Special Protection

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Chapter 7

Hey!! So I have mapped out the rest of the book. That should make things go faster now. There will be around 40ish chapters. Each chapter will be >1000 words. Trust me, the ending will BREAK YOUR HEART.


"You can't keep taking her on these fucking missions. One day, you'll be outwitted, out muscled, and out loved. You have to be prepared for when she will be in danger. The safest place is here for her," I poked my head out of the corner to see my mother and Killian talking. My eyebrows furrowed.

What's going on?

"Mom?" I walked out from behind the wall. My brown hair was still a mess from my late morning in bed. I didn't bother brushing it. Killian stared at me, judging my cupcake pajamas.


I rolled my eyes at him.

"Hi, honey. Why don't you go get ready, yeah?" She smiled her perfect smile at me, smoothing down my messy hair. I swatted her hand away and proceeded down the hallway I came from. I bypassed my dad on the way along with a couple of agents we hire as guards. I waved at him, turning at a door to enter my room. Guess we're headed somewhere.

I was at that age where I don't really care what I look like. All I really care about is that idiot in his room. I wish I would be able to see him before I have to leave, but I highly doubt that we would have enough time to even talk. I threw on a shirt and a pair of Nike shorts before exiting the room with my sneakers. I didn't put them on in my room which was definitely an inconvenience.

"Lili? Let's go!" Killian was walking around the halls, looking for me. Once he spotted me sitting beside a potted plant, tying my shoes, he sighed out a breath of relief. He waited for me to finish before leading me to the side door where the car was.

"Listen to me. P.S. 092 is the worst of the worst. It is a toxic being. It can change between gas, solid, and liquid, meaning that it can go from being a human to air to water and get away in a split second. It is toxic in every single form. The gas will kill you if you breathe it in. I have packed you a gas mask. Do not drink anything that I don't give you physically. Don't set down your water bottle. Keep it on you, and avoid being near strangers. You won't get out of the car, and I'll be there with you, but I want you to be as safe as possible. Agreed?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at me before shoving me towards the car. I sped up and opened the back seat for myself before Killian could.

"Honey, couldn't you have cleaned up better?" My mother asked from the front passenger seat. I, again, rolled my eyes at her. I could tell that she caught it by her small gasp of disbelief, but she chose not to touch on it. Killian snickered by my side. A smile slipped on my face at our childlike ways. He held out his fist for a fist bump, and I happily gave it to him.

I kept quiet for most of the car ride, only speaking up when I felt like it. The only interesting thing was the window and the outside world I wasn't allowed to be in. I longed for freedom, but like my father always said, "You were brought into this world to take over the company one day. This is your purpose, your mission. This is your life." I believed him, because Killian couldn't take over the company since he was a P.S. I was the heir to the throne. I was the one who had to carry the burden.

"Stay in the car. Do you hear me, Lilith?" My father questioned. I just nodded my head as if I were a robot. I was stiff all over from remembering the times that were terrible. I was lost in my thoughts once again, and it was a toxic place.

"Killian, watch her," my mother shot a pointed look at Killian within milliseconds of saying that. He just nodded quickly. My parents left us in a busy city, cars surrounding ours in a parking lot. Killian seemed to be listening to something on his earpiece. I just leaned against the door, laying my warm head against the cold window. My eyes closed on their own accord, leaving me in complete darkness with only my thoughts that slowly turned to dreams.

"Dawn? Adrien? Are you there? Shit! I'm coming!" Killian quickly shook me awake. I heard his entire conversation, but I pretended to stretch and yawn. He shoved a gas mask in my hands along with a closed water bottle. He was rambling, but I couldn't understand a word he was saying.

"We're doomed. Follow me," were the only words that I could understand. I hastily grabbed the gas mask and water bottle before following him. He led me to a one way street. Cars were stopped, watching a fight scene erupt in the middle of it. Horns were going off, and screams came out of every corner. My eyes zeroed in on what was happening.

My mom pulled out a pen. I rolled my eyes at her.

What was a pen going to do other than leak ink all over her hands once it busted? Maybe she could stab the P.S.s' eyes out, but it was not likely that she could get that close without dying. She isn't the brightest bulb in the light shed.

She pressed a button, and a wave of white air sprayed from it. A web formed from it, trapping the man in it against a coffee shop window. He struggled a bit before smirk formed on his face. He then blew up into a cloud of smoke. The gas started looming closer to the couple. My dad put the gas mask on, handing my mother hers. My father tried to slip her the Containment Cube. The gas didn't miss it. An evil face appeared in the gas, letting out a monstrous laugh. My parents stood side by side, fear entering the equation in the form of a look on their faces.

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