Vow of a Mate

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Part 9

Rose's POV:

The trip to the pack was more than an hour. We almost crossed the town from one end to another and then dived deep into the forest. Slowly the thick trees thinned and I could see buildings falling in line sight. The Jeep stopped in front of a big house. It was not big enough to be a pack house, so I supposed it should be the Alpha’s house.

My guess was correct. Olivia was standing in front of the house. She moved towards me and I ran at her and hugged with laughter.

“Be careful Oli. Don’t walk fast.” I chided gently.

“Oh, I am happy to see you Rosie. How was the journey?”

“I am good. How are you? How is my nephew?” I asked, touching her belly and was awarded with a small kick.

“He recognizes his aunt.” Olivia said with a bright smile.

“Yup.” I replied in a happy tone.

Deciding to dump my luggage first, I asked “Oli, where I will be staying?”

“You can stay with us Rosie.”

“No Oli. As I already said, I don’t want to be a bother.”

“I could not convince you, Can I? I have arranged a small apartment near to the hospital. It will be easy for your work.”

“Then I will help Steve to unload the luggage and join you.”

“Not necessary Rose. You please carry on. I will drop all your luggage in your apartment. If you allow me Luna.” He nodded at both of us and drove the Jeep out.

We settled in the living room. Olivia hugged me once more.

“It’s good to have you back Rosie. I missed you.”

“Me too Oli. You are the only person I always have close to my heart.” I whispered to her.

“Enough with the sentiments.” Olivia suddenly broke apart.

“Have you prepared yourself for the delivery?” I asked her.

“I am yet to complete the nursery. The crib is ready. Other things are in progress.”

“Can I help you?”

“Oh Rosie. That will be great. I am yet to do the shopping for baby. Derek never allows me to go out. Now that you are here, I can ask him to let me out with you.”

“But Oli, you need to be careful. Maybe the Alpha is concerned about your safety and his child’s. You are not just carrying, but carrying the next Alpha of this pack.”


“Let’s try to do some online shopping. If you are not satisfied, then we will try other options. Please…”

“Ok.” She slumped down with a pout.

“Don’t be sad. We are looking for your safety.”

“I know.” She smiled at me.

“Finally someone who can help me to convince my mate. Thank you Rose.”

We both looked out at the source of the voice.

I was stunned at the person walking into the kitchen. His eyes was same as Drake’s. He casually walked into the kitchen towards Olivia, hugged and kissed her forehead.

“How are you two doing?” He asked, looking at Olivia in a voice full of love.

“Now that you are here, I am much better.” Both of them were in their own world. Believe me, I was happy for Olivia, but could not help feeling a bit jealous.

Alpha Derek turned to me.

“It is finally nice to meet the famous Dr. Rose Nooman. For Olivia it is always Rosie this and Rosie that. We missed you at our mating ceremony.” He said with a smile.

“Thank you Alpha. Thanks for giving a place in your pack.”

“Call me Derek. You are not only part of a pack, but part of the family too.”

I nodded at him with a smile.

“I have spoken with Richard. Just settle down tomorrow and you can join him in the clinic from Friday.”

“That will be helpful Derek.”

“You are having dinner here Rosie. After that Derek and I will take you to your apartment.” Olivia chimed in.

“I will leave you two now.” Alpha Derek leaves us, not before kissing Olivia again.

“He really loves you.” I told her.

“I know.” She said with a smile looking at the door Derek went out.

“I am happy for you Oli.” I said at her.

“Wait till you see your mate.” She replied happily.

The words stuck in my throat at that. No, Olivia did not know about my mate. Only Allison, Jackson, and Diana knew that I had a mate and lost him. Olivia mistook my suddenly dulled eyes and hugged me.

“I am sorry Rosie. I know how much you yearn for a family. Don’t worry. You will find your mate soon.” She said with tears.

Not able to see her in tears, I consoled her.

“Hey, I am OK. I have you, Allison and Alpha Jackson. What more do I want?”

Later, Olivia introduced me to Eliza, who was the caretaker of the Alpha’s family. She took care of both cooking and cleaning.

We were in the kitchen helping Eliza when we heard some noises outside. I looked up at Olivia with a questioning face, but she simply smiled and shook her head. At the same time, my wolf perked up and became restless. I had no clue on why. Suddenly the main door was banged with a force and I could not control my curiosity and looked out.

“Brother’s dispute.” Olivia said to me.

“Derek’s brother?” I asked back.

“Yes. He had met with an accident and Derek became overprotective after that. That creates some fight over the brothers.”

Why my wolf should be restless on Derek’s brother.

“Olivia? What is Derek brother’s name?”

But I did not get the answer as Derek came in the kitchen with a frowning face.

“What happened?” Olivia asked.

“The usual.” Derek answered grimly.

“Dear, you need to relax. He can take care of himself.” Olivia said softly.

“You know, I cannot lose him too. I cannot help it. Sometimes I am becoming overprotective.”

“Sometimes?” Olivia asked teasingly and Derek chuckled.

“Okay. A lot of times. I will try to control myself.” He then turned to me.

“Sorry you have to see the family drama on the day you landed Rose.” He said with a smile.

I just smiled back. We three of us sat at the table with the delicious dishes prepared by Eliza. And then our chat continued even after dinner for some time.

When Eliza asked if we want something to drink, I opted for a cup of coffee. Olivia looked at me with a surprise.

“Rose, I never knew you have coffee after dinner.”

I shook my head with a smile.

“No Oli, I picked up this habit recently. A friend of mine has this habit and I too caught it.”

I thought about the evening chats with Drake after dinner with a coffee and did not notice when Olivia and Derek looked at each other.


After unpacking all my belongings and arranging in the apartment, I took rest for the whole next day. My wolf was anxious from the moment I landed in this pack. Why was she restless? Was it because of the new place? I could not able to pinpoint anything.

I took a deep breath and stood in front of the hospital building. This was my future, hereafter. With that enormous thought I stepped inside. Instead of finding a silent room I saw a bunch of people standing in. Alpha Derek, Olivia, and more people were standing. Steve was one familiar face I could find apart from Olivia and Derek.

“Welcome Dr. Nooman.” Olivia said loudly.

She knew how I much wished to hear the word Dr. Nooman. Only Olivia could plan like this. I smiled brightly at her.

“Thank you Olivia.” I said back.

“Welcome Rose. This is Dr. Richard Emery.” Derek pointed out to the elderly gentleman with a soft features and smiling face.

“Hello Dr. Emery.” I shook his hand.

“Call be Richard.” Even his voice was soft and caring. I felt a calm sensation with him.

“And this is Jacob Johanson, Beta of this pack. His mate Remi Johanson.” He pointed out to the couple. Jacob had an air of authority. He could be as hard as he can be, with a person. But his face turned totally soft when he looked at his mate. His mate gave me a friendly hug. She had a heart shaped face with a lovely smile.

“You already know Steve” who waved at me.

“This is Juliana, midwife of this pack.” He pointed to a middle aged female.

“This is Catarina, the hospital Receptionist.” He pointed out to a cheerful girl in her twenties, who told me to call her Cathy.

I greeted everyone.

“We thought you will feel better if we accompany you on the first day.” Olivia said with a smile.

“Thank you Olivia. This means a lot to me.” I hugged her.

Everyone left except myself, Richard, Juliana and Catarina.

Finally it was lunch time and Juliana invited me to join them. Food for four of us comes from the pack kitchen. Since there could be emergency anytime, Alpha thought that we might skip food. Hence to ensure that we ate on time, he arranged lunch to be delivered to the hospital. A sensible decision. My respect towards him grew more.

Catarina was cheerful and friendly, whereas Juliana was caring and sensible. I feel as if I was having Diana and Alice once again. I noted myself to call them in the evening.

I was surprised when Dr. Richard told he was a friend of my father. He and dad had trained together. Ah! That’s why the calm and safe feeling I had whenever I was near him. I was happy to have someone who knew my dad. He was happy at my knowledge and when he said that I reminded my dad, my joy knew no bounds.

Finally the day ended. We had usual clinic on Saturdays and Sundays we would come only in case of emergency. Richard stayed next to the hospital building so that he could come immediately. I had asked him to call me whenever he visited on Sunday. With that promise I decided to visit Olivia.

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