Vow of a Mate

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Part 24

Rose’s POV:

Today was the day. My wolf never showed herself and I knew she was in pain. She supported me the whole life, after I lost my parents. She was there with me, whenever I felt lonely. Even when Drake left us, she was the sole support for me. It was time that I returned the favor. I know she would be pain, after losing her mate for the second time, but I should be strong for her. Let me take care of her.

I got ready with a simple navy blue gown with a pearl work at the waist. It was simple but beautiful for the occasion. Who said that I should not dress well when losing my mate? Even if I did, I wanted to lose with elegance. I had mentioned Albert to pick me up in Olivia’s house. The ceremony was happening in the forest as we did not want to take a risk of falling in human eyes. Once I reached Olivia’s house, I heard her.

“There you are. Just hold Blake. I will get ready in a few minutes.” She had done her hair. Only she had to change the dress. After that we just sat on the couch and had a cup of coffee. Olivia was toying her cup.

“Is there any way that I can change your mind for not leaving?” She asked me. I shook my head.

“No Oli. But it is just for a couple of months.” I said to her.

“Then why do I feel that you want to move out permanently.” She queried back.

“I don’t know Oli. It is not about, me not wanting to face Drake. What if he regains his memories? He cannot change the fact that he will be mated with Aubrey. What will happen to them? Will Drake’s wolf react when he sees me but mated with Aubrey? What will be Alpha Reol’s reaction, because it is his sister’s life? This will not only affect the three of us, but two packs. I don’t want that.”

“I suspected that you will say only this. But what about you?”

I chuckled.

“I am not a coward Oli. I have seen enough loses in my life. I know that life is not a bed of roses. I don’t know about the future. But for now I don’t want anything to be but a pack doctor just like my dad.”

“I feel something is not correct in case of Aubrey.”

I stopped Olivia then and there.

“No Oli. Don’t. You are getting these thoughts just because I am Drake’s mate. What if I was not? Also, Aubrey will be in your life and family forever. Don’t have any negative thoughts just because of me.”

Olivia looked at me and was about to say something. Alpha Derek and Albert entered the foyer at the same time. She looked at them, sighed and kept quiet. Whatever it was, there was no need to talk about it. Let me stop crying over the spilt milk.

We left for the venue. Even the venue was inside forest, we had paths for vehicles from the pack. We also had wolves patrolling around for security. It was a simple event where the wolves exchange the vows and mark each other. Once marked, it cannot be reversed till death. You cannot reject your mate. Only death could part them.

We reached much earlier as Alpha Derek had his job to do. Derek as the Alpha of the pack and as a brother would be officiating the ceremony. Steve was taking care of security in the venue and Jacob was taking care of the outside.

I was sitting in the front row, along with Olivia and Allison. Drake was standing at the altar waiting for Aubrey. Her brother Alpha Reol would be walking her down the aisle. Did Aubrey had a mating ceremony with Leon? I did not remember anyone mentioning it. Or had it happened in Leon’s pack? I shook my head at the thoughts.

Just then, the music started and we stood up for Aubrey. She was dressed in a white gown. It was not flowy, but more like an evening dress. It hugged her body, enunciating her beautiful curves. She was a female who knew her beauty. I looked at Drake, who was not looking at Aubrey but me. I shifted my eyes before anyone saw us exchanging glances.

Once Aubrey reached the altar, she took Drake’s hand as he was standing still. It was a subtle action that many would not have noticed, but me. May be I wanted to find the mistakes happening. I chastised at my cheap thoughts.

When the Alpha Derek was about to ask the vows, we heard footsteps thudding towards us. It was not of humans, but wolves. Everyone’s attention turned towards the sound. We saw a man running towards us and some five wolves trying to catch him. Once he reached the chairs he doubled over and stopped. By the time, the wolves chasing behind jumped over him. Alpha Derek commanded everyone to shift.

After the wolves are offered some dresses, I saw the faces of the people. I could not stop the loud gasp when I saw the man standing there. It was Leon, Aubrey’s mate. My eyes automatically turned towards her and saw her pale face looking at him.

Hadn’t she told that Leon was dead? Then how? Did she assume wrong? But it was not possible because the feeling of losing your mate was the most excruciating pain and you could not mistake it for another. What was happening?

Hearing my gasp Olivia turned to me with questioning eyes. I looked at her and whispered “It is Aubrey’ mate.” It was her turn to be shocked and asked a shrieking what. But since everyone were talking about the intrusion, her voice was not noticed by many.

“Who are you? Why are you trespassing my territory?” Alpha Derek commanded to Leon.

At the same time Alpha Reol was asking something to Aubrey with angry face. She was pale, but slowly recovering from the shock. She was answering something back, but he shook his head and his face showed heavy disappointment.

“I am Leon. Aubrey’s mate.” He said in a clear voice. His face was void of emotion.

“What?” Alpha Derek barked in anger. He turned to look at Reol who also nodded his head. Alpha Reol had a sure shock in his face. Out of curiosity, I looked at Aubrey. Why she was not shocked or happy to see her mate? Derek just glanced at Reol and turned towards Leon.

Drake’s face was emitting shock and anger and was moving towards Leon. Aubrey was trying to stop him by holding his arms. Drake tried to push the hands away.

All of a sudden Leon moved towards Aubrey. We then noticed he took out a gun and pointed at her.

“How could you? How could you cheat your mate?” He asked her. His eyes were shining dangerously and his face was full of anger.

The next set of actions happened in few minutes.

Leon shouted “Since you left me for him, the best punishment for you is to see his death.” He laughed maniacally and moved the gun towards Drake. Hearing this I ran towards Drake.

I saw Aubrey hiding behind Drake and Drake stiffening at her action. I heard the gun shot exactly when I landed in front of Drake. I felt a sharp pain and it spread like a fire in my right lower rib.

I started falling down due the immense pain I had on my ribs. Two hands held me before falling down and I saw Albert looking at me with painful eyes.

Drake was stunned for a second and fell down holding his head with both hands. He raised his head and looked around to see Aubrey, Leon, Derek and everyone. He then looked at me and widen his eyes in realization.

“Sunshine?” He asked hesitantly.

Sunshine? The nickname Drake gave me when he confessed his love for me.

“You remembered.” I cupped his cheeks with a hand and smiled at him.

“You remembered” I said again and closed my eyes to succumb to the darkness. But not before hearing two more bullet sounds.


Drake’s POV:

I was waiting at the altar for Aubrey. My mind and heart were still at war on this. My eyes automatically shifted towards Rose, who was sitting along with Olivia. Why did you say that Rose? Why did you say that I was your mate? I could not believe it at the same time, it felt natural to think her as my mate. But I did not want to chicken out from the decision I had taken to mate with Aubrey. This was good for both the packs.

To hear that Rose leaving the pack, raised two different emotions in me. I wanted her to go away so that my mind would be at peace and I did not want her to go away because whenever I think of Rose going away, I could not help the uneasy longing creeping into my heart.

I woke from my thoughts when we heard Aubrey’s entrance. Even then my eyes sought for Rose. When Rose glanced at me, I could see how her breath hitched in her slender throat. But to my displeasure, she immediately turned away.

Once Aubrey stood next to me and when Derek was about to start the ceremony, we heard the commotion and turned to check out. I was surprised to see a man running with wolves chasing him. I recognized the wolves, as they were from my pack. I looked down when I felt Aubrey’s hand crushing mine. I saw her face changing with full of tension and shock. What was happening?

Gasps and shock erupted in the crown when the new guy said that he was Aubrey’s mate. What was happening? Were they both playing with me? Anger sprouted in me and I took a step towards him. And my anger spiked more when Aubrey tried to stop me.

I was not afraid when the guy pulled out a gun. But to say I was shocked is an understatement when Aubrey hid behind me. And my body stiffened when I heard a faint “Thank God!” from her. When I was thinking on the way to avoid the bullet, a blur of a figure stood before me and I heard the shot.

My eyes widened when I saw Rose fell down with gushing of blood from her side. A rush of emotions erupted in my mind and I fell down, not able to withstand the feeling. I felt my wolf faintly. My mind had a roller coaster ride of memories and I could feel the past playing in my mind in fast forward motion.

I looked up to see Drake, Alpha Reol, Aubrey, her mate Leon. I saw the figure next to me. I looked again to realize that was Rose. My Rose, My Sunshine.

“Sunshine?” I called her.

Her eyes widened for a fraction.

“You remembered?” She cupped my face with a smile.

“You remembered.” She said again and closed her eyes.

“Doctor.” I shouted in anguish. I tried to stop the blood flow by pressing the wound. Derek instructed to lift her to take to the hospital. Albert lifted her to rush towards the car. My wolf growled at the male holding my mate, but now was not the time. I had to make sure my sunshine was safe. So I ran beyond him and held the car open for him to settle with Rose. I did not even stop when I heard two bullet sounds.

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