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Chapter 40

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Ben’s POV

"That's not fun," he groaned out, doubling over in pain from teleporting. I chuckled and held the box.

I was in a similar room to Lili's, but the only difference was that it was mainly empty. I left Killian doubled over and walked towards the hallways. When I encountered the three types of hallways, I chose the one I had the most of in the box. Down the classified dangerous hallways, there was a bunch of doors lining a corridor. I walked to the first one and noticed plaques beside the doors. I pulled out one of the labeled cubes and realized it was the dragon the size of a fly. I opened the door and closed it directly behind me, opening the cube. I saw the fly materialize in front of me, but before it could do anything to me, I teleported out of the room. I locked the door before proceeding to the next.

"I wonder how worried Lili is," Killian grumbled from behind me. I spared him a sideways glance before proceeding to the next hallway. Wordlessly now, he followed me.

I, too, wonder how she is though. I had passed out from teleporting a world, but she was probably exhausted from creating one which is significantly more difficult. I would never forgive myself if she were hurt, but the world she created seems too perfect. She never disappoints me.

I wonder how different its going to be with just us. Will we miss normal people? Technically we will have some human scientists and guards, but we won't have regular humans or restaurants filled with screaming kids and teenagers on first dates. It'll be incredibly lonely. I've always wished to finally get a chance to be with Lili, and maybe this is my opportunity. I should be incredibly happy and over the moon, but I'm not. I'm terrified. I'm scared that I will hate it here or even worse, she'll hate it here. What happens if she feels guilty for my hatred for this world? Will she blame herself? Will she feel lonely with me?

I wish I knew the answers to all of my questions, but this is all so new to me. I can't say what'll happen.

"Ben, its almost time to go back. We have one more to go then we have to go home and collect the other half," Killian informed me before closing me into the safe room with the singular cube. I opened the cube and let the P.S. out. I teleported out of the room as it locked.

"Let's go back, Killian," I sighed out. He nodded, gripping onto my arm while I teleported out of the new world to the old one where my heart was. When a bright flash of light appeared, I felt the hand lose the grip on me and he fell to the floor in the courtyard. It was at that moment when I saw her curled up asleep on the stone cold bench with a blanket over her. I hurried over to pick her up and take her to her room so that I could finish transporting the P.S.s to the new facility.
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