Vow of a Mate

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Part 16

Rose’s POV:

Sunday came and went. So had Monday and Tuesday. But no sign of Drake. I expected his call once he was back on Saturday, but none. His cabin was locked, when I went to see him on Sunday. I called him twice on Monday, but no answer. I contemplated calling Steve, but resigned myself by sending a text to Drake, but not responding.

So I decided to check with Olivia in the evening. On this thought my phone rang and I picked up to see it was Olivia. As if my thoughts had reached her.

Olivia insisted me to join the pack dinner today. One of the allied pack’s Alpha is visiting, and a dinner was hosted to welcome him. I know it was not Olivia’s parents, as I spoke to Allison only yesterday.

Who would it be? I shrugged and decided to check during dinner time, and immersed myself in the daily activities.


I changed to a floral knee length dress. Since many people would be there for dinner, I did not want to go in casual clothes. Locking my apartment, as I walked towards the pack house, I heard someone calling my name. I turned to see Maureen was running towards me.

“Hi Rose.”

“Hi Maureen.” I looked up to see Albert.

“Hi.” I said to him.

“Hi. For the pack dinner?” he asked.

I nodded at him.

“Can you do a favor?” He asked me.

“Tell me.”

“I will be busy in the kitchen. Can you keep an eye on Maureen?”

“I will.”

We walked together towards our destination, making small talks. When we reached the back yard of the house, we heard a group of people talking here and there. I saw Remi coming out from the pack house. I joined her holding Maureen’s hand and moved towards Olivia. I saw Olivia and Derek talking to a couple of people. I stopped short when I saw their faces. It was Alpha Reol and his sister Aubrey.

Olivia turned to see me and smiled brightly.

“There she is. Alpha Reol, you know Rose already, but let me introduce her properly. This is my sister Rose.” She said to them.

Alpha Reol was confused.

“Sister? Aren’t you Alpha Jackson’s only daughter?” He asked.

I interfered to avoid the confusion.

“I was brought up by Alpha Jackson and Luna Allison, when I lost my parents.”

“Ah…” Alpha Reol exclaimed.

“But, she is always my sister in my heart even if not by blood.” Olivia said looking at me with a smile.

“How are you doing Alpha Reol?” I asked in a polite voice.

“I am good Dr. Nooman. And this is my sister Aubrey.” He motioned towards his sister.

“We have met. How are you Aubrey?”

Aubrey looked at me with a blank face.

“Have we met? I am sorry. I could not remember.”

It was my turn to be shocked. She definitely knew me. Why was she lying? Seeing Olivia’s curious face, I turned towards her.

“I have met Aubrey in the Diner where I was working. May be she did not remember.” I said to dismiss the issue.

“Strange.” Olivia commented, but dropped the matter, understanding my signal.

My words stopped short seeing the male coming towards us. Couple of emotions churned inside me. Anger as he did not contact me, happy to see him again, worry if anything had happened to him.

Seeing me, Drake strolled towards us. I turned towards him to say hi, but Aubrey immediately excused from us and joined him. She captured his attention completely. Of course he remembered her. But my only consolation was he neither remembered that they have decided to mate for life, only as a friend. Even then it did not matter, as Aubrey had her mate now. Or was it not? This created an uneasy feeling inside me.

Throughout the dinner, Aubrey tried to engage Drake in some conversation. I tried to talk to him a couple of times, but failed. I was afraid if it looked like a battle between two females, so I stopped my efforts. Even when Drake tried to talk to me, she somehow interfered. I then turned towards Remi and Steve as Olivia was also busy talking with Alpha Reol along with Alpha Derek.

After dinner we were talking with each other. I could sense Drake’s eyes on me here and then, but I did not bother. If he could avoid me, so could I. I was checking with Maureen who was playing with her friends. I saw Albert coming towards me.

“Thank you for checking on Maureen.” Albert said to me. He was holding two cups and handed one to me. I was steaming mug of hot coffee.

“I saw you having coffee on that evening and understood your habit to have coffee after dinner. So I brought one.”

I smiled a thanks and him and took the cup. I was simply hearing Albert’s words, but not listening to it. My concentration was solely on Drake even though I was not looking at him.

When Albert asked something, I said yes without listening to him. I would ask him about it later. Drake suddenly stiffened much to everyone’s attention. He simply excused himself to use the washroom and left the place. I could feel Aubrey’s eyes drilling a hole in my head. What’s her deal? She already got Drake’s attention. By the way, where was her mate?

“Thanks.” I looked at Albert with confusion.


“Thanks for accepting to go out with me.”

What? When did I accept? Did I say yes to that? What was I getting myself into? I mentally face palmed myself on my recklessness. I did not want to contradict immediately. I would talk to Albert later and explain things to him.

After dinner, I excused myself citing a headache. Olivia hugged me, whispering that we need to talk. She should have sensed that something is going on. I nod at her, bade farewell to everyone. Drake did not look at me, so I simply sighed and left the place. Albert offered to walk to my home as Maureen started feeling sleepy. I accepted considering it to be an opportunity to clear out things with him.

When we reached my home, I turned towards him.

“Thank you Albert.”

“It’s my pleasure. So can I take you out this weekend?”

I took a deep breath and looked at him.

“Regarding that. Albert. I am sorry. I should not have said yes. I never listened to you and said yes.” I smiled at him apologetically. I was surprised to see him smile back, instead of getting angry.

“I expected that. I was surprised to see you accepting immediately.”

“You are a good friend. I cannot think about you in any other way.”

He nodded his head.

“I understand. So we are friends right?” He asked.

“Of course we are friends.” I said with a smile.

“Then can we go out with Maureen.” He smiled “As friends of course.”

I chuckled and said yes. He left saying good night.

I freshen up and changed to some comfy clothes. When I heard my mobile ringing, I took up to see Drake calling me. Why was he calling me? Was Aubrey not there with him? With an irritated huff, I took the call.

“Why are you going out with him?” He asked immediately as I answered the call.

“Well, hello to you too.” I said back.

He let out a huff and asked again.

“Why are you bothering? You are quite busy with Aubrey and why should I not go out with others?” I shot back.

“Aubrey is my friend. I saw her after a long time. So we were talking to catch up things.” He said back.

“Whatever.” I said with small irritation.

“Don’t test my patience Rose. Are you going out with him?” He asked again.

I rolled my eyes even though I know he could not see.

“I am not. Happy?” I asked him.

“But you said yes.”

“I have told him that I cannot while coming back to my home.”

His voice laced with anger again.

“And again, what is that? Albert offering to walk you to home. Haven’t you gone to your home on your own before?”

I am now pissed off with him. First the way he acted as if I don’t exist. Now he was interrogating at my every action.

“He is acting like a gentleman, unlike others. You could have let me know if you are not coming back soon. Or you could have responded to my calls or messages. Or at least had a courtesy to let me know that you are back. If you can take one friend for granted to catch up with your other friend, I too can have people to take care of me. If you don’t have anything to say apart from interrogating me, I am not in a mood to talk. Good night.”

I cut the call and threw the mobile on the couch and left to my bed.

Would this count as first fight between us?

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