Vow of a Mate

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Rose have completed her courses on both Human and Veterinary Medicine. She is not a fully qualified Werewolf doctor. Rose is not going to her friend Olivia’s pack for a yearlong training and to work as a pack doctor there. After losing her parents, she had only two dreams all her life – One is to become a doctor like her dad and second is to get a soul mate who will be the family she always longed for. What if her mate have already chosen a mate for life? For Rose, the journey to have a happy family is not a path of roses but with twists and turns. Who can say anything about the fate’s play?

Fantasy / Romance
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Rose’s POV

I looked up from my laptop hearing a shriek followed by a giggle. A smile involuntarily formed on my lips, at the sight in front of me. A small boy was chasing a girl. Looks told that they should be siblings, with a difference of one or two years. They hadn’t care about the hustle and bustle in the airport lounge but, running happy and carefree. The girl suddenly runs and hid behind a lady, who lifted her up. The boy immediately raised up his hands for his turn and, he shrieked in surprise when a man lifts him up from behind. A cute family cocooned in their own love.

A sharp pang of sadness hit my chest seeing this. Why I was denied such love? My thoughts drifted to my mom and dad, I had lost at a young age. My dad was a doctor in our pack and, mom was his assistant. He was loved and respected by everyone. I still remember that fateful day. I was ten. Mom and Dad dropped me to the school before leaving for the clinic. Dad held me peppering kisses all my face. I laughed and pried out of his hold running inside the school. That was the last I saw them. After a couple of hours, Alpha Jackson himself came to school to pick me up.

He took me to the Luna in the pack house, instead of my home. I could not understand why they were very gloomy. I got scared at the way Luna looked me with unshed tears. I could not comprehend when they said that my mom and dad met with an accident. How could mom and dad meet with an accident? It was not possible. I stayed with the Luna for the next two days. I was afraid to ask anything to them, except to see my mom and dad. Alpha Jackson kindly said that they were still in hospital.

I felt happy when he mentioned hospital, because that was where mom and dad used to be every day. If they were in hospital then they should be fine. When I said this to Alpha Jackson he smiled patting my head. The only person with whom I could talk freely was, the Alpha’s daughter Olivia. She became my friend. She was three years younger than me. Even though everyone was kind to me, I was getting antsy by the end of second day and, asked for my dad and mom again. Luna promised me to take to my parents the next day. Holding to that promise, I went to Olivia’s room which I was sharing currently.

But in early next morning, Luna woke me up. She didn’t say a word, but made me get ready. She was shedding tears all the time. After my breakfast Alpha took me to his room, and made me sit next to him. He slowly told that, mom and dad had left the earth to visit the moon goddess. I refused to accept that mom and dad left me? They would never do that. And it had been a blur of events when they brought them back to the place, where I used to visit grandma and grandpa. Now, they too were having a stone with their names.

I sighed when I came back to the present. It would take another 1 hour for my flight. Normally we wolves would avoid the flights as much as possible. We would try to cover the travel via cars or trucks. Even if we wanted to fly, it would be a chartered jet with minimal companions. Even though we were humans, our soul was mixed with our wolves. Our inner wolf would be antsy if we were caged in a closed vehicle above the air, and it may result in unwanted accidents. Especially when humans were nearby. We were still not known to humans. We lived in packs, in the areas close to the forests. Our places would appear like posh integrated community, with privileged access. This way we were near to humanity, but satisfying our beast selves.

Olivia offered me a private jet, but I wanted to travel on the commercial flight. My wolf also knew the reason and, she was fine with that. I know it was she, who suffered to the max on each of such journey. I shared her pain every time, and not sure how long we could survive that.

For a person who wanted to stay indoors, I was now travelling to all crowded places as much I could. That included the reason for my early arrival to the airport. I wanted to see as many people I can, who were moving in and out. My wolf and I were just looking for one person. The person who had been etched in our mind, heart and soul. The person who suddenly disappeared just like my mom and dad. Ironically the person disappeared the similar way, but instead peppering kisses like my dad, gave me a one long kiss with a promise to see me again.

I wanted to see him and ask one question. WHY?

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