Special Protection

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Chapter 36

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Lilith’s POV

It started off ever so slowly. It was pure euphoria when I felt the tingles in the tips of my fingers and the whirl of warmth in the depths of my stomach. I felt oddly at home at the same time that I wanted it to stop.

Ben gave me the power I needed to realize that this was bigger than me. This was the start of something bigger than a singular life itself. This was the birth of a new era on a different planet.

With not much time left, I cooped myself up in my room with a pair of special sunglasses and focused on the buzzing energy in my body begging to be released. Ben would occasionally pop his head in and ask if I need anything, but my answer would always be the same.

You see, when I first started, I questioned myself, “How does one simply make a world?” Then I realized that it’s not as hard as I’m making it out to be. I gathered as much research as I could from my mother’s study, but none was on me. They must’ve never tested on me.

“Hey, how’re you holding up in here?” Dakota suddenly entered my room. I tried to pay attention to her, but I was attempting to make miniature worlds. It was sort of working.

“I’m holding onto the smallest bit of sanity I have left,” I told her, bringing my hands upwards and clasping them together. Then I carefully opened them at snail speed. At the center of my hands floated a ball no bigger than the size of a marble. It was pure light, illuminating the dark and grungy room.

“Woah,” she breathed behind me, staring into the light with her bare eyes.

“Don’t look into it,” I hissed, forcing my hands to snap closed. I was protecting her eyes from the mesmerizing light. She snapped out of her trance and blinked furiously.

“Sorry,” she apologized softly, backing up. I shook my head at her.

“It’s fine. You just can’t look into it. It’ll blind you. It’s almost as bright as a sliver of the sun. You’ll need a special type of sunglasses,” I informed her. She nodded and accepted the glasses on the desk beside me.

“Now watch,” I whispered ever so lightly.

I once again brought my hands up in a clasp and slowly opened them. The ball started off the size of an atom and eventually grew to the size of an apple. I created an outer layer of green covering with minuscule trees. I pinched my right index finger along with my thumb and spiked it up suddenly. That caused a small spike to appear. I brought my left hand in a bit, and a huge ocean formed. Then I brought my right hand up and swirled it while whiteness started floating from the layers of oxygen around it.

When I finally set it down, a world sat before us.
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