Special Protection

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Chapter 37

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Lilith’s POV

"You know, we still don't know the repercussions that could happen to you if you decide to put all of your energy into a world the size of Earth," Ben informed me, but I stood in the courtyard. The icy cold wind blew my hair around. It was ominously scary.

"I can do this, Ben," I whispered and clasped my hands together like I practiced. I processed my energy through my fingertips, and suddenly the marble between my palms grew thirty sizes. This was it.

I backed up and spread my arms out even more. Now it was the size of a car. The ball of light was flooding the room and slightly blinding Ben and I who wore the sunglasses. It started spinning as if it were on an axle.

"Tell me when to teleport and Killian is up top with the telescope keeping an eye on where it'll show up," Ben hollered over the growling wind and the whirling of the ball of light.

I kept spreading my arms, but couldn't continue since it felt like my arms were getting pulled on opposite sides of my body. I felt so sleepy and scared. It's time though. Now's our only chance to make a difference.

"Now!" I screamed with my head angled to the sky and my back arched. My arms were straight out by my side, and I felt drained of any power I had left.

All of a sudden, I heard Ben holler out in pain as he stared up at the sky. The ball of light was flashing in and out of the fabric of reality. It was trying to teleport, but it couldn't get the amount of energy it needed.

I hurried over to his depleting body and grabbed his face in my hands, "Ben, look at me. You can do this." I then pressed a light kiss to his lips and backed away to give him space.

He let out a blood curdling scream and the ball of light disappeared. Then his body dropped to the flood in exhaustion. I hurried to his slumped body. He was unconscious.

"You need to finish the world!" Dakota screeched, pushing me away from Ben towards the center of the courtyard. I took one last look at Ben before glancing up at the sky again and moving my hands, making land formations in the crust of our new home. I added trees with red, yellow, and green leaves. I summoned multiple mountains and rivers with seas the size of countries. I spread my arms farther apart and made the world larger. I assume it was the size of the Earth's moon by now.

"Add your last touches. We don’t have much time!" Dakota told me, looking at her phone's time. I nodded slightly and finally added the last thing I needed, an atmospheric layer of light with clouds.

When I finished, I collapsed beside Ben and let the darkness wrap me in it's eternal heaven.
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