ben, how do I know what is right?” She buried her head into my shirt. I rubbed her back with my right hand.

“You won’t know what’s truly right. You can only know what you think is right,” I whispered. She sniffles a bit before rolling back over in my arms. Her back was now to me.

“Ben, I want to save us,” she decided and sat up. I followed suit, sitting up beside her.

“What?” I questioned. She just got out of bed, now standing.

“I’m going to create a world and have everyone teleported there. Can you do it?” She asked. I immediately hesitated. I don’t know if I can’t teleport thousands of P.S.s to a world I’ve never been to.

“I- I don’t know. What would it look like?” I wondered. She searched through her desk drawer for a moment before coming back to the bed with a piece of printer paper.

On this paper held the world. The world was formed from thoughts, magnificent thoughts from a wonderful girl. On this paper held a red world. The world was huge. It held trees of all sorts of colors. It looked like the world was in the middle of fall. There were gigantic pools of water. There were buildings, cities full of things. There were animals everywhere. This was a world where nothing was wrong. On this paper held the perfect world.

“This will be our new home,” she softly smiled at it. She was pleased with her work as a creator.
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