Vow of a Mate

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Part 18

Rose’s POV:

I had not met Drake for a couple of days after. Every time when my mobile rings, I expected it to be his number. Something was stopping me to reach out to him. Deciding to meet him in the evening, I entered the hospital. Cathy was in the reception as usual with a big smile.

“Good morning Rose.”

“Good morning Cathy.” I smiled back.

I checked on the appointments for today and left for my room. As soon as I settled in my chair, my mobile rang. It was Olivia.

“Hey Oli.”

“Rose” Her voice was filled with pain.

“What happened Oli?” I asked with urgency.

“I have been having some pain in the lower tummy. It is like a pulsating pain. Can you come?” Her voice sounded as if she was talking with clenched teeth.

“I am on my way.” I rushed out towards Olivia’s house informing Cathy to update Richard about Olivia.

As I went inside, no one was there in the living room. I rushed to her room and saw her sitting on the bed. She was hunched in pain. I reached her and grabbed her hands.

“Hey… Relax. Let me check.” I said in a soothing whisper.

Making her lie down, I first checked the baby. After asking where she feels the pain, I understood it was muscle cramps. As her due date was nearing, she would be having these problems. I gave her some hot water compression on the place. After a couple of minutes she relaxed.

“It’s just your muscles are getting cramped. Just have the hot water bag nearby, and apply it whenever you are in pain.” And I touched her back and then lower abdomen. “If you feel a pain starting from here towards here, just let me know immediately.”

She nodded her head.

“Have you had any breakfast?” I asked her.

“Yes, I had a little. I could not eat more.”

“Let me get you, something to drink.”

I patted her head and left to the kitchen. Getting a glass of orange juice, I made her to sip all the drink. She then lied down with closed eyes. It was normal to feel sleepy after such episodes. I sat with her, till she was fast asleep.

I called Remi if she could come over to watch Olivia. She had to have someone to be with her now. I should talk to Alpha Derek on this. When Remi entered, I asked her to be near Olivia.

“Do you know where Alpha is?” I asked Remi.

“I saw him going towards Drake’s cabin.” She said back.

I nodded my understanding and left out to find him. I walked down the trail towards the lake and entered the clearing.

I saw Drake punching the tree in anger and Derek looking at him with annoyance.

“You are saying this now?” Drake shouted.

“Look Drake, We don’t want you to suffer more. Look what happened whenever you tried to recall the memories. We were afraid it will be worse, if we say this.” He said back in a calm tone. Drake shook his head in disapproval.

As if they sensed at the same time, both the brothers turned to look at me. The action somewhat made me take a step back.

“What do you want?” Drake asked in a rather harsh tone.

“Drake.” Alpha Derek warned him and turned to me again.

“What is it Rose?”

“I came looking for you, Alpha.” I said to him. Derek looked at Drake once again. Drake just looked at both of us and went inside his cabin and shut the door with a bang. Derek sighed at his actions and looked at me.

“Yes Rose.” He asked again. His tone is laced with slight annoyance at my interference between brothers.

“It is about Olivia.” His posture changed at the mention of his mate.


“She is fine.” I said immediately sensing his worry. “She just had some muscle cramps. Some females experience this pain when they are nearing the delivery. It is nothing to worry.”

He relaxed at my words but not completely. He asked me to talk while walking towards his house. I understood his anxiety and accompanied him. But we never talked till we reached his house. He rushed in to see his mate. He relaxed once he saw her sleeping peacefully.

“Thanks Rose.” He turned to me.

I smiled back. “Actually, I looked for you to talk about another thing.”

He looked at me.

“Since Olivia is nearing her delivery, can you arrange someone to be here whenever you are not around? Even though she is healthy and an Alpha’s daughter, she is carrying an alpha male. So it will be better to have someone near her till her delivery. Is it possible for Eliza to be around Olivia all day when you are not at home?” I asked him.

He thought for a minute. “Yes, I will arrange for that. And Rose, can you also come and check Oli often?” He asked.

“Yes, I will visit her every day after my shift.” I said to him.

He thanked me with a smile.

“Alpha, can I ask you something?” I asked him.

“Yes.” He said with a distraction looking at Olivia.

“What was Drake upset about?”

He looked at me sharply.

I gulped and continued. “He was upset on Sunday and told me he was getting some episodes of the past. I haven’t seen him after that. And he is even more upset today.” I explained to him.

Derek looked at me for a moment. “Yes, he was upset something in line with that. But I don’t want to discuss that now.”

I left the place. What was bothering Drake now? Should I go and ask him?

I dialed Drake’s number couple of times, but he did not answer the call. I sighed and walked towards the hospital.


After a couple of consultations, my phone rang. A pang of sadness hit me when I saw it was not Drake. It was Albert. Even though I am not in a mood to talk, I picked up the call.

“Hi Albert.”

“Rose, Are you free?”

“Yes, free for another 10 minutes.” I asked.

There was a moment of silence.

“Do you remember that you accepted to go out with me and Maureen?”

Oh no! Not now. I had enough on my plate already. When I was about to answer he spoke again.

“Maureen’s birthday is in two weeks. I want to get a good dress and a gift for her. I will be getting my paycheck in a week. Will you come with us to select a dress for her? If you say OK, I will get the Alpha’s permission to go to the city.”

Drake’s face and the way he banged shut his door today came across my mind.

“Sure Albert. Let’s go on a weekend. I also need to check on some options to buy a car. Will it be ok for you?”

“Definitely, I will check with you before deciding the date.”

After talking for some time, I cut the call. Maureen’s birthday was nearing. I smiled at that thought. I should get some gift for her while going out.

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