Vow of a Mate

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Part 21

Rose’s POV:

I got a call from Derek, insisting to come over immediately. I was worried about Olivia and rushed. Derek opened the door, the moment I was on his doorstep. He told that Olivia wanted to see me and she was very agitated. Hearing that there is nothing wrong with her health, I relaxed for a moment. But why was she agitated? With puzzled thoughts, I went inside to see her.

Olivia was sitting on her bed. She was looking down the floor. Her eyebrows were scrunched in confusion. She looked up hearing my footsteps. Her face became blank but her eyes were full of confusion and anger. The question shot up from her made my knees buckle and urged me to run from there.

“Why I am hearing that you found your mate?” Her voice was calm, but I knew she was anything but.

“What?” I asked back, as my mind became blank.

She repeated her question. I sighed and went to sit next to her.

I took her hand in mine and sat in silence for some time.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Mom slipped in her talk. She still hadn’t realized that she slipped. I haven’t shown that I found that. But I want to know. Is it true?” She asked me.

I nodded my head.

“But why haven’t you told me? Where is he?”

“I haven’t told because I lost him.”

“What?” She shouted in shock and Alpha Derek hurried inside our room, hearing her voice.

“What happened? Honey are you OK?” he asked her, but not before sending me a glare. I controlled my laugh at his actions. I did not want to provoke and Alpha.

Olivia shook her head. “Nothing, honey. I was shocked at the news I heard from Rose.”

He was still not convinced.

“Do you want to talk about it now? I can ask Rose to come back later.” He tried to convince her.

Olivia looked at me instead. “Honey, I want to talk about it now. I don’t want to postpone it. Also, I need to talk to her alone.” She never wavered her eyes from me. Her tone was calm and collected, but the intensity in that made the Alpha to leave us, but it did not stop him to look at us once more before leaving the room.

Olivia got up and closed the door. She turned towards me.

“What happened? Is he…”

I shook my head, before she completed her question.

“No, he is not dead.”


I sighed. “You need to know from the start to understand. But…” I looked up at her. “You need to promise that you will not reveal this to anyone. Anyone means, including your mate.”

“But...” Olivia started, but I interrupted her again.

“Especially your mate…” I could see her to be confused.

I slowly started telling the past. “I met him before coming here. But he was about to have a mating ceremony with his chosen mate, but did not happen. It stopped because of some other complications. He met me a week after that. He was first confused. Because he was already in love with someone and think it was only his wolf wanted me. We started as friends. After a month he confessed his love to me. He wanted to take me to his pack. He said that he will make the necessary arrangements…”

I stopped thinking about the day with pain.

“After that promise, he left me in my college. That was the last I saw him. I disappeared from my life without a trace. I could not able to find him after. I searched for him in many places, but could not find him. I even went to the girl who he had chosen to be his mate, but I could not get any answers. All the doors were closed for me.”

Olivia hugged me hearing the pain I my voice. We sat in silence for some time.

“Why do I feel that you haven’t told the complete story?” She asked me.

What could I say? If said, she would find whom I was talking about. I shook my head.

“There is no use in talking about that. That chapter is closed in my life.” I said with a mirthless laugh.

“When did you find your mate?” She asked me.

“Why?” I asked her without answering her question. Knowing Olivia’s intelligence, I knew she could guess easily even with a single clue. She asked me again.

“Don’t lie to me or don’t hide from me Rose. I can get the information from mom if needed. So tell me.” She demanded.

I sighed and whispered. “A year back.”

She was silent for a moment and her eyes became wide in some realization.

“Is it?” She doubled over shooting a cry of pain. I saw a gush of liquid down her legs.

“Alpha” I stood up and shouted immediately understanding what was happening.

Derek came in a second. I realized he should be in the nearby room. How much had he heard? I shook my thoughts. Now Olivia was the priority.

“We need to take Olivia to the hospital. It is time.” Saying this, I asked him to take her to the car. I swiftly took the baby bag that was kept ready in the living room.

After hours of pain and cry, Olivia delivered a healthy boy. Both mom and baby were fine. I left mom and dad with their son. They needed a bonding time. Also new mother wolf would be on high alert for her baby and only her mate could pacify her.

Another reason was, I did not want to face Drake, who would be present in the hospital to see his nephew. To rub salt in my wounds, of course Aubrey would be with him. Requesting Juliana to take care of Olivia, I left for my home.


After a long shower to relax my body and mind, I changed into comfy clothes and sat in my couch with a cup of coffee and my half-finished book. I was almost immersed in the plot when the front door is knocked. It was Albert.

“Hey Albert.”

“We are about to have dinner. Do you want to join us?” he asked.

I felt a need of company after today’s events. I told him that I would be joining in a couple of minutes. Not bothering to change into something fancy, I just rinsed my cup and left to the next door.

Maureen was so happy to see me and showed me all the drawings she did in her class. In the middle of dinner, Albert asked if I am free on this weekend. I looked at him with a question in my eyes.

“Maureen’s birthday is on next week. I want to get a good dress for her. Do you want to join us?”

Ah yes! Maureen’s birthday. I could also get some good gift for her. I nodded at him with a smile.

“Thank you.” He said with a soft voice and smile.

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