Special Protection

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Chapter 2

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"Ben, hi. I'm Dr. Dawn. Would you like to come with us?" My mom held out her perfectly manicured hand. That was the first time I've heard her call a P.S. by it's name. That was so unusual.

I hid behind my dad's legs, poking my head out to see the boy. He was gorgeous. His brown hair was in his face. His soft, hazel eyes locked onto mine in an instant. His lips curved upwards into a large smile, dimples making themselves apparent on his cheeks.

That face right there was the only think I wanted. I stepped out from behind my dad's legs. Hesitantly, I started towards my mom who was beside the boy. My dad reached out to grab me, but something stopped him. He couldn't move.

"Dawn, keep her away from him," my dad grunted out from his frozen state. My mom's eyes locked onto the boy. He must be doing this, huh?

I kept walking, coming to stand face to face with the boy. My head craned back due to his height. My heart was drumming in my chest, and I'm sure anyone could hear it.

My mom didn't make an effort to keep me away. I assume she knew he'd not hurt me.

"Dawn!" My father called out to her, signaling for her to take me out of the room. My mom just shook her head at my father.

"Wait, just watch," she whispered to him and directed her attention back to us, the P.S. and the little princess.

"What's your name?" I asked, looking straight into his deep eyes. His smile never left his face. He just wrapped me into a hug.

"My name's Benjamin. You can call me Ben though," he didn't stop hugging me, but I wasn't scared or worried. In fact, I felt the safest I've ever felt except for when I'm with Killian.

"I'm-," I spoke up. Ben cut me off and finished my sentence.

"You're Lilith," my gasp didn't conceal itself, instead it slipped through my lips. How'd he know my name? Can he read my thoughts? So, he can freeze people and read thoughts. He was such a cool guy. I giggled at his words.

"How'd you know?" I asked in awe. He just held me tighter. It weirded me out how I could easily jump into his arms and he accepted me. He was the definition of charming. For some reason, I knew that I didn't have to be worried, scared, or jealous. He was mine, and he was going to protect me throughout everything.

“Lili, Ben, it's time to go," my mother packed up her things and grabbed Ben's suitcase. Ben just crouched down to pick me up with his left arm under my knees and his right around my back. He was carrying me as if I weighed nothing. Did he have super strength?

"Ben, can you unfreeze Dr. Adrien?" My mom softly spoke to Ben. Ben nodded his head and glanced at my dad quickly before my dad collapsed to the floor. He was unfrozen and finally could move his muscles.

"Killian, please bring the foster mother here and erase her memories," my father said, opening the door for Killian to step in. Killian's eyes traveled over the couple and towards me in Ben's arms. His eyebrows furrowed and he stepped forward, alarmed at our close proximity.

"P.S. 071, step down. Return Lili this instant," he hissed, taking a step closer to Ben only to be frozen. Ben held me closer to his chest. He frantically shook his head. He was not letting me go.

"Ben, it's okay. We're leaving. Unfreeze Killian, and we shall go home," my mother's soothing voice boomed over the commotion.

"Home?" He spoke almost silently. It was pitiful. Has he never had a home before? He made it sound like we were giving him the world.

We all made our way out of the brick house, getting into our car. My mother and father sat in the front while Killian, Ben, and I sat in the back seat.

Ben was still gripping me. My hand was in his and my head was on his shoulder. It was going to be a long drive to the airport. The roads lulled me into a deep sleep as my body was snuggled to Ben's. I wonder why we were so smitten with each other even though we had just met.

My parents didn't bother to put him into a Containment Cube if he could just freeze them or break the Containment Cube with his telekinesis. They figured he meant no harm. Well, as long as I was in his arms, he was no harm.

My parents found him at a foster care in Italy. He and I were children at the time. I was eight and he was fourteen. He grew up without loving parents or a nice house. He went from house to house, not finding a forever home until one day he was caught levitating items in his sleep.

He was staying with the nicest couple he had met so far. They couldn't have children, so they decided to foster until they wanted to adopt. Ben didn't want to mess it up. He loved the couple just as the couple loved him.

But not all was right. Eventually, he destroyed everything good in his life with his powers. During the middle of the night, he started having a bad dream and a few big items started shaking until they flew and crashed into walls.

The compassionate dad went to check on Ben when he found a tall bookshelf rattling on the wall closest to the bed. The foster father couldn't live with himself if he let the poor boy die. The dad went to hold it steady while the mom woke him up, but sadly the dad didn't make it. The bookshelf fell on him, squishing him until he was nothing but a bug underneath God's sandal.

The mom was frightened by Ben's powers. She called the police that contacted the higher authorities that contacted us. We found him, brought him to the facility, and confined him to his room.

I made sure to visit the boy that stole my heart everyday. I enjoyed our nightly visits as I snuck out of my room. I always made sure to check on Killian too. Killian always scolded me for seeing Ben past my bed time, but I didn't care. Killian just told me to be careful and not to open his containment cell. I promised Killian to never let him out despite the ache in my heart telling me to let him be free.

Ben always looked miserable. He sat on his bed, looking through the novel my mother gave him. He read a book a day, using his speed and advanced thinking to absorb any and every word he saw.

"Ben!" I yelled into the mic from the little room I was in. When designing his cell, my mother decided to put a two way window instead of the normal one way. She figured that it was better to let him see her than to keep him in the dark.

Ben looked up at the window and ginned, hopping out of his bed. He walked towards it and held up his left hand towards the glass almost as if it were tradition. I giggled at his antics.

"I missed you," he spoke softly, pressing his forehead to the window. I closed my eyes and pressed my forehead to the window too. I was significantly shorter than him, so my forehead was around the area of his chest.

"I missed you too," I whispered, holding the mic up to my lips. He let out a small groan. I looked up into his eyes. His right hand was hidden behind his back, almost as if he was hiding something from me.

"Ben? Are you hiding something from me?" I asked, and he stared down at me. He looked pained to say it, but shook his head. He definitely was, but I didn't push it. I just wanted to stay in this very spot, soaking in the love he was giving me. Despite not touching each other, he was the only one I felt this close to.

I never once stopped talking to him. He had shown me his newly found power to teleport. I watched him disappear before appearing two feet over. He grinned and did jazz hands before saying, "tada!"

I giggled. He teleported to the glass and put his hand back up. My hand was always resting on the glass. Never once did I take it off.

"Ti amo, mia regina," he lightly kissed the window where my forehead was.

"What does that mean?" I questioned, looking up at him. He just smiled at me.

"Nothing, my queen," he backed up from the window, running a hand through his dark brown hair. I gulped at the sight. He was in his usual white T-shirt and gray joggers. Even though he didn't have abs, he was flat and solid. He looked powerful.

If there was a such thing as a perfect human, it would be Ben. He was respectful, powerful, compassionate, and very protective, especially over me. If Killian was here with me, Ben would refuse to participate in any activities until Killian was gone.

One time, Killian was being dragged out, and he tried to take me with him to see P.S. 029. Ben threw a fit and started threatening Killian. Ben started levitating things, throwing them around the room.

I just chuckled and told Killian to go while I stayed with my mom. Killian wasn't happy seeing Ben win an argument even though Ben was in a cell. I just rolled my eyes at the toxic masculine stench in the air. Ben fist bumped the air in triumph.

"Ben, can you clean your room now?" My mother chuckled at the child's behavior. Ben nodded, flopping on his bed. He concentrated on moving everything back to where it was. Thankfully there was nothing glass in there due to a certain scare we had with another P.S. I was in awe at how effortless he made it look.

"Mom, I want to be able to do that," I whispered in her ear. She leaned down to pick me up, setting me on the counter I normally stand on when talking to P.S.s.

Ben and I were like two peas in a pod. My eight year old self would always tag along with my mom to watch the fourteen year old be interrogated. I wish that I could intervene, but my mother would throw me out of the room even if Ben decided to be a typical teenager and pitch a fit. She knew that Ben and I were close, but she kept me away from him as much as she could. I could tell that she knew Ben had taken a very special liking to me. I could say the same for me.

I was madly in love with him. He was like that one childhood crush you always had and never got rid of. All I wanted was Ben. He was the best thing that has ever levitated into my life. I could confidently say that I loved him even if he was a P.S. I was supposed to stay away from him because he was dangerous, but I couldn't. He was addicting. There was no going back since I had gotten a taste of him.

"You have to go, my queen," he broke me out of my thoughts and walked over to his bed that he could've teleported to. I checked my pink watch and huffed.

"I don't want to leave," I whispered. He chuckled and sent me a small, playful glare.

"You're going to get me into trouble, my queen."

I shook my head. I didn't want to do that. I wanted him to be happy and safe.

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye, Ben," I turned off the light in the room I was in and exited through the door. Ben was left in his containment cell along with my heart. No, he was my heart.

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