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Where I’ve Been

Hey, guys! This past month and a half I’ve been super busy.

It started out with little things like extra dance practices and school work over load. Then, it went to even more of the crazier stuff.

As you may or may not know, I am a high school student. I pride myself on having all A’s and balancing competitive dance along with it. I shouldn’t be writing stories that people actually want to read. I should be focusing on the bucket of things that I need to do, but then again I am a mess.

Recently I’ve found myself in a pickle. I’m sick. It’s nothing serious for me. I’ve somehow contracted Covid-19 from a friend I go to school with. It’s not that the mask didn’t protect me, but it didn’t do much when I needed it the most. Still, wear your masks, take vitamins, get plenty of sleep, and stay away from people that may or may not be sick.

I am now quarantined in my little home with my father while my mother stays with my brother at our other house. I am staying safe and being responsible. I’m terribly sorry for not writing much, but this gives me the perfect opportunity to curl up and write something worth while.

I love you, muffins.

-Mel <3
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