Special Protection

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Chapter 5


"Ben, take Lili away from here so I can mind wipe them all," he spoke into the earpiece. Ben grabbed me from our position in the car and teleported me somewhere.

"Where are we?" I asked, still in his arms. He loosened his grip on me, staring into my eyes.

"Remember how I said I'd steal you?" He asked and winked at me. I chuckled at his childish behavior.

"We have to go back," I murmured while he hugged me closer to him. He sighed, but didn't teleport us away.

"You can come back now," Killian said in our ears.

"Hey, Killian. I'm taking Lilith somewhere. We'll meet you at the airport in four hours," Ben yelled over the noise on the streets. He then took out his earpiece before Killian could protest. He held out his hand for mine. I hesitated before grabbing it and putting it in his palm.

He threw them on the ground, stomping on them before picking up the pieces and throwing them in the trash. It was endearing even if the earpieces were hundreds of dollars.

"Be right back," he smiles cheekily at me before teleporting away and coming right back. This time, he held the wad of cash from the trunk of the vehicle we once occupied. My face mimicked his.

"Let's go, shall we?" He asked, grabbing my hand in his and walking down the crowded streets of Cali. I just glanced down at our hands. His hand swallowed my small one. My palms started getting clammy just thinking about being with him and enjoying his presence. He must've noticed because he squeezed my hand even more and continued to drag me along by our connection. Why'd it feel so right if we aren't able to be together?

"Where should we head first?" I pondered aloud. He turned towards me, grabbed my face and cradled my cheeks with both hands. The first half of his fingers were laced in my hair. It was such an intimate position in such a public place.

I awkwardly tried to step back, but before I could, he pulled me even closer. Then, as if he was the Flash, he kissed me with the exact same amount of passion he normally has when we're laying in bed, if not then more. I was surprised, to say the least.

As he pulled back, and our breathing was erratic, I asked, "what was that for? Not that I didn't enjoy it!"

He just chuckled before grabbing my hand again and leading me to an ice cream place called "Chill". I just shrugged and followed the boy who stole my heart.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome! Sit back and chill, chill, chill!" A girl behind a counter sang as we walked in. She didn't seem so happy, but I didn't think much of it. They did roll up ice cream.

"I'll take vanilla," he ordered at the counter with my hand still in his. He turned to me. I looked at the board filled with flavors and settled on my favorite, tootie fruity.

The lady proceeded with Ben's vanilla. Vanilla was such a boring but good flavor. It was pitiful that it was the only flavor Ben could taste. Ben used some of the cash he had from the wad to pay for them, and we sat outside to eat.

It was quiet, like normal. We just sat, soaking up the sun and enjoying each other while we could. As soon as Killian found us, he'd take us back where we'd have to be friends again. The sad part was that if I couldn't be more than friends, then I didn't want to be anything to him.

I wish I was free to love who I wanted.

"Let's go to a club," he randomly said. I wasn't the type to go to parties or get drunk. Ben wasn't either, but if he wanted something, I couldn't say no. That just went to show how much I loved him and how much I'll always love him.

"We aren't old enough," I pointed out. He just chuckled before grabbing my hand and teleporting us away from there. Can he be any more obvious that he's a P.S.?

"Stop teleporting us around. You're going to give us away!" I whisper-yelled at him as we appeared in a club. That fucker teleported us in. He chuckled, reading my mind before dragging us to a bar. He took a seat on a bar stool and motioned for me to sit on the one next to him.

"Ben, I don't want to drink," I sighed. He just picked me up, setting me on his lap. There was not enough room for his big frame and mine body to fit in the chair, but he somehow made it work. This entire time Ben was deadly silent.

"We'll take a strawberry daiquiri for her and bourbon for me," he announced, placing a one hundred dollar bill on the counter. The bartender noticed and started making our drinks. Some girls stared at us from our left, but Ben didn't care. I felt ashamed to be sitting on his lap. It made me feel like a cheap whore.

"Lilith?" I turned around to face President Trenton, our current president. We worked together on some occasions dealing with P.S.s and soldiers for my containment center.

"Ah, President Trenton, how're you?" I asked. He just shushed me, looking around at the patrons in the club. They didn't seem to notice that he was the president which I thought was stupid since his disguise was horrendous.

"Lili, nice to see you again. Who's this?" He wondered, nodding at Ben. I came up with a quick lie, spewing it out of my mouth faster than lightening.

"This is one of the guards I have, Ben. He's also my boyfriend," I nervously chuckled, hopping off of Ben's lap. Ben just huffed. He got off of the stool, wrapping an arm around my waist.

"Nice to meet you, Ben," President Trenton held out his hand, motioning for a shake. Ben reluctantly grabbed his hand, shaking it. They sized each other up.

"I've never seen you before, Ben," President Trenton assessed, trying to sniff out what was going on.

"He's new. After mom and dad died, Killian took over, assigning me a body guard to have when I go places," I explained, pulling the dead parents card. President Trenton immediately shifted his attention from Ben to me. His eyes softened.

"My deepest condolences, Lili. They were good, kind people," he grabbed my hand in his, bringing it to his lips. It was a sign that he was sorry, but there was something off about it.

"Anyways, it's been years, Tren. I'm over it," I huffed, pulling my hand out of his grip. He just nodded. An awkward silence fell over the three of us.

"Wait, aren't you only seventeen?" Trenton asked, chuckling. I awkwardly laughed along with him.

"Yeah, I snuck in," I cringed at my explanation.

"You sneaky minx!" President Trenton exclaimed, full blown laughing now. Ben just stood there, glaring at Trenton. I just tried to laugh even though I wasn't feeling it.

"Anyways, I have a jet to catch. Please, don't hesitate to call me. I'd love to catch up with you again sometime over dinner," he smiled, nodding to a couple of men in a corner. They headed our way and escorted President Trenton out. He turned back, winked at me, and left. A disgusted shiver ran down my spine. He was thirty-five. That was way too old for me.

"Ben, can we drink? I think I want to forget him," I turned around towards Ben. He looked down at me and nodded. The drinks we ordered were set on the counter. He made sure to stare at everyone around the bar before handing me my drink. I was confused.

"Why were you staring?" I hissed at him, slapping his arm. He looked over at me.

"I was reading their minds to see if they drugged our drinks," he told me. I rolled my eyes at his paranoia. He just chuckled before sipping his drink. He noticed that I didn't sip mine yet and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Do you not like strawberry daiquiris?" He inquired, taking the drink from my hand before swapping it with his bourbon. I shook my head and took my drink back.

"No, it's fine. I've just never drunk alcohol before," I admitted, shying away from Ben. He snickered before taking my drink from my hands, setting it on the bar before ordering a virgin strawberry daiquiri. The bartender nodded, getting to work on my drink.

"How did you know that you liked bourbon if you've never drunk alcohol either?" I questioned Ben, genuinely curious. He just chuckled before pulling me into a hug. I could smell the bourbon on his breath, but I knew he couldn't be able to taste it since it wasn't vanilla.

"Have you ever seen Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries? He seems like a guy who knows what's good," he answered my curiosity. I just nodded.

"Let's dance!" A grin overtook his face and he pulled me to the dance floor. There were sweaty bodies everywhere, grinding, swaying, making out. Honestly, I was not excited to "dance".

"I'd rather not, Ben," I hesitated. He turned around to look at me before kissing me. He smashed his lips on mine, trapping my bottom lip between his teeth and nipping. We continued our intense make out session before pulling away.

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