Vow of a Mate

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Part 15

Rose’s POV:

My progress with Drake was like whenever, I gained an inch, I lost a foot. Even though he accepted to be my friend, he was not ready to open up to me. Whenever we had come across conversations which linked to our past, he immediately shut me off. Once when I provoked him out of anger, he tried very hard to remember the past. But the plan backfired when I saw him fall down losing his consciousness. It took almost an hour for me to wake him up.

The next day Alpha Derek called me to his office. When I entered, I saw Richard was also waiting for me. Derek was very angry at my attempts with Drake and he almost banned me to see Drake. If not for Richard, I would have lost my chance to be with him. Richard on the other hand was disappointed in me. He mentioned that if I have to become a good doctor like my father, I need to be more considerate towards the patients. I was asked to leave, but not without warnings.

I then stopped on insisting Drake to remember the past. If Drake and I were really meant to be, he would remember the past. Least our friendship might make him think that I could be his chosen mate. Pathetic, I know. But I did not have many choices.

In the meantime, Drake started looking forward towards our meetings. He said that his dreams about the past were becoming more frequent. Things were still hazy, but he could get on what had happened through his dreams. He mentioned about a female sitting with him in a place that looked like a park. The same female he had met in a coffee shop kind of a place. When he mentioned dreams like this, my hope grew a bit.

But the drawback was, Drake was slowly losing his patience. He wanted to remember the female who visited his dreams almost every day. He remembered each and every of our rendezvous, but could not see me. How could I tell him that it was me? Would he believe me? Or would he think that I was taking advantage of the situation?

I came out of my thoughts when I heard a knock. I looked up to see Olivia at the door. Day by day she was glowing more. She had her checkup scheduled today. As the delivery date nearing, she was required to have a weekly checkup. Since she was carrying the next Alpha of the pack, we were extra cautious on the delivery.

Derek also joined her whenever there was a checkup. I could sense his anxiety for his mate. They were so in love with each other and I was happy for Olivia to have such a caring mate. After the regular scan and checkup, we were satisfied with the growth of the child and health of the mother. I had warned her to be extra careful as we expected her to deliver the baby in two to three weeks. Derek was happy with the news.


I looked up my phone to see that Albert was calling me. I picked up the call to hear his voice, but was welcomed by the sweet whisper of Maureen.

“Hi Rosie.”

I chuckled at that.

“Hey Maureen. Why are you whispering?”

“Because I don’t want daddy to hear me.”

“What is that you don’t want Albert to hear?” I asked her.

Her voice went a notch more. “It will be daddy’s birthday tomorrow. I want to surprise him, but don’t know what to do.”

I smiled at that. It Albert’s birthday tomorrow. That man needed a break after all the tortures he faced in the past five years.

“How about we have a small party for him. We can set up here in the hospital, so he will not find out.”

I moved the phone out from my ear as her squeal hit my ears. So much for Albert not to know.


After lunch, I brought Maureen to hospital from the school. She was still reluctant to move with new people, but the curiosity of the ten year old would come out often. I smiled when she showed me her gift.

At three in the afternoon, Albert came inside to my consultation room with a box. I looked up hearing the rap on the door. Even though I knew it was him, I looked up with a question.

“Beta Jacob had instructed to deliver the cake.” He said to me.

“Ah! The cake, Yes. Can you bring it to the cafeteria please?” I said to him.

Albert nodded at me and turned out. I stood up and followed him. Once he entered the cafeteria, Maureen shouted an exciting ‘Happy Birthday Daddy’ jumping up and down. Albert stood at the entrance with a surprised expression.

“Happy Birthday” I said from behind. He turned to see Cathy, Juliana and I were standing in the doorway.

He looked at me with a single raised brow.

“You see, Maureen told me yesterday that is your birthday today. She wanted to surprise you. So we decided to have a small party.” I said with a smile.

“So you made me make my own birthday cake?” He drawled at me.

“I am also new to this pack and I don’t know the pack cooks. And I have already tasted your cupcakes. So...” I shrugged at him. He shook his head with a chuckle.

“What are we waiting for? Come on, let’s cut the cake.” Maureen said with an excitement.

Steve and Jacob came to wish Albert for his birthday after several minutes. Once we had a piece of cake, Maureen gave a small card to her father. She had drawn three figures with Albert, Ivory and Maureen written on that.

Albert seated her on his lap and the father and daughter were discussing the drawing. I watched their exchange with a smile. Sensing him entering the cafeteria, I looked up to see Drake standing there with a hard face. My smile brightened looking him. Seeing my reaction, Drake also smiled at me.

I went to him. “Hey Drake, What a surprise. Maureen wanted to surprise her dad for his birthday, so we are having a small party. Come in.” I pulled him inside.

Drake’s face frowned slightly with thin lips. I looked at him with confusion.

“What happened?” I asked him.

He shook his head. “I am leaving the pack for a couple of days.”

My smile dropped at his statement.

“Oh! If I am not pushy, can I know why?” I looked at him nibbling my lower lip.

His eyes fell on my lips and darkened slightly.

“It’s pack business. I am leaving to discuss pack alliances and negotiation with a couple of packs.”

“How long?” I asked in a small tone.

He smiled at my reaction. “It is only for a couple of days. I am leaving with Steve.”

“When will you be back?”

“I should be back by Saturday.”

“Then…” I stopped as I didn’t want Drake to think I was too clingy.

“Then?” He prompted me.

“Nothing big. I wanted to ask if we can meet on Sunday morning as usual.”

His face softened at my question.

“Definitely. I will see you on Sunday.”

He looked around for Steve and called for him. He stopped for a moment looked inside and turned towards me. He stuck my stray hair behind my ears with a softened expression.

“Bye.” He said softly.

“Bye.” I responded with a nod. He turned and left the room. I looked at the door for a couple of minutes and turned with a sigh to see Albert was looking at me. His face showed no emotions. How long was he watching me? Was he watching my whole conversation with Drake?

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