Vow of a Mate

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Part 13

Rose’s POV

Days flew fast. I felt as if I just started with my training, but look, it was two weeks already. My days were filled with consultations and catching up with medical reports. But today it was quite relaxing as the number of patients were not that high as the past few days. I was ruminating the conversation with Richard yesterday. I finally gathered courage to talk about Drake.

“It was not common to have your wolf dormant, but not unheard of. The explosives that were set in the trap, were laced with Wolfsbane. It had hit him directly on his head and we almost lost him. Even though recuperated, it took a direct toll on his wolf.”

The news that Drake almost died in the attack was too much to handle. He almost lost his life and what was I doing? Just wallowing in self-pity. Guilt consumed me.

“But why he does not remember anything?” I asked him.

“That is a mystery for all of us. Maybe because of his missing wolf, maybe not. But when we tried to trigger his memories, he goes to an agitated state making him lose his conscious. For his betterment, we decided to wait for him to regain memories in its own pace.”

What was the Moon Goddess is planning at? First she gave me a mate, then made me lose him. Now I had found him, but he did not recognize me. Worse, I could not claim to anyone that I was Drake’s mate, nor make Drake to remember me. Wow, that summarized my crazy life. I sighed myself coming back to reality. It’s time to call it a day. I shut down my computer ensuring that I had saved all the patients history. Gathering my belongings, I switched off the lights, bade a goodbye to Cathy and stepped out.

As if my body was in auto pilot mode, I turned to see the figure standing across the parking. I sucked a short breath seeing Drake standing with his arms crossed. Seeing me, he straightened himself and walked towards me. It felt like Diana’s Diner all over again.

“Hi.” I whispered to him.


“Are you here to see anyone?” I asked.

He shook his head. “If you are free, can we go for a cup of coffee?”

I looked at him in silence. His smiled back flushing slightly.

“About yesterday... I am sorry. But let me explain myself. Will you come with me?”

I nodded my head and he gestured towards his car. He took me to a small coffee shop in the city. We sat on a secluded booth. Once we placed out the orders we sat in silence.

Drake cleared his throat. “I...” Before he continued, the waiter came with our orders. We smiled a thanks and again sat in silence.

Drake took a deep breath.

“Derek told that we knew each other. But I don’t remember.”

He paused. “After my accident, I crossed across multiple hurdles. Most of them are emotional. Now after a year, I started to accept not to look at the past, but embrace the present.”

His voice showed a sense of acquiescence. He looked at me.

“And you came. When I saw you, my emotions were all over the place. I feel that you are someone important, but I cannot remember. What you said, during the breakfast on Sunday, I felt like a déjà vu. But I could not remember. Everything was like behind a fogged screen with unclear images. And when you said to Olivia, about the habit of having coffee after dinner, I felt it was about me.”

His face showed the pain for not remembering things.

“My mind is being in roller coaster from the day I saw you. Why? Can you tell about us?”

I stared at him speechless. Should I use this opportunity to tell him that I was his mate? Would he believe me? Taking a decision I looked at him.

“Yes, we know each other. And yes, it was you that I mentioned about to Olivia.”

“Does that mean we were staying together?” He asked in surprise.

“Yes, but it was a short arrangement since your stay was temporary.” I answered him.

We ate again in silence for some time. My wolf was becoming more and more hopeful on the way the conversation was getting steered.

“I am too much confused about you. I am not sure on why I am having this feeling whenever I see you.” He said to me. I looked at him after thinking for a moment. An idea formed in my head. I decided to tell him before I chickened out.

“Can you able to guess the reason?”

His body stiffened at my words.

“I don’t know. However tried I cannot able to remember it. But your presence is making me restless. Why do I feel like this?”

He asked in anguish, with his fists thudding on the table. Out of reflex, I covered his hands with mine. He suddenly removed as if he was hit with electric shock. Out of embarrassment, I did not dare to look around. Swallowing the pain I felt, I looked at him. So much for hoping.

“Drake, please calm down.”

He shook his head. His face showed regret for his actions.

“I am sorry”. He uttered in whisper.

“No, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have done it.” I said as if it did not matter, totally opposite to my emotions.

“Why am I having this feeling with you alone? I have never felt this lost with others. Why? Do you know?” He looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Yes, I know. But I don’t think it will help you if I tell, considering your situation.”

He let out an irritated huff.

“But, I might have a solution.” He looked back with expectation.

“What?” He asked.

“How about getting to know each other again? As Friends?”


“Yes as friends again. I believe that it might help you regain your memories.” I said hoping myself for that.

“How are you so sure? What I understood, I did not know you for long. How will I remember the past when I talk to you?” He asked in a challenging tone.

I did not answer immediately.

“As I already told, I know the reason for why you are more emotional whenever you see me. Also I have my reasons when I say that you will remember the past when you talk to me.”

“What reasons?” His tone was harsh now.

I shook my head. “I cannot tell that. Because you may not believe it considering your situation.”

He contemplated at my words in silence.

“How long?”

I was laughing at myself at this irony. How the tables were turned?

“How about a month?”

“A month... hmmm….” He said looking out. After couple of minutes he turned back with a smile.

“I can take the offer.”

I offered my hand to him.

“Hi, I am Dr. Rose Nooman.”

He laughed and shook it.

“I am Drake Mason.”

When we were back to the pack, Drake dropped me in front of my building and left saying good night. I stood in the same place till his car disappeared.

“Is he your mate?”

I jumped in shock with a hand on my heart at the sudden voice near me. I turned back to see Albert standing in door step of my building.

“Albert? What are you doing here?” My voice was still shaking.

“Did I frighten you? Sorry about that.” He said.

“Yeah, a bit. But that’s okay. You haven’t answered my question.” I said to him.

“Alpha Mason had accepted me as part of the pack. I have got a job too. He allotted the apartment in 2nd floor for Maureen and I. Guess we are your new neighbors now.”

I smiled at this information. I could see Maureen more often.

“What job?”

“One of cooks in pack kitchen.”

“Cook?” I was surprised at this news. I guessed he would be part of patrol team or warriors. He shrugged at my question. Then something clicked in me.

“Those cupcakes Maureen got me that day?” He nodded at my question and I smiled back.

“Those were delicious.” I said to him for which he responded with a thanks. We walked up in silence to reach the second floor.

“I am planning to have some coffee. Do you want to join me?” I asked him.

“Thank you. Let me check Maureen once and I will come across.” He said and went into the opposite door.

I kept my door open and moved into the kitchen. By the time I prepared two mugs of coffee, I heard Albert in the living room. I moved to the living room and handed one cup to him. We sat in silence for some time just enjoying the hot cup of drink.

“How is Maureen? Is she coping up with the new pack?” I asked him.

Albert smiled at my question. “Yes, she had even made a couple of friends.”

I nodded with a hum.

His next question made me sputter the hot drink I had.

“The person who dropped you, Is he your mate?”

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