Vow of a Mate

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Part 19

Rose’s POV:

After the end of my shift, I left to see Drake. When I reached his cabin, the door was wide open. I knocked the door couple of times and there was no answer. Where was he? Should I go inside and wait for him? After a moment of hesitation I sighed and turned back to see him coming out of the forest. He looked as if he was running for a long time.

He passed me, entered his cabin. He did not called me to come in. May be he did not want to talk to me. Fine for me. I huffed and decided to go. That’s when I heard him.

“Rose, please come in.”

I did not want to enter immediately. I was angry at his actions, but I need answers. I entered and sat on the couch. He poured himself a cup of cold water, drank it in a gulp, and came and sat on another couch. We both were silent for some time. I then looked at him.

“Where were you?” I asked for the sake of starting the conversation.

“I went for a run. I need to clear my mind.”

“Why were you upset in the morning?” I asked him.

His face still grave, did not looked back at me. He was playing with the glass in his hand.

“I spoke to Aubrey yesterday.”


“She told me what happened in her pack. How she found her mate when new went to her pack.”

So that’s why he was upset. “Oh!” I said at loss of words.

“And she told that how she lost her mate.”

“What?” I shouted in shock.

Drake looked at me with puzzled face at me reaction.

“I mean, how?” I asked back.

“She told that she lost her mate Leon in a rogue attack.”

“Is that why you are upset?” I asked him, still not able to come out of the shock.

“No, I was telling Derek about my dreams and my doubts if it was Aubrey. That’s when he said that I have a mate.” He said with anger filled voice.

I was now totally shocked at the revelation. Seeing my shocked form, Drake shook me.

“Rose… Rose...”

I was startled back to reality. What is this new twist?

“Do you know who she is?”

“That’s the mystery. No one knows who my mate is. I had told Drake about my mate but have never brought her here. Only when I was about to bring her to my pack, I met with the accident.”

“Is that why you are upset?”

He sighed.

“It was everything. About Aubrey, the news that I have a mate, but don’t know who she is or where she is, about Derek hiding the news that I have a mate. More than that” He stopped for a moment.

“What?” I asked.

“Why my so called mate haven’t come to me. Surely she should remember me right? Why didn’t she have searched for me?”

Oh Drake! If only you knew.

“How come you say that she haven’t searched for you?” I asked him.

He laughed without humor. “I am the one who forgot everything. Not her.”

“Let’s not come to a conclusion Drake. We don’t know her situation.”

Drake shook his head. He was not ready to accept my words. I looked at him helplessly on how to make him understand.

“Let’s not talk about that Rose.” He said in a voice void of emotions.

I sighed at his reaction, but don’t want to leave him in this state. I asked him if he wanted me to leave.

“No, in fact, can you stay for dinner?”

We then prepared dinner together and had in silence. After couple of hours, once he was relaxed I decided to leave.

At the door step, I turned towards him.

“Drake, Can you not just jump into conclusions.” He understood my words, but did not answer.

I sighed and left his cabin.


I could not reach Drake after that day. He was not reachable and not available in his cabin. I was now have a feeling that, he was purposefully avoiding everyone. Or was he avoiding me alone? It was three days since I saw him. My wolf was feeling more anxious at not able to see him. My concentration in work was slipping here and then, thinking about Drake.

Today, I had asked excuse for half a day and came to Drake cabin, in a hope to see him, but I was disappointed as usual. Sighing I decided to visit Olivia, because I did not think I could be alone in this mood.

Olivia and Remi were playing cards when I entered her house. They were surprised to see me at this hour. I told them, I took a break to come here. Olivia’s eyes narrowed at my statement.

“What is the matter Rose? Are you not well?” she asked with a concern.

I shook my head. I did not want her to worry about me in her state. “I am fine Oli. We don’t have much patients today, so I thought of taking a break.” I smiled at her. Olivia left at that, but I was not sure if she believed me.

I thought I had hidden my feelings, but never realized I was unknowingly giving myself away.

“What is happening Olivia? This is the third time you gave away the joker?” Remi laughed at me.

“Oh! Ha ha. I did not notice it.” I said with a laugh.

“That’s it. What is going on?” Olivia asked me.

I sighed and placed the cards in my hand on the table.

“Have you seen Drake?” I asked her.

“Drake? Why?” Olivia did not expected this question.

“Drake was upset when he heard about Aubrey and his mate. We have a fight on that and I haven’t seen him since.” I told them.

“So?” Remi asked in puzzlement.

“I want to check on him, because he was restless after hearing about the past memories. But I could not see him.” I said as a doctor so that they will not suspect about my intention.

“Oh!” Olivia said.

“Yes, so have you seen Drake?” I asked her again.

“Drake is not here.” Olivia answered.

“What?” It was my turn to be surprised.

“Yes, as you told he as upset in the sudden turn of events. So Alpha Reol and his sister Aubrey offered him a change of place for his peace of mind.”

“So?” I was afraid to hear the answer.

“He had gone to his pack with them.”

I was appalled on her answer. He never even told me that he was leaving. At least he could have sent a message.

“He was very upset with Derek and me for hiding the information about his mate. Also he told that if he had found his mate a year ago, then there is a possibility that she could be in Alpha Reol’s pack. So he had gone to find answers.” Olivia said oblivious of my thoughts.

“But... But...” I almost spilled that his mate is not there but here.

“What Rose?” Olivia asked me.

“What about his health? He is still having his episodes whenever he remembers the past.” I asked instead.

“Yeah, we are also worried about that. But Drake was very upset and he did not listen to anyone on this.”

I kept silent after hearing her. What was the meaning of this? Would he get the memories about us? Would he go to the places we have gone in the past? That might trigger his memories right?

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