Vow of a Mate

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Part 17

Rose’s POV:

I got up for my morning alarm and did my morning routine. I decided to go to Drake’s cabin for breakfast like every Sunday, since I came here. Why should I give up on my time with Drake? Why should I give up on my mate because of some female? Moreover, she had her mate right? May be they were just catching on things since meeting after a long time. My anger towards Drake vanished at these thoughts. I dressed up myself and left to meet him.

I walked in the same trial, noting myself to call Olivia later, to check if she was free. If Alpha Reol was still here, she might be busy playing Luna. I stood in front of the cabin and raised my hand to knock. My hand stopped when I heard laughter from inside. Contemplating whether to knock or not, I stood for a couple of minutes. When I was about to turn to go back, the door suddenly opened.

Drake was standing with his hand still on the door handle.

“Good morning Rose.”

How did he find that I was standing out? Did he sense my presence? I asked the same to him. He shook his head.

“No, but I know it is about time for you to come and I actually opened to see if you are coming.”

Oh! A small bout of happiness spread inside, when I understood that he was waiting for me. He gestured me to come in and I obliged. I saw Aubrey on the couch and scrolling through her phone. What is she doing here this earlier? She looked up at us as I entered. Her face was blank for a minute and she suddenly smiled.

“Hi. You are the pack doctor, are you?”

Clearly she was acting. There is no way she could have forgotten me completely. I nodded at her to act along.

“Yes. I am Dr. Nooman.” Her lips thinned in annoyance when she understood that I caught her act. She just stood up.

“Well Drake, I have to go. My brother has something to discuss with Derek and Olivia. I will meet you later.”

She left without a glance at me. Drake turned towards me once she left.

“I thought that you will not come today.” He said sheepishly.


“Because of our fight yesterday.”

“Did we fight?” I teased him, even though they were my thoughts yesterday.

He laughed and shook his head. We went into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. Similar to every Sunday, we prepared breakfast and ate together.

In the middle of eating Drake apologized to me for his outburst yesterday.

“I am sorry Rose. I should not have reacted that way.”

“Drake, I too behaved like a child. Let’s forget it.”

Once we finished our breakfast, we cleaned the dishes, poured coffee in our mugs and sat on the couch. Drake looked thoughtful.

“What is it Drake?”

He sighed and kept silent for a moment and looked at me.

“I had some flashes of dream. It was me and Aubrey, who were dating each other. May be, seeing Aubrey again, might triggered my memories. Or because I was too angry and restless after our call yesterday. Whatever it is, I am more confused. Was it Aubrey that I was dreaming so far? If yes, why did we split?”

I am now stunned at this news. Should I be happy that he started remembering the past or should I be angry that he remembered Aubrey?

“Did you ask her?” I asked with much hesitation.

He shook his head. “Not yet. But I will.”

It was better for Drake to talk to Aubrey. Then he would understand that Aubrey had found her real mate. Also, this might be a good sign, if he remembered dating Aubrey, maybe he would slowly remember the events happened over and finally me.


As I guessed Olivia was busy with the Alpha meeting along with Remi. As Alpha and Beta females, they should be involved in the pack meetings. After doing my laundry, I decided to read one of my long pending ‘to read’ book list. Nothing like a cup of coffee and a book on a Sunday. I was mercilessly pulled out of my book by the doorbell. I looked up to see it was beginning to dark outside. How much time gone? Wondering with that thought, I opened the door to see, Drake standing out. His face was emitting so much of tension.

“Can I come in?” He asked in a dead voice.

I was now anxious looking at his state. Once he entered, I shut the door and sat with him on the couch.

“What’s the matter Drake?” I asked him.

“I spoke to Aubrey.”


“She told how we had decided to become chosen mates.”

I did not know what to say. I just looked at him. His face crumbled in pain as if he wanted to remember that.


“If we had decided to take such a big step in life, then she must be the girl in my dreams right?” He asked me.

What could I say? Lying as Yes or telling the truth as No. If I said either answer, Drake would ask how I knew it.

“Did you ask her?”

“No, once she said this piece of information, I left and came here. I could not face anyone.”

So he still did not know the complete picture. Oh Drake! Could you not see? You were reaching out for me now. Did it not ring any bell to you?

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked him.

He shook his head.

“I don’t want to know. I was in fact happy even though I lost my memories. But now everyone from my past are coming back and haunting me.”

Even though Drake never mentioned clearly, I knew he was also quoting me. It hurt. And I did not want to quit because of these hurting words.

“All are happening for a reason. We may not know now, but we may understand later.” I said in a soft voice.

He sighed. “I need to think about it.” He paused for a second.

“I am sorry for barging in. I did not think well.”

I smiled.

“Don’t be. Friends, Remember?”

He looked at me with shock first and smiled.

“I leave now before exhausting your hospitality.” He left with a good bye.

I again and again rewound the conversation, but could not come to a conclusion. Things had taken a drastic turn. What now?

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