Special Protection

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Chapter 39

Guys! Guys! Guys! Share the story pwease... it’s getting closer to the end and I want everyone to get a chance to enjoy this since I may or may not be taking it off a month or two after I’m done for revisions and editing. Enjoy this chapter though! Everything is going to plan... *cue evil laugh* -Mel <3

I followed Ben into the courtyard with Killian closely behind. When we finally stepped up and faced the rapid winds, I pulled Ben close to me, wrapping my small arms tightly around him. I hugged him with all of my might. I wanted this hug to represent how much I have appreciated him in the troublesome years we've spent together. It means a whole lot.

"Come back to me," I whispered in his ear. He nodded his head solemnly. I backed away from him as he held a large box full of containment cubes wrapped in bubble wrap in case they somehow tried to escape Ben's grasp. Killian stepped up to me to hug me, but I was stiff. I wanted to trust Killian with my life, but I would never be able to trust him with telling me the truth. He would always be the person who spewed lies to me my entire life. How human of him.

Ben stepped to the center with Killian latching a hand on Ben. They soon disappeared with the flash of a blinding light. I backed up towards my "mother" in power dampening handcuffs next to a free and wild Dakota. I stared into Dakota's eyes with a burning intense glare. She could tell I was worried because she wrapped her arms around me. I just sighed.

"It'll be okay. I promise," she smiled softly, revealing her picture perfect, white teeth. I sent a tight smile back before escaping from her grasp and heading back to the courtyard. I sat on one of the many benches as Dakota disappeared somewhere unknown. The cuffed woman walked slowly towards me to sit down. I made a little bit of room for her to my left. I watched as she carefully sat her body down.

"Can I tell you something, Lilith?" She asked, crossing her right leg over her left leg. I watched her movements with hawk eyes.

"Depends. Will it make me want to kill you more than I already do now?" I snarkily replied, acting as sweet and polite as I could even though my words were for sure a knife to her stomach.

"I love your father. I will always love him. I can remember the times we had together, the moments we held hands and watched the sun set or the moments we all gathered near the bonfire and snuggled close together," she chuckled fondly. I ignored the way she leaped over my question.

"Your point is?" I hissed, scooting farther away from her even though I could use her body heat in this moment.

"I want him,” she simply stated. I rolled my eyes at her greediness.

"He's happy with Dakota. No matter what happens I refuse to let you get back with him," I abruptly stood, glaring at her.

"I want her gone. She will be gone and you'll help me or else you'll never know what your full potential is. You'll never figure out what darkness lurks in your soul, begging to be released. I could give you so many answers, Lili. Just help me get rid of Dakota," she smirked as she saw me wane, and I knew right then that I had made my answer. She wants help? I shall give her the help she desires.
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