Vow of a Mate

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Part 12

Rose’s POV:

I woke up to do my routine mechanically. Finding Drake was my only thought in my mind for almost a year. Now that I found him, especially in this situation, made my mind blank. I could not able to think clearly. My thoughts were jumbled and confused to the core. Sighing deeply, I decided to take a cold shower to make myself awake.

I reached the hospital to see Cathy in the front office desk.

“Morning Rose. You are early.” She chirped in a cheerful voice, which relaxed my mood slightly.

“Morning Cathy. I couldn’t sleep well. I have this problem whenever I shift to a new place. I will become used to here in a week.”

She nodded and smiled.

“Dr. Richards will be around anytime now. Juliana will be by 10:00 am.”

I smiled and left to my room. Making myself busy, I studied all the medical reports and treatments happened in the past one year. Studying the recent medical history would always be helpful factor in case of any emergencies. Another reason was, to find Drake’s medical report. I wanted to know what happened to him and what all are the treatments had been done for him. The day went fairly busy with a couple of consultations and reading the reports.

I bade farewell to leave to my home. I was not in a mood to meet anyone including Olivia or Maureen.


Today was Sunday and I was still lying on the bed. I had no plans for today. I could not hide in here forever. I had to meet the people of the pack. If I had to be a good doctor like my dad, I should to overcome my personal problems. With these resolutions, I decided to have breakfast in the pack house.

While passing Olivia’s house, the path leading to Drake’s cabin caught my attention. My heart wanted to go in there and my mind said to go to the pack house. After a fight between my heart and mind, my heart won. I took a deep breath and walked inside.

I saw the familiar cabin and lake, but no signs of Drake. I did not have the courage to knock the cabin. I strolled towards the lake, stood on the bank and viewed the slow dancing water. I did not know how much time passed and was startled on the sudden voice.

“What are you doing here?”

A shiver ran down my spine when Drake’s voice caresses my ears. I turned slowly.

“I was on the way to the pack house. The serenity of the place pulled me instead.” I said in low voice.

He hummed and stood next to me looking at the water. The pull towards him was very strong for me and my wolf. Did he not feel it?

“This place have the magic to calm our mind.” He said to no one.

“Is that why you built your cabin here?” I asked back.

I saw him nodding through the water. We both were talking to our reflection rather than talking face to face.

“I am Dr. Rose Nooman.”

“Yes, I remember Derek saying that.”

After a moment, he cleared his throat.

“Why this pack?” He asked me.

“Olivia is my sister. So I decided to join her?”

“Ah!” He said as if he found the answer to the puzzle. Again a silence settled over us. A question raised in me.

“Did you not attended Olivia and Derek’s mating ceremony?”

He shook his head.

“No. I was on the other side of the country in a critical task.”

So he had not attend the ceremony. Not knowing what to say further, I decided to leave the place.

“I will take leave.”

“Are you going to the hospital?”

“No. I told you. I am on the way to the pack house for breakfast.”

Though his face was with stony expression, his eyes gave away. He was hesitating at something.

“Do you want to join me for breakfast?”

I was startled at his question. Was he asking me? I turned to him to confirm.

“Are you asking me?”

“Do you see anyone else here?”

I shook my head. He asked me again.

“Do you want to join me?”


“I don’t know. My mind feels calm when I see you. I have this feeling with you, apart from Derek. I am not sure why. But, if you are not comfortable, I can understand.” He said softly.

I almost sobbed in happiness. A small sprout of hope grew in me.

“Not like that. I don’t want to impose in your privacy.”

“No you are not.”

“Then I will join you.” I said with a smile.

He opened his cabin door for me to enter. It was small cabin. The living room had a small kitchen. He gestured me to join in the kitchen table. He had a stack of toast and eggs. Knowing Drake, this was a lot even for him. This was the amount he used to prepare for both of us.

“This is quite large for one person.” I said to him.

“I vaguely remember that I used to prepare breakfast for two. How much ever I try, I could not remember the person.”

“Do you remember how this person is related to you?” I knew I was pushing him, but my heart yearned for some miracle for him to remember.

“No. I tried and tried. But something is stopping me to remember. May be because of my sleeping wolf.” He chuckled.

This is the Drake I knew, finding something funny in every situation. I smiled back.

“Have you checked with your brother or Olivia? They might know about this.”

“They said that I have prepared breakfast for them in the past. But my heart says that is not the case and it is someone else.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose as if he is struggling to remember again. My heart swelled with growing hope.

We had breakfast in silence. He was surprised that I am having same amount of food as him on my plate.


“I am surprised to see a girl eating well.”

“Why? Is there any rule for the amount of food a girl should eat?” I asked him in challenge.

He raised his hand in surrender.

“Sorry. I have seen most of the females try to eat less, in fear of putting weight. Even Olivia does it. If not Derek, she will never have enough for her and the kid.”

Yes Olivia was always conscious about her weight from childhood. I smiled looking at my plate and then looked at him.

“Once someone said we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper.”

He looked back with a shock in his face.

“Who is that?”

“An important person in my life. So I started following it since the person is close to my heart and soul.” I whispered back.

His eyes portrayed that he was shaken at my words. After couple of minutes his face turned like a stone, devoid of emotions and he stood up.

“If you excuse me, I need to be alone. So will you please leave?”

I was shocked at his change of reaction.

“Did I said something wrong?” I asked in confusion.

He neither saw me nor answered my question.

“Please see yourself out.” With that he just went into his bedroom and closed the door.

After couple of minutes, I sighed realizing that, there was no use to wait for Drake. I stocked the untouched food in the refrigerator, cleaned the remaining dishes and stocked them near the sink, to drip dry. I looked at his room door once again with a small hope that he might come out. Seeing the closed door as same as his closed mind and heart, I went out towards my home. I lost the idea of interacting with people in my current mood.

After doing my laundry and cleaning the house, I decided to take a nap. I woke up at the shrill of my mobile. It’s Olivia calling me to come over for dinner. I accepted and let her know that I would come over in an hour.

Taking a good shower and refreshing myself, I reached her home. I stopped in tracks when I saw Steve, Jacob, Remi, Richard alone with Derek and Olivia. But the person who captured my sole attention was Drake on the couch with Richard.

“Hey Rosie. About time you joined us.” Olivia called me from the couch. Everyone were having some drinks. I smiled and joined her.

“We thought you will feel comfortable if we have small dinner together. I will introduce you to the pack this week, so you can become familiar with all of us.” Alpha Derek said to me. It’s very thoughtful of him. When I voiced my thoughts, he lifted his glass acknowledging me.

“What do you like to have Rose?” Remi asked me. Even though I did not look up, I felt Drake’s eyes on me.

“I will just have a glass of water. Let me take it.” With that I went to the kitchen to have some water, mainly to escape from Drake’s scanning eyes.

The dinner went smoothly with everyone chatting with each other. After some time, Derek, Drake, Steve and Jacob excused themselves to discuss regarding the pack. Richard left to his home. Me, Olivia and Remi settled in the living room couch. I had a cup of coffee with me whereas the other two preferred to have hot chocolate. Remi asked how I was faring with the new place. She was a friendly person apart from Catarina and Jacinta. But Olivia was family.

“I have never seen you having coffee at this time of the day Rosie?” Olivia asked in surprise.

“I picked up this habit when I was in Alpha Reol’s pack. My roommate used to have coffee at this time. To give company, I started having it and it became a habit for me.” I answered to her.

“Roommate? Last I checked you were staying alone?” Olivia was in confusion now.

“No it was only temporary. The person stayed with me only for a month. So I never told anyone.”

“It’s surprising that you picked up a habit from a person whom you knew only for a month. That person should be special.” Remi said with a smile.

I simply smiled back saying nothing. What could I say – ‘Yes, he is special, whom I thought will be with me for a lifetime so that I picked up his habits.’ I did not think so.

“Hmm… Oh Drake you are leaving already?” Olivia asked, looking at my back. I turned back to see Drake at the door of Alpha Derek’s office. How long was he standing there? How much had he heard?

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