Vow of a Mate

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Part 28

Rose’s POV:It had been two weeks since Drake’s confession. I could see Drake’s face showing some longing whenever he saw me. He also gave some subtle hints about our future, about his wish for us to be together forever. My heart longed for the same. I almost wanted to give in to that.

I also met up with Olivia along with Derek, and sometime it would be a sister time with me and Olivia alone. We also had dinners often as just four of us with Drake, Derek and Olivia. I felt like having family dinner at that time. Sometimes I spend my evenings with Olivia and Remi.

Today Drake was taking me on a date. My heart told that this date was important to me. I left the hospital early and went home to get ready. I dressed up in a long sleeveless gray gown. The material flowed like water making my movements more graceful. A small pearl belt in the waist added beauty to it. With minimal make up I looked myself in the mirror. I felt beautiful. I hoped Drake feels the same too.

Hearing the doorbell, I opened the door and looked at the man standing out. Someone please teach me how to breathe again. The dark gray suit hugged his physique so well. He was totally handsome and I had to control myself not to glare at the females eying him today. I huffed at that thought.

Drake raised an eyebrow hearing my huff and I blushed that I gave away my thoughts. He smirked at me and that deepened my blush more. My eyes warned him not to comment anything. After taking my clutch we left immediately.

It was a small restaurant, but a nice one. As guessed all the females around, eyed him more than once. A pride, feeling burst in me that, he was mine. I stopped in shock at this thought. Drake turned at me asking what had happened. I shook my head with a smile and we went inside.

Drake had booked a table in the terrace. In fact, it was the only table in there.

“Why we have only one table in terrace?” I asked to him in a surprise.

Drake smiled and took my hands across the table “I have requested to remove other tables in here.”

I was stunned at his answer, but also happy. Seeing his smile, I knew I had shown the emotions on my face. The choice of menu was limited, but the food was awesome. I enjoyed every morsel. After the main course, Drake ordered to bring dessert. An elderly lady brought us the dessert instead of the waiters. She looked above 50 and an aura of motherly care was around her. Her smile surely was contagious and I smiled at her when she came near us.

“Oh Drake! She is very beautiful.” I was taken aback at the sudden comment. And to top my surprise, she was a wolf. What a wolf was doing in a human community? I looked at Drake with a confused smile.

“Rose, Meet Emilie. Emilie this is Rose.” Drake then looked at me. “Emilie is from our pack. She used to be my nanny in my younger age.”

“What he meant is, in case if you want to hear any embarrassing stories about Drake, you can come to me.” Emilie said the words in a theatrical way. She and I laughed seeing Drake’s reaction. I definitely liked her. I offered Emilie to sit with us.

“Oh no. You two enjoy the time.” She shook her head at me.

“Please. We almost finished the dinner and a few minutes with you will be good.” Drake was also happy at my suggestion as his smile grew brighter. He too insisted and asked the waiter to bring a chair for her.

Once Emilie sat, I asked in my curiosity. “Aren’t you a wolf…” I did not know how to address her.

“Please call me Emmy dear. Yes, I am a wolf. I am here in human community because my mate is a human. He was very uncomfortable to live in the pack, but he came to live there for me. See, I met David when I was a nanny for Derek and Drake. Unfortunately, Drake’s parents died and I don’t want to leave them. So David lived with me in the pack despite his uneasiness, for the sake of me. Once Derek and Drake are old enough to take care of themselves, I moved here for him.”

Drake continued the story “But Emmy is still pack for us and even more she is family. We have offered her and David to visit us whenever they want. That is the least Derek and I can repay for what she had done to us.”

My throat constricted in happiness seeing them both. Drake was lucky to get such a person in life and I said the same to them. Drake nodded his head, while Emmy took the compliment with a smile.

Drake’s phone buzzed and he looked at the screen. “It is Derek, he messaged almost four times today. Let me talk to him. Excuse me.” He took the phone and moved aside to talk. That’s when I remembered that Drake never introduced me.

I looked at Emilie and said “I am...” Emilie interfered “Drake’s mate. I know”

I was surprised at her answer. “How? Did Drake tell about me?”

Emilie shook her head.

“Then?” I asked back.

“This place is special for Drake. Drake’s parents often come here for dinner. This a favorite place for Drake’s mom. That’s how I met David here. When Drake was a kid, he used to tell me that, when he meet his mate, he will bring her here.”

Emilie looked away with a smile and said “These are Drake’s words – One day I will bring my mate here. I will bring her here on a date. Then I will love her like how my dad loves my mom. That’s how I know he had finally found his mate since he brought you here.”

I sat in silence at her words and one thing popped in my mind.

“Hasn’t he brought anyone here before?”

Emilie shook her head. “No. He had come only as a group with his friends or alone. He had never brought a female here alone for a date.”

“What is Emmy saying now? Should I be worried?” Drake’s voice made us look up at him. I was still in shock at Emilie’s revelation. But nevertheless we both smiled at him.

“Definitely you should be” Emilie said with a laugh.

“Then I think it’s time for me to take Rose away before you start up with another story. Come on Sunshine, let’s go.”

Drake said good bye to Emilie and I hugged her close saying a whispered thanks in her ear. She understood and patted my back. With a promise to visit again we left the place.

We went straight back to my apartment. The journey back was with a comfortable silence and I was thankful for that. I needed it as I was processing what Emilie said in there. In my own thoughts, I never realized that we had reached my place. Once we were inside, Drake sat on the couch. I went into the kitchen to bring two cups of coffee.

Drake was playing with the cup. His face was very thoughtful.

“What is it Drake?” I asked him.

Drake looked at me and asked what.

“I know this look. You want to say something to me.” I said back to him. It was not a question.

Drake smiled at my statement. He kept the cup down and looked at me.

“Sunshine, Can we take a step forward in our relationship” He asked.

“What?” I know the meaning of the question, but still asked him.

Drake took a deep breath and looked at me.

“Rose, Will you let me to mark you? I want you to mark me. I want us to start our lives together.”

I was silent for a moment. Could I allow him to mark me? Could I forgive him for deciding to mate with Aubrey? Emilie’s words replayed in my mind again. If what she said was true, then I should leave away all my hesitation. Even then they were in the past. I should leave them once for all.

When I looked back at him with the answer in mind his face showed hurt.

“It seems, you cannot forgive me completely.” He said in a hurting voice. I then realized Drake mistook my silence.

“No Drake...”

But he interrupted me by keeping a finger on my lips.

“No, I understand. But I thought, you had finally forgive me today. That’s why I gathered the courage to ask you. But I suppose it is not enough. So…” He closed his eyes stopped for a moment and opened them again.

“Derek called me today to say that we have found another rogue camp. This is an opportunity for me to take a leap of faith for us. I have decided to go for the raid. If I am coming back in one piece then I think we have a life together. Let us see what the Moon Goddess have planned for us.”

I was now stunned at his words. Why was he taking this decision without hearing mine?

“Drake please. You mistook my silence. I was about to say Yes for your question.” I said hurriedly.

He shook his head with a sad smile. “No Rose, You are saying this now because you are afraid of what would happen to me. I don’t want your answer in a sudden emotion. I need the answer with which you are sure.”

“But... But I am sure” I said in a pleading voice. “Please don’t go. I am afraid on what will happen to you. I cannot live without you.”

Drake didn’t budge at my words.

“I will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6. If you want to take a leap of faith or don’t want me to take a leap of faith, it is up to you.” With those words, he left my place leaving me standing there.


I tossed and turned in my bed for the thousandth time. My mind was repeating Drake’s words again and again. What did he meant by that? And then it struck me. He said it is up to me if I did not want him to take this leap of faith. That means, he was expecting me to go to him before he left. When I finally realized his words, I hurriedly looked at the clock. It showed 5:00 am. I had another hour. I hurriedly changed my clothes and rushed to his cabin.

My heart thudded fast when I saw his locked cabin. Was he with the Alpha to prepare for the departure? With that thought I ran towards Alpha’s Office. Seeing the light switched on in his office my speed increased to rush in there. A dead weight settled in my stomach to see Alpha Derek in there sitting alone.

“They left early.” He said realizing my unasked question. I sat down in the couch with a sense of defeat. Only one thing was in my mind – I was too late. Would I get a chance to correct it? Derek came and sat next to me. He patted my shoulder with a deep sigh.

“Don’t worry Rose. Drake will come back safe. Unlike last time, he hasn’t gone alone. He has gone with the best team in the pack.”

He got up to his table, picked something and came back to me. When he gave it, I realized it was a key.

“It is his cabin’s key. He want you to have it till he returns.”

I just took it in my hand and kept staring it. Till he returns or if he returns?
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