Special Protection

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Chapter 38

Yo! Miss girl has gotten her mojo sorta back. I hope y’all enjoy this. It took a hot minute to write even though I was supposed to be asleep LOL!! Love you, muffins!! -Mel <3

Lilith’s POV

"Pack everything important. Killian is busy putting the P.S.s in containment cubes. I'll see what Ben needs and if he's okay to travel," Dakota put a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it to reassure me. I just exhaustedly nodded my head, grabbing a suitcase.

"Ben might need help in locating the new containment center. Will you be able to guide him to the building?" Dakota questioned me before helping me empty some of my drawers.

"Of course. What ever he needs," I confirmed and grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste from the bathroom.

"I'll see if he's ready to teleport the first round. Head to the courtyard, will you?" Dakota rested hard hands on her hips and exited the dull room. I just took my last few minutes to look around in case I missed anything important. I don't feel like I did.

As I exited the room, a shining flashed in the corner of my vision. I turned to look at it. It was the ring, my ring. I crossed the room to the silky sheets we loved so dearly and bent down. Sitting on the pillow was the diamond encrusted circle. I tenderly picked it up and slipped it on my ring finger. I then stared at my silk covered bed and furiously picked apart the bed, rolling the sheets and slim blanket into a ball and threw it at the door with a frustrated holler. Tears started seeping through my eyes.

It's so rewarding to see my family and loved ones safe, but I can't help but feel so hopelessly afraid and anxious. I mean everything changed so fast in a short amount of time. I can't be expected to be okay.

"Hey, what's going on? Lili, talk to me. Tell me so that I can fix it," he whispered, picking up the bundle of blanket mixed with a sheet. I graciously took them from his hands. The tears were still drowning my eyes, making it hard to see with blurry vision.

"My queen, I love you. You're so damn strong. You can do this. I promise," he held my hand that were wrapped around the blanket and sheet. I accepted his comfort for a moment before taking the blankets to the half empty suitcase and stuffing it inside. This would be ours for a later time.

"When you teleport there, think about this. There should be a new facility almost like this one, but its a bit less dark and musty. You should arrive in our bedroom. Take the hall labeled the correct safety once you walk towards the cafeteria. Killian will go with you and help you unload the containment cubes for the next round. I'll be here making sure everything goes smoothly. My so called mother will be here with Dakota to help me in case of emergencies. I wish to not trust her, but we barely have enough people competent enough to help anyways. We will be fine," I put on a strong face for him because that's what they needed. They needed me in this moment in time. I will be their guiding light if I have to.
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