Vow of a Mate

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Part 1

Rose’s POV

“Good Evening Diana.” Entering the diner, I greeted her slouched figure behind the counter checking on some papers.

“Hi Dear. Are your classes over?” She asked me looking up hearing my voice.


“Your coffee is ready. And also I have some biscuits there for you. Go freshen up and come.” She said with a motherly smile.

I chuckled at her. “Sometimes I feel as if I am coming home, not to a work place.”

She laughed, shaking her head.

I sat in my favorite spot overlooking the forest, and sipped the coffee leisurely. We had another 1 hour to open the Diner. I still remembered that fateful day, how had the Alpha picked me up in my school shortly after my parents dropped me, how I was given the news that mom and dad would never visit me again, how I realized that I cannot see them anymore.

I was under the care of Alpha and Luna from that day. I moved with them into their house. I could not understand why mom and dad left me and often asked when they would be coming back. Why mom and dad met with an accident after they visited a patient. I could not accept that they were very severely injured and died in hospital. It took another couple of years for me to realize that they would not come back at all. I slowly became closed off to others except a handful of friends, especially the Alpha’s daughter Olivia. Olivia was my only best friend / sister till now.

After that I had only one thing in mind – To become a doctor. I felt that becoming a doctor same as my dad, would create a connection with my parents. My dad was always Dr. Nooman and whenever I was addressed as Dr. Nooman I felt as if dad was beside me and smiling at the name.

But becoming a werewolf doctor was not an easy task. You need to study human medicine and veterinary science. Then you should work with a pack doctor for a year. This only makes you qualified to work as a pack doctor. Spending more than ten years to achieve your dream was not a small feet. Also only handful of people would choose this path and hence you won’t have an exclusive institution for werewolves. You need to leave the pack to move to human community.

Being part of a pack was the life of wolves. But if you move out of the pack for this reason, you would not be considered rogue. You would be under the protection of the nearby pack. You would not be the part of that pack, merely under their protection. Hence why, becoming a werewolf doctor was not easy and you would be respected by every wolf.

I had completed my course in human medicine and now in the final year of veterinary science. I was residing near to my university, as I did not want to risk by staying in the dorms near to humans. Also, I could not share my house unless it was with another wolf. Hence my expenses were quite high compared to others. Even I was under the protection of nearby pack, I could not get anything more than basic help. Though my parents had saved a small fortune for me, I always wanted to stand on my own legs.

Hence, I was working part time in this nearby diner to my university. Diana, who is the owner of the diner was also a she-wolf who loved me as her own daughter. Her mate died some time back in a rogue attack and she did not have any family. So we were living our lives, supporting each other.

It’s been 2 years since I had seen Olivia. I last saw her when I completed my human medicine and about to join my next course. I missed her mating ceremony which happened last year. Still, she was mad at me. Her parents Alpha Jackson and Luna Allison were still in touch with me. Even though they saw me as their own daughter, I always felt as an imposter in their home. But I could never forget nor repay their support and care they had shown me. They never took me as a mere responsibility but looked me as their family.

I came back out my thoughts hearing the wind chime near the door. Customers started coming in and so I got up to begin my shift. Apart from myself, three more people worked with me here. Nate and Yoni worked in the Kitchen, Alice and Clarke did the waiting job. Alice was also another wolf, but Nate, Yoni and Clarke were humans whom did not know about us. All were very friendly people, especially Alice and Yoni.

As if my thoughts reached her, Alice entered the Diner.

“Hey, ya Rosie.” I smiled at her. Her laughter was surely contagious. I wished it to be always with her. And we did not have any time to talk. There was a steady flow of customers, and after couple of hours the crowd started thinning. We finally closed the Diner bidding goodbye to Nate, Yoni and Clarke. It became like a tradition for me, Alice and Diana to sit and talk for some time after closing. We used to have either dinner or just coffee. I took a cup of hot chocolate and sat in the chair.

“Did you know Aubrey is back?” Alice chirped out.

Diana nodded her head. “Yes, I heard.”

“Aubrey?” I asked in confusion.

“Alpha Reol’s sister. She had gone for her college. She is back today.”

Diana interrupted again. “What is with the talks about her boyfriend?”

Alice answered back. “Yes, she had brought her boyfriend with her.”

“Boyfriend? You mean mate?” I asked her back.

“No, not her mate. She is 26 and quoted that she lost her hope in finding a mate. So she had brought her boyfriend with her. I heard she had mainly come to get her brother’s permission.”

Yes, if you had chosen a life partner other than a mate, you need your alpha’s permission. This custom had been brought mainly to benefit wolves those who had lost their mates. Wait, if Aubrey is 26 what would be the age of her boyfriend and what about his mate. I asked the same.

“He is 31 and haven’t found his mate. Possibly he also would have lost hope.” She shrugged answering me.

Diana shook her head in disapproval. “I am not sure what they are playing at? You should not take a mate bond for granted.”

Diana respected mate bond more than her life. Almost all the wolves. It was our way of life.

“I am happy, that you haven’t caved in for such relationships Rosie.” Diana smiled at me.

I chuckled at her. Little did she know, that I was not ready to cave in for any relationship, except for my career. Diana could not understand that and I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Any ways, there will be a welcome party organized tomorrow for Aubrey. Almost all the nearby packs are coming.”

“Why some many packs for a welcome party?” I asked in wonder.

Diana answered. “These parties are mainly namesake. The real purpose is to discuss allies within packs and strengthen them.”

Ah! Pack politics. I would never understand those.

“You should also come Rosie.”

I shook my head when Alice told me. “No Alice, I have my exams in two days.”

Alice muttered something about abducting me. I laughed at her antics.

I then bade goodbye to Diana and Alice leaving to my room.

Did I know that this party would be changing my whole life?

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