Vow of a Mate

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Part 20

Rose’s POV:

It’s been a week since Drake had gone to Alpha Reol’s pack. But to my surprise, neither Diana nor Alice knew anything about him. That was surprising. What was happening there? I could not ask much to Olivia. Then she would get unwanted suspicions. Why all the path were becoming a dead end for me? I let out an irritated sigh.

After my duty hours, I walked towards the lake. This had become a habit for me. Every day I would spend some time by the lake and then would go and visit Olivia. Olivia had neared her due date and she might deliver the pup any time. We made sure that the hospital was ready for that.

As usual, I sat on the bench by the lake and zoned out. What would Drake be doing now?

“Enjoying the view?” I was startled at the voice. I turned in a whiplash to see Drake standing in front of his cabin. Was he real?

“Hi…” I was too stunned to see him.

“Hi.” He smiled back.

“So you are here.” I said stupidly.

“I know.” His chuckle brought up all last week’s anger in me.

“Why have you gone suddenly?” I asked him.

His face sobered at this question. “I wanted to have a break after all the information I got. I could not think of anything when I am here. So I went with Aubrey to clear my mind.”

His answer only stirred some more irritation in me.

“So you just like that left the place. You could have at least send a message to me.”

His face showed guilt. “I was not thinking clearly. I know it is a lame excuse. I am sorry. Even though I went to clear my thoughts, I also…” He started and stopped shaking his head.

“Also…” I prompted him.

“I want to know, if my mate is there in Alpha Reol’s pack. According to Derek, I spoke to him about her when I was in there.”

“Oh! Did you get any information?” I asked.

He sighed. “No. Surprisingly, no one knew about my mate. It looks as if she does not exist apart from my imagination.”

I was silent at his words. Then I asked in a quiet voice. “Have you got back any more memories?”

He shook his head. Just my luck.

“Now what?” I asked him. And I never anticipated the answer.

“I have decided to mate with Aubrey.”

“What?” I was appalled at his statement. “Why? Don’t you want to find your mate? She will be there waiting for you.” I asked in helplessness.

“A mate that no one knows about?” He asked in a mocking tone.

“Drake please, can you wait for some more time. You have started to get your memories. You will also remember about your mate.” I pleaded with him.

“I don’t think so. I lost my hope on that.”

Taking a deep breath, I decided to take the leap.

“What will you say, that I know your mate? Or if I say that I am your mate? Think Drake, you said that you had felt different when you met me.” I stopped when I saw Drake looking at me with anger blazed eyes. His face was scrunched with disgust. My stomach twisted seeing his face.

“I had so much respect for you. Don’t stoop yourself this low. It does not suit you.” He said in a blank tone.

“Drake, please…”

Drake stood up and paced around. He then stops and looks at me.

“If you are my mate, where were you when I met with the accident? Why did you not come to me in the past one year?”

Drake’s question made me sit straight. Would he believe if I said that he had never uttered his pack name? But let me try. When I said the same Drake laughed at me.

“Don’t Rose. I have good respect on you.”

When I tried to say something, he stopped me raising his hand.

“I don’t want to wait for a mate whom I don’t know. Also, I don’t want to talk about this to you anymore. I think it is better if we don’t meet for some time. I am really disappointed in you right now. See yourself out.” With those went inside his room.

I stood there helplessly. I now realized that, I was too late. I should have told him much before. I once again felt my heart breaking down at loss of my mate. My wolf blocked herself from me to mourn her loss. Was I that bad to not to have love in my life? How many times I need to get hit to realize that?


I did not meet anyone for the next two days. I had told that I was not well and shut myself in my house. After day three, my door was pounded impatiently. I hurriedly opened the door before they break it. I saw a furious looking Olivia standing out with Derek close to her. Her face changed into concern seeing my face.

“What in the world happened to you?”

I asked both of them to enter. Olivia sat with me on the couch with Derek sitting at the opposite.

“I was feeling lonely and I don’t want you to worry about me.” I said lowly.

“I am now getting angry at you. Aren’t we family?” I broke down when she said the word family. I was crying on her shoulder and Olivia was trying on her best to shush me. When I quietened with sobs she asked me again.

I shook my head. “I cannot say that now, because I don’t have the courage. But I will tell you some day.” I told her. After sitting in the same position for some time I looked at her.

“Thank you Oli. I feel much better now.”

“What are sisters are for?” She asked with a smile.

With a promise to visit her at dinner, I thanked Derek and they left.

After a good cry, my mind was clear. Why should I waste my energy on someone who cannot be in my life? My happiness should not be in the hands of others. I should be responsible for my happiness. I should live for me, and the people who were there for me. I braced myself at the thoughts. My wolf was still mourning for her loss, but I was coping with that.

That’s why I was able to accept the news that Drake and Aubrey’s mating ceremony was planned in a month from now. I would not say, I never felt the pain but, I was able to accept the news. I started avoiding Drake from that day. I did not want to break down from my new found resolve. It was not that difficult to avoid him, as he was also hell bent to avoid me.

I confined my presence within the hospital, Olivia’s house and my home. Every time I went to see Olivia, I was afraid as well as eager to see Drake. I could not understand this. Was it normal to wish to see someone at the same time, did not want to face him?

I came back to reality when I heard a knock at my door. I was shocked to see Aubrey there. In few seconds Cathy appeared behind her.

“Rose, I told that there is no pre booked appointment, but she insisted to talk to you.” I could sense the irritation in Cathy’s voice.

“It’s OK, Cathy.” I answered with a smile.

“See, the doctor has no problem. So you just leave.” Aubrey said with a sense of authority to her. Cathy was about to answer, but I shook my head. Getting the cue, she just huffed and left the room.

Aubrey simply sauntered inside the room and sat in the chair. Irritation spiked in me. First she took my mate, now she is invading my room.

“What can I do for you?” I asked in a plain tone.

She just looked up at me. “I just came to say hi Rose.”

Rose! Wow! So, she remembered my name huh! I raised an eyebrow at her.

“So you remembered my name?” I asked with a tinge of sarcasm. Even if bothered her, Aubrey didn’t show it.

“Yes, I now remember. I have seen you in Diana’s Diner. But never thought you will be working here.”

“Olivia is my sister. It was planned when I was doing my course. So no need to be surprised.”

“Hmm…” She just hummed and sat quiet.

“Well, if you came to say hi, you have said it. Anything else?” I knew I was rude, but I could not help it. The female in front of me had wrecked my life.

“Yes, I just want to know your plans after the apprenticeship. Will you be practicing here?”

I let out a sigh. “I don’t think there is a need to discuss this with you. It is between myself and Alpha and Luna.”

“As a future mate of Alpha’s brother, I just want to know. You see, Drake is very much disturbed and I feel the reason is you. I don’t want anyone to wreck my family.”

I laughed out loud. Taking about wrecking others family. What an irony. Aubrey narrowed her eyes at my reaction.

“What is the meaning of this laugh?” She asked in anger.

Anger spiked in me. All the emotions I buried inside threatened to burst out. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself.

“That means, I don’t care if you or your so called chosen mate are disturbed. It is purely my choice to decide if to work as a pack doctor here or not. If there are any issues, let the Alpha or Luna discuss that with me. If there is nothing else, please leave. It’s time for my next patient.” I gestured my hand towards the door.

Aubrey glared at me with so much venom. If only looks could kill. She swiftly got up and left the place.

The statement that Drake was disturbed because of me made my wolf look in hope. But it only aroused the anger in me. What should I do? To wait for him again and again, and get heart broken. No. He was not worth it, even if he was my mate.

With that thought, I called Cathy to send the next patient in.

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