Special Protection

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Chapter 3

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"There's another P.S. that needs to be picked up, Princess," Killian announced, walking through the door way. I was checking on Ben like usual.

"Powers?" Ben asked from his room. If he ever heard of me going on a dangerous mission, he'd pitch a fit. He always liked to hear about what I was going to do. Sometimes I would take Ben with me if it was only Killian and I. The times were very few, but Ben enjoyed being able to be there with me in case anything were to happen.

"You don't need to know," Killian hissed at Ben. I smacked Killian behind the head and shot him a look before muttering a "behave".

"I don't care what you think I need to know and what I don't. If Lilith is going to face something that could get her killed, I won't hesitate to decapitate you, and you know I can do it," Ben ranted while blipping around. He was stress teleporting. What a nerd.

"Ben, calm down. You can come with me on this one, yeah?" I asked to try and comfort him. He stopped teleporting and turned to me. He suddenly teleported towards the glass, raising his hand on it. I walked over to the glass and placed my hand where his was.

"I'll be okay," I mouthed to him through the glass. His eyes searched my face for any sign of me deceiving him. When he didn't find any, he sighed and left the glass.

"When do we leave?" He grunted towards Killian. Killian rolled his gray-blue eyes. I never looked like my parents. If anything, I looked more like Killian than them.

Ben and Killian needed to get along. I'm tired of seeing them argue over the smallest of things even when they thought I wasn't looking.

"Ten minutes. Get dressed into some actual clothes and we'll leave," Killian murmured, not too keen on the idea of him tagging along.

"What's so wrong with my outfit?" He glared at Killian, challenging him. Killian just shrugged.

"Nothing, Ben. Killian, stop antagonizing him!" Now it was my turn to glare at Killian. They were really pushing my buttons.

Once we were all geared up with everything we needed including the containment cube, we headed to our jet. It had enough room for all of us, but Ben was required to have power dampening cuffs. It was protocol when taking any P.S. out of their cell.

"If you wanted me in cuffs, all you had to do is ask," he whispered in my ear as I tightened the cuffs. As soon as I heard him say that, I tightened it too much and he yelped out in pain. I shot him a glare while he impishly smirked at me.

"Keep your mouth shut or you're never coming with me again. In more ways than one," I gritted our through clenched teeth, flashing him a wide grin when his face paled.

"Ben, you're on that side this time," Killian pointed to the chair in the back. Normally, Ben and I would sit together, but I guess Killian didn't want that. Regardless, his words pissed Ben off, and Ben shook his head at Killian.

"Absolutely not. I'll sit with Lilith in the front," he announced. Killian rolled his eyes at Ben's possessiveness. If I'm being honest, I really did want to sit with Ben. I always want to be close to Ben. I'm just needy like that.

"Suck it up, Killian. Sit in your normal seat," I nodded my head towards the seat in the back. Killian was shooting daggers from his eyes at Ben as he took his seat in the back.

Ben lead me to the front where we were going to sit. I sat on the outside like usual. Ben reached over to buckle my seat belt, which I found absolutely adorable.

"Gotta keep you safe, my queen," he whispered and grabbed my right hand, bringing it up to his lips and kissing it. I'm really glad that Killian can't see us because I'm sure my face would've blown our cover.

"Powers?" I asked the same question Ben had asked earlier, except this time Killian actually answered.

"Elemental. Ever seen Avatar?" He questioned in a joking but serious matter from the back. It was weird not being able to look at him as he spoke. It felt disrespectful.

"Of course," I chuckled at Killian's comparison and turned towards Ben. He must've been trying to figure out if he could defeat it in case it was volatile.

"Does it have a name?" I asked Killian just like the good Ol' days. Killian chuckled from the back and answered.

"She, and her name is Dakota. She's not harmful, but she does have powers that could kill, so be wary," Killian informed us. I nodded. We were pretty silent the rest of the way. Once we arrived at California, we had a secret service agent pick us up. I had to take the handcuffs off of Ben since it would look weird for him to have them on in public.

At least we was dressing properly. Him and Killian were wearing suits while I wore a dress. Dakota was a waitress at a high end restaurant. We were going as a group of friends wanting to have a meal.

"Killian, maybe she's your age. Then you won't be so lonely and bitter all the time," Ben retorted. I slyly held out my hand to him, waiting for my high five. Ben smirked and gave me what I wanted.

"Uncalled for, Ben," Killian hissed out at him from the front passenger seat. I chuckled.

"Ah, suck it up," I teased Killian. Ben was extremely tall and big, so his leg was brushing against mine in the small black car. Every time he would move and his leg would brush up against me, I would hold my breath. I'm sure that with his extreme hearing, he could tell that my heart was beating so fast.

"If she's a cool P.S., can we finally have a vacation?" Ben asked. Honestly, I wasn't against that idea. It was about time that we did something fun. I was tired of the same old everyday.

"No," Killian didn't even hesitate to decline.

"But-," I attempted to speak before Killian cut me off.

"I said no, Princess. Don't go against me. You should know better than to go with this imbecile's idea. You have a job. You can't stray from it," he said while I just sunk back into my seat. Ben noticed my pout and he projected a thought in my head. It was of us window shopping. I chuckled at that.

"With what money?" I thought. He picked up on it and started waving his hand around in a circle before a pile of cash appeared in his lap.

"Holy shit!" I screeched. Ben put his hand up to my mouth, covering it. Killian looked back at us and was furious to see Ben touching me.

"Hands off," he hissed then looked at Ben's lap where the money was.

"Ben," he sighed.

"What? I didn't steal it. I made it appear," he chuckled, handing me the wad. My eyes bugged out of my head.

"But it appeared from somewhere, Ben. You can't make things appear out of nowhere," Killian grumbled and pointed at it, glaring at Ben to make it go back to where it came from. Ben rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, and it disappeared. Holy hell. I didn't know he could do that. Am I that blind to not notice one of his powers? He could just teleport things?

"Wha-," I was speechless. Ben looked at me and spoke in my head, "not a big deal. I put the money in the trunk. I'm stealing you once Killian has Dakota."

I furiously shook my head. Absolutely not. Killian would kill us. Like literally KILL. Just like in his name.

"No!" I thought. Ben caught it and grabbed ahold of my hand, reassuring me that everything was alright.

"Yes," he whispered out instead of projecting into my thoughts. Killian didn't catch us, instead he was carrying out a conversation with the driver who was deadly silent. I looked back at Ben only for Ben to kiss my forehead lightly.

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