Vow of a Mate

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Part 2

Rose's POV

It’s been a week since I had gone to the Diner. A day after my exam, Alice called and mentioned that there was an emergency in the pack and no one was allowed to go out. Hence the Diner was also closed for a week. Diana would be opening it today. My classes were finishing early, so I decided to go there instead to my room.

As usual the Diner was empty, when I enter. Alice was cleaning the counter and Diana was nowhere seen.

“Hey Alice! Where is Diana?”

Alice looked up at my voice and smiled brightly.

“Hi ya Rosie. You are early.”

“Yup! My last two classes got cancelled.”

“Hmm... Diana will not be coming today.”

“Why? Is she alright?” I was now worried.

“Check the date.” Alice said gloomily. I checked and then realized.

“Oh! Today is her mate’s death anniversary.” I flinched even voicing it. I knew the pain of losing your loved ones. No one should go through that.

“Why did she open the Diner today? We could have opened tomorrow.”

Alice chuckled. “Diana said that you will be missing the Diner and us.”

How right she was. She was one of the few souls who loved me and I was grateful for that. Sighing, I stood up to update the menu board and set up the tables and booths. We could expect more customers than usual as the Diner was closed for more than a week.


Alice asked me to substitute her for 10 minutes as she got a call. I wore her apron and moved out towards the booth and I heard the growl. It was low enough for the wolves alone to hear. I turned to see a tall woman standing at the entrance. With dark brown locks and stunning curves, she looked absolutely pretty. But she looked at me with all the hatred. Did I know her? Confusion clouded my mind.

With narrowed eyes, she marched straight towards me, grabbed my hand and dragged me to the back end of the Diner. When Clarke tried to interfere, she just glared at him but never stopped. I stumbled couple of times trying to release my hand. She never loosened her grip nor answered my questions.

She just pushed me towards the wall once we were at the back.

“You don’t smell like a rogue. But you don’t smell like my pack member. Who are you wolf? What are you doing in my territory?”

Her territory?

“Who are you to ask me this?” I asked back in a stern voice. I was taken aback on this type of treatment. No one had behaved this way to me.

“I asked you a question, if you wish to live one more day, just give the damn answer.” She spat the words between her teeth. I decided to approach with caution in this situation.

“I am Dr. Rose Nooman.”

“Doctor?” Her stance faltered a bit.

“Yes.” I answered back curtly.

“What are doing here? Especially why are you wearing Alice’s uniform?” She asked still not completely believing me.

“She is just wearing my Apron Aubrey. I took a break and Rose substituted to wait the tables. She is working part time here.”

We both looked up to see Alice coming towards us fast. Aubrey? Alpha Reol’s sister? I turned towards her.

“My apologies. I have not seen you in my pack. That too since I saw you in Alice’s uniform, I became suspicious.” She said at me in a voice void of emotions.

“I understand.” I said back in equally plain voice.

Alice turned to me. “Clarke was much worried. I have hold him for now from calling the cops. You better hurry inside.”

I nod at them and we moved inside.

“Who is that Rose? Are you OK?” Clarke, Nate and Yoni were now in door. I looked around to see the customers were curiously looking at us. I sighed at the sudden attention on me.

“I am alright. She was Alice’s friend. She mistook me since I was wearing her apron. Now everything is fine.”

Nate and Yoni nodded their head at this and went back to the kitchen, but not before checking if I was fine. Clarke was still suspicious. Of course he would be, as he was there the whole time.

“Clarke relax. I am fine now. Look, all the customers are looking here. We will talk about this later.” I patted his arms. He checked me one again before moving. I let out the breath and moved to the counter, not before removing the much controversial apron.

Alice and Aubrey came inside after some time. I then realized that another man is with Aubrey now. He was lean and taller than Aubrey. He looks more like a soft person, possibly not a warrior type. Was he the boyfriend?

Both of them sat on one of the booths. Alice chatted for couple of minutes with them and resumed her waiting. After the crowd thinned Alice called me to join Aubrey and her friend.

“Rose, Sorry about earlier. Let me start fresh. I am Aubrey, Alpha Reol’s sister. This is my mate Leon.”

Mate? Didn’t Alice mentioned as boyfriend? Have they mated already? Before my face shows these thoughts, I felt a sharp kick in my shin. I glanced to see Alice with warning eyes. Her subtle shake of head, made me understood to not ask any questions.

I simply smiled with a Hi. Aubrey was questioning about me on the whole. She even asked about my plan after the course. Though I was planning to settle in Olivia’s pack, I did not want to disclose that information. I did not want people to know my next steps. This way I could avoid many people without any discomfiture. I simply stated that I had not decided yet, since I had one more year to complete. She nodded stating that she understood.

I excused from them and went to the counter to tally on the day’s accounts. Since Diana was not there, I did her job. Also I knew she would be ok for next couple of days, so I did not want the work to get piled up for her. Clarke, Nate and Yoni bade farewell for the day. I observed Aubrey saying goodbye to Alice after some time.

Alice came and sat next to me.

“Thanks for not giving away.” She said. I stopped my work and looked up at her.

“No problem. But are they mated already?”

She shook her head.

“Then how come she address him as mate? Isn’t he her boyfriend?” I voiced my confusion.

“Because he is her mate.”


“Aubrey in fact brought her boyfriend to get the permission for mating. But she met her real mate in the party organized on that day. Leon was from Alpha Pearson’s pack. He was the alpha’s cousin. He had gone across continent from some training. And was back recently.”

She sighed before continuing. I never uttered a word as I was not clear yet.

“It was big drama on the party. Aubrey was about to introduce her boyfriend to the pack and suddenly Leon jumped on the poor guy and started fighting with him. After the chaos everyone understood the situation. Aubrey was shocked on how the events turned out. She was torn out to go to her mate and other. Finally Alpha Reol removed three of them from there to talk out. Next day, the new guy was nowhere seen and Aubrey was with her mate since.”

“Wow” I said.

Alice chuckled “Wow indeed! And the pack was shut down due to this tension. Her boyfriend is brother of an Alpha. And it was a big tension between three Alphas and hence between three packs.”

I shook my head digesting the information. Somehow I felt pity for the other guy. How disappointed he should be. He hadn’t found his real mate and lost his chosen mate. Poor guy.

The wind chime sound indicated that someone was entering the place.

“Excuse me. Is this place open still?” A deep voice echoed across and it send shivers down my spine. Why was this voice creating such a reaction in me?

When I tried to look up the source of the voice, I heard Alice’s faint comment. “Oh God!”

I looked at her in question.

“It’s Aubrey’s ex-boyfriend.” I turned to see the person and my eyes widened at the enormity of the situation. Why now? Never in my life, have I thought I would utter the words that I was dreaming in this situation.


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