Vow of a Mate

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Part 10

Rose’s POV

I could not say the hospital was bustling with patients since I joined, but we had a steady flow of appointments. Since our wolves helped us to heal faster, we normally did not have many patients a day. The practical training was much more different than the school study. Hence, I was a bit surprised when Richard called me to come to the ER immediately. I stood up and moved swiftly to the place.

I saw a male wolf lying in an unconscious state. He was very badly hit. The claw marks and dried blood said that he had suffered the trauma for days. In the short span I had spent here, I could not believe anyone in this pack could do this to anyone. Alpha Derek was not soft hearted, but no way he would allow such cruelty. How come this had happened? Richard saw my face and answered my unuttered questions.

“The patrol team found this wolf and a small girl near to our pack border. He was not extremely close, but was near the sniffing distance.”

I nodded back at him and the words completely sunk into me.

“Small girl?” I questioned back.

“Yes, around 10 years. But fortunately she has not the same level of bruises. I presume he is guarding the girl from any attacks.”

“Where is the girl?” I asked Richard again.

“She is having smaller injuries, but looks like both haven’t eaten for days. Juliana is taking care of her now.”

I had started cleaning the wounds along with Richard as we spoke. The male wolf never stirred once. Either he was too beaten up or Richard should have knocked him up before I came.

In a couple of hours, the patient was completely wrapped in bandages. We scanned him to check for any internal injuries, and luckily he did not have any. Looked like he and his wolf was totally exhausted. After shifting him to a room, Richard went to see Alpha Derek presumably to give the report of the unknown wolf’s condition.

I heard Juliana’s soft voice nearby. I followed the voice and entered the room opposite to the wing. My heart pained at the sight of the small girl. Even though she did not have fatal wounds like the man, but had a fair share of wounds, which were cleaned and wrapped. Who could do such things for a small girl? Whoever did this should have lost their humanity.

The little cutie’s name was Maureen. She stole my heart the moment she looked at me with her big baby blue eyes. We got minimal details about them from her. The man who was in the next room was her father. His name was Albert. They were part of a pack. She didn’t know any other details and we had to wait for Albert to wake up for any more details.

“Dad said mommy had gone to visit the Moon Goddess. I hope she will be back soon.” Tears stung in my eyes and I had to struggle to not cry in front of the girl. I could somewhat relate to her situation because, I was in the same age when I lost my parents.

“Maureen darling. Your mom is talking to the Moon Goddess for you. So that she can take care of you more. You know the Moon Goddess is powerful. She can fight all the bad guys away from daddy and you.” I said softly.

Maureen looked at me in silence. “Will mommy be back soon?”

“Mommy will always be here.” I said touching her heart. “And here.” I now touched her temple. “Whenever you need her, she will guide from inside you. Close your eyes and you can see your mommy smiling at you.”

Maureen closed her eyes and opened them to give me a bright smile. I asked her if she was hungry and she nodded her head. Kathy took her hand and both walked towards the dining room where Alpha had sent us lunch. I was looking at the doorway even after they had disappeared.

“What you have said to the little girl is beautiful.” I turned to see Juliana smiling at me. I smiled back at her and we both went to the dining room to have lunch with Kathy and Maureen.


End of the day, with Alpha Derek’s permission, I took Maureen with me to my home. I had a spare room in which, she could stay for the time being. But the poor girl was too traumatized to sleep alone and eventually she ended up in my bed.

I took Maureen to the pack’s day care, with a promise to take her to the hospital for lunch and then to her dad. Albert hadn’t woken up yet. I checked his vitals and after discussing with Richard, we decided to do another scan to check if there was a head injury for him to not wake up. But luckily there was no major injuries. Richard assumed that his body should have gone in a self-induced coma for healing. But we did periodic check up on him just in case.

Maureen captured all our hearts in the past two days. She was so quiet and did whatever we ask her to do. She never questioned us, which was uncommon for a toddler. It broke my heart a little, seeing her to be this mature for her age.

I took Maureen to see Olivia after the end of the day. My wolf was still restless, but slowly getting calm day after day. Possibly the anxiety of joining the pack.


It had been three days and Albert’s health was slowly improving. We were hoping the he would wake today. Leaving Maureen in the day care, I went into his room to check on his vitals. Suddenly he got up and caught my throat. His eyes were blazing with anger and he roared at me.

“Where is my daughter?”

I pried open his hands, but he was tightening his hold asking for his daughter. I struggled to reach the attender’s bell and hit it again and again.

Richard and Juliana came running inside. They were stunned for a second at the scene inside the room. Juliana hurried to my side and tried to pry out his hand. I saw Richard injecting him and in seconds his hold loosened.

I coughed heavily as air rushed in my pipe. I staggered with fleeting sensation due to lack of oxygen so far. Juliana helped me to sit on the couch and slowly patted my back. Once my breathing had returned to normal, she gave a glass of water to me.

“What happened?” Juliana asked me.

“I was checking his vitals and he got up and caught my throat, asking for Maureen.” I said in a raspy voice.

“His wolf should have surfaced and realized that they is in a new place and their daughter is nowhere near. He will not get up for another couple of hours.” Richard said to me.

Richard took me to treat my neck while I asked Kathy to bring Maureen. After an hour, I asked Kathy to have Maureen in the next room and I waited on the couch in Albert’s room. I wanted to ensure that he was calm before letting his daughter in. I was sure he will not hurt Maureen, but I was afraid of Maureen’s reaction, seeing his dad hurting others. The little one was just slowly recovering from whatever troubles she had faced.

I was reading the book with an eye on Albert. When I sensed him moving, I kept my book down and looked at him. After a couple of minutes he woke up. He tried to get up seeing me.

“Are you calm enough to listen to me? I hope that you don’t want me to inject you again to sleep. Or worse, you don’t want your daughter seeing his dad in such angry state.” I asked in a calm voice.

He stopped for a second and glared at me. I met eyes calmly, giving a silent message that I was not backing down. He slumped slightly nodding his head. I got up and checked his vitals and called Kathy to bring Maureen.

Maureen ran in the room and jumped over to her dad, who welcomed her with open arms. They sat hugging for a couple of minutes. I left the room giving the father and daughter the needed privacy.

“I am sorry.” His gruff voice stopped me at the doorway. I turned to see him looking at me above his daughter’s head. With a subtle nod, I left the room.


Beta Jacob visited the infirmary the same evening. He met Albert alone, presumably to question him. After an hour or so, Jacob left informing Richard that Albert should meet Alpha Derek the next day. If the Alpha felt that he was not a threat to the pack, Albert and Maureen would be accepted into the pack, but with some watch period. Basically it was kind of a probationary period where the new wolf would be assessed. Once he was found candid, he would be given a position in the pack a place to stay.

I had taken Maureen to her dad after dinner. The father and daughter duo were chatting with each other while I was working on some files. After some time, I took Maureen back to my home.

The next day, Maureen and I went straight to the hospital. She was with her dad the whole morning. I went to his room around lunch time with their food. I knocked the door when I heard Maureen’s voice. “Close your eyes and you can see mommy smiling at you.” I understood that she was saying the same thing I told her a couple of days back.

Hearing my knock both of them looked at me. I was taken aback for a second to see, how both of them had identical eyes.

“Hi Rosie. I am telling daddy how you told me to see mommy. He also sees her.” Her smile was contagious.

“If you are feeling sorry for us, we don’t want your sympathy.” His voice was harsh.

Without looking at him, I turned to Maureen. “Baby, Can you tell Kathy that you will be having lunch with your daddy today.”

She nodded her head and left the room running. I turned to him with a blank face.

“I know how Maureen is feeling, because I too lost my parents at the same age.”

His face showed shock and pain. I raised my hand to stop him when he opened his mouth.

“I don’t need your sorry. What I am feeling for Maureen is not sympathy, but empathy. I know the feelings she is going through. I am merely stating, what a kind soul did to me when I was in her situation.”

He was silent again. Whatever he wanted to say, stopped when we saw Maureen coming back.

“Maureen, have your lunch with daddy here. Just buzz the bell, once you are done.” I patted her cheeks and turned to move out.

“Rosie, Can you join us?” Maureen asked with a guileless voice.

I turned to say no, when Albert talked. “Please join us.”

Not wanting to disturb whatever peace achieved, I joined the duo for lunch.

“Truce?” Albert said while handing a plate to me.

I smiled at him and nodded “Truce.”

“What is Truce daddy?”

Albert looked at me once and turned to his daughter.

“I am asking your doctor to be our friend baby.” He said.

“Rosie has been already my friend daddy.” She said back.

“Yes, dear. I asked the kind doctor to be my friend too.” I watched the exchange between them with a smile.

Maureen turned to me and asked. “What do you say Rosie? Do you accept my dad to be your friend too?”

I looked at him once and turned to her. “If your daddy behaves well, then he can be my friend.” His smile said that he understood my words. And then we ate lunch chatting with each other.

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