Vow of a Mate

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Part 11

Rose’s POV

Albert visited the Alpha next day and I heard that he was accepted into the pack. He would be moving to big dorm house, where the youngsters and singles stayed. Wolves with family would be staying in houses around the dorm. He was placed in the dorm for the watch period. I was happy for Maureen is getting a pack to stay. I kind of got used to the little one staying with me and missed her now. It had been two days since I saw Maureen and decided to meet her while going back to the home.

A knock stopped my thoughts and I saw the very girl who was in my thoughts standing at the doorstep. I smiled at Maureen when she bounced into the room.

“Hey Maureen. I was just thinking about you.” I said to her with a smile.

“Hi Rosie. Dad and I came to see you.” I then looked up to see Albert was standing at the door. I asked him to come inside and sit.

Meanwhile, I lifted Maureen to sit on the desk. She giggled when I lifted her and she gave the basket in her hands to me.

“This is a token of gra... gra... What is it daddy?” She turned to her dad with a small frown.

“Gratitude.” Albert supplied with a smile. “Thank you for taking care of Maureen when I was in here.” He said to me.

I opened the basket to see half a dozen cupcakes.

“Thanks. Will you like to have one?” I asked Maureen. She brightened immediately, but then looked at me.

“We brought this for you.” She said.

“What is the fun in eating alone? Let’s share and eat. I hope your dad also will join us.” I said holding the basket to Albert.

He looked at me with a smile and took one. Maureen jumps and takes one in each hand. We laughed at her actions and I ate one. The cupcake literally melted in my mouth.

“Wow Maureen, it is so delicious. Thank you.” Maureen and Albert looked at each other and smiled. I was not sure why. We then chatted for another couple of minutes and the father daughter duo left with a bye.


I decided to visit Olivia since I saw Maureen in the morning. While walking towards the path to the Alpha’s house, I saw a small passage next to her house towards the forest. A peculiar feeling crept in me. Without a second thought, I entered the path. After walking some time, I saw a small log cabin. I hesitated to walk further. When I was about to turn back, I heard a voice.

“No Derek, I wish to be alone.”

I stopped in my tracks hearing the voice. The same voice I longed to hear for a long time. With heavily beating heart, I resumed walking towards the cabin. I saw two figures standing in front of a small lake next to the cabin.

“I don’t want to join others. I want to be alone.” The same voice spoke.

Alpha Derek sighed for a moment, but straightened with warning eyes.

“Who is that?” He asked sharply and turned. With him, the second person also turned to me.

I gasped at seeing him. The same person who had claimed his love to me, asked to be his mate, wished to spend his life with me and disappeared suddenly. The same face which was etched in my body, mind and soul.

“Drake?” I whispered in shock.

“Do you know him?” Alpha Derek questioned me with narrowed eyes.

Should I tell the truth? Seeing Derek with no emotions on his face, I decided the other way.

“I... I have met him once in Alpha Reol’s pack.” I answered.

“Ah!” Derek nodded his understanding.

“This is my brother Drake.”

Brother? Of course, his name was Mason. Why did I not related this earlier? I could have found him if I had. Cursing my stupidity, I looked up at Drake again. Why was he not acknowledging me?

“Drake you two have already met. This is Dr. Rose Nooman. Dr. Nooman joined our pack as a trainee doctor.”

Drake just nodded his head at me and turned towards the lake. A hint of frustration reflected in his face. Derek smiled apologetically.

“Why are you here Rose?” He asked me.

“I am on the way from the hospital to meet Olivia. Seeing a new path, I got curious to explore.”

He nodded his head.

“Fine. But I suggest you to avoid this place hereafter. You see, my brother prefers to be alone and don’t want to meet people.”


“Can I be assured that you will not come here?”

He asked again in a stern tone.

“Yes, Alpha.” I whispered back.

He nodded at me and gestured me to walk out. I followed his instruction, but turned back to see Drake one more time. He neither turned back nor moved from his place. With a confused sigh, I left the place to meet Olivia.


I followed Alpha Derek into his house. Seeing Olivia sitting on the couch, I went to sit next to her. I turned to Olivia.

“Oli. I saw Drake today.”

“Drake as in Drake Mason, my brother?” she asked.

“Yes.” I gave my affirmation.

“Wait. How do you know him?”

“I have met him a year back in Alpha Reol’s pack.”

“Yes! You would have met him with Aubrey.”

A pang of jealousy hit me. I set it aside, this was not the time.

“But he did not recognize me?” I asked her.

Olivia sighed, looking at our clasped hands. Then she slowly stood up.

“Come, let’s go and talk with a cup of coffee.” She then turned towards the kitchen.

I stood up and joined her with a sense of urgency. Something was off. I could get that much from her reaction.

Olivia cupped her mug with both her hands. With a sigh, she started.

“Drake is a nice guy. I often think that I am lucky to get Derek as a mate and Drake as a brother. He is so caring to his loved ones.”

Yes, I knew that.

“When Derek and Drake lost their parent in a rogue attack, they decided to eliminate all the rogue threats across the nation. He travelled across states and ensured that. Derek is the brain and Drake does the actions. They together eliminated all the vicious rogues with the help of all Alphas.”

“At that time, Alpha Reol’s sister Aubrey was studying here. On Alpha Reol’s insistence, Aubrey helped us in the operation. Drake and Aubrey got to know each other and decided to mate for life. Even though Derek and I were not sure about this, we accepted for Drake’s happiness. But we came to know that Aubrey met her real mate and all the confusions. We even insisted Drake to come back, but he was stubborn to stay there citing the talks about alliance between two packs. But that was not very important for him to stay there. Something should be making him stay.”

He should have stayed for me, I realized.

“I told that both the brothers are working on eliminating the rogues. Derek got an information about a rogue camp near to Drake’s location. He informed Drake about that and insisted him to dig on that. Drake and Alpha Reol decided to that.”

I remembered the call Drake attended when we were in the park. It was the day we confessed or feelings. It should be this call.

“Two days later, Drake called us and told that he had found his mate. We were very happy for him. He told that he wanted her to move into our pack.”

So he did spoke to his brother.

“The same day Drake went to check on the place. It was a trap and he was injured badly on the attack. It was too late by the time Alpha Reol reached him with help. We immediately brought him back here. He was in coma for three months. When he woke up, we understood that he forgot all the memories of a year. Worse, his wolf became dormant.”

“Dormant?” I whispered question at her.

“Yes, he did not lose his wolf, but his wolf became dormant. Richard tried many ways but no success. Drake accepted his situation and moved to the log cabin nearby. He do not come out often. He is frustrated that he could not remember many things and getting more frustrated whenever someone sees him with pity.”

“What about his mate?” I asked her with a hesitation.

“That’s the thing. When we called Alpha Reol to find about Drake’s mate, he was equally surprised. He did not knew that Drake found his mate. No one knew about her.”

“Did you not try finding her?”

“We tried Rosie. We tried a lot. But since word spread that we are trying to find Drake’s mate, we had a steady stream of girls coming and claiming that each and every one are Drake’s mate.” She laughed bitterly.

“People are so desperate for power. Even if his real mate comes and claims her state, we might doubt if she is power hungry. We were so much depressed and angry on the situation.”

I was stunned on this news. I felt Olivia taking my hands.

“Wait a minute. Rosie, you said you met Drake the same time. Do you have any idea who his mate is?” She asked me.

Her words voiced in my mind again. - People are so desperate for power. Even if his real mate comes and claims her state, we might doubt if she is power hungry.

I shook my head. “I don’t know.”

Her face fell in disappointment. I did not remember how and when I got up and left to my home. So Drake did not remember me. And his wolf was dormant to recognize his mate. Worse I could not claim myself as his mate. Fates must really hated me.

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