Vow of a Mate

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Part 29

Rose’s POV:

I was sitting still on the couch till Olivia came in and took me to her place. I did not have a sense of the surroundings and was obliging like a robot to whatever Olivia said. After breakfast, which I did not feel like eating it, but just munched a bite or two on Olivia’s insistence, I went to Drake’s cabin. I unlocked the door, entered into the living room.

I could see the couches, where we leisurely had our coffee with chit chats. The kitchen, where we prepared and ate, breakfast and dinner together. Surprisingly, this was the only room, I had ever been whenever I am here. Occasionally I used the bathroom at the end in the cabin. I looked around to see another two doors next to each other.

Deciding to take a tour of the cabin, I opened a door, to find to be his bedroom. It was a simple room screamed, it belong to a man in every inch. Plain log walls with a king size bed in the center of the wall. One dresser at the side with a bedside lamp. A big closet on the other side. A door said he had an ensuite bathroom here. Why he needed two bathrooms in this cabin if he lived alone. I sat on his bed and inhaled his scent. I felt a small wave of calmness as if Drake was here.

I went out to open the other door and stopped on the tracks. There was a huge canvas with a silhouette of a female. And it was definitely me. The picture did not have a face. It should be drawn when he did not remember anything. A happiness spread through me. It meant that he remembered me somewhat. Oh Drake, if only you had shown me this.

Did Drake paint? I never knew. I should ask him once he is back. That’s when it hit me, that I was not sure if he would return back. The enormity of the situation hit me back with full force and I slid down with heavy sobs, to cry my heart out.


It had been five days since Drake left. I was literally living in Drake’s cabin. I started going to the hospital from the next day. Every minute alone, I was suffocated with unwanted thoughts.

Every day once I left the hospital, I rushed to Alpha Derek’s office or his home to find if Drake had called or any news about them. My mind travelled mile long with thoughts within the second I get the answer. But the answer was the same – no news. Every night once I crashed on Drake’s bed, his smell engulfed me, resulting in a heavy weight settling in my heart.

I decided to visit Olivia today after meeting Alpha Derek in his office. Olivia and little Blake were the two, who gave me a little peace of mind, which was much more compared to my current state. As I thought, Olivia was in the living room with sleeping Blake. Holding him, gave me a peace of mind. He had started recognizing faces and giving occasional smiles at us.

I saw Remi sitting along with Olivia. Saying hi to both I joined them on the couch. Remi offered me a cup of coffee.

“Thank you Remi. I definitely needed one.” I took it and settled with a sigh.

“Why? Busy day?” Remi asked me.

“Nope, I wished it could have been a busy day, so that my mind will be occupied with work.” Both Olivia and Remi nodded their heads in understanding.

“Don’t worry Rose, the guys will come back safe.” Olivia said.

“I cannot Oli. Just a single news about them will do for me. But there is none. Every day my mind is going crazy with all sorts of thoughts.” I said with a sigh.

We were sitting in silence for a moment.

“I heard Drake volunteered himself for the raid. I don’t know why he did. He just recovered from the previous impact and what is he thinking about.” Remi ranted out of a sudden.

Her words hit me again and I could not control my tears. I sobbed loudly and Olivia moved next to me.

“Hey Rose. Don’t cry.” She said sending a glare across Remi. Remi too looked with guilt.

“I am sorry Rose. I didn’t meant to…” I stopped Remi.

“No Remi. Actually I am the reason on why Drake left. On that day he proposed to me. I hesitated for a moment before saying yes. He mistook my silence. If only I had not hesitated, this would have never happened. If I had to face the question again, I would say yes despite my doubts.” I said with guilt ridden words.

“Doubts? What doubts you have Rose? Even a blind man can see Drake’s love for you.” Olivia said in a surprised tone.

The water has gone above the head. What is the use in hiding things? With that thought I opened my heart.

“If Drake really loved me, he would have never decided to mate with Aubrey. Now his wolf is back and Aubrey is dead, I thought he is accepting for the sake of mate bond.”

Olivia sighed and looked at me with pity.

“Oh Rosie! You are so wrong. You see Drake decided to cancel the mating ceremony with Aubrey.”

I whipped up my head to see Olivia. “What? When?” I stammered my words.

“The day before the ceremony. He came to Derek and asked to cancel the ceremony. He said, he realized his love for you and want to spend his life with you. But Derek was furious. He said that cancelling the ceremony will jeopardize the relationship with Alpha Reol’s pack. A huge fight erupted between those two and finally Drake realized he was too late to cancel the ceremony.”

I sat in a stunned silence hearing Olivia. I sobbed cradling my face with both my hands. Oh God. What had I done? At that time Olivia stiffened and looked at me.

“Rose, Derek wants your presence in his office.” She said in a serious tone.

“Why? Did he have any information about Drake” I asked back.

Olivia shook her head. “I don’t know. He just mind linked me to ask you to come over.”

When I tried to rush over Olivia stopped me saying that she would accompany me. Once Remi offered to take care of Blake, we rushed to Alpha’s Office.

The grave face of Alpha Derek gave an unsettled feeling.

“What?” I asked him.

“I just got a call from Steve. He called from the city hospital. He mentioned about an accident, but the call got disconnected and I am not able to get him. Drake’s number is also not reachable.”

The next 10 minutes was a blur for me. I did not know how I moved, but now I was in the car with Alpha Derek, Jacob and Richard. We were not sure why they had gone to a human hospital. So Derek wanted Richard to accompany us in case of any trouble. We were still not able to reach out Drake. My mind was running faster than light with all unwanted thoughts. However I tried, I was not able to control myself. It was a torturous 30 minutes’ drive.

I jumped out of the car when Alpha Derek slows down the car in front of the hospital. Not waiting for others, I ran towards the reception deck. I could feel Derek and Richard trailing me. I rushed towards the receptionist asking for Drake Mason. She checked the system and said no one is admitted in such name. I shouted at her to check again in a panic. Derek is trying to pacify me and talked to the lady.

At that time, I heard a voice. “Rose?”

I turned to see Drake walking towards us. He was surprised to see us and it showed in his face. I ran towards him in a couple of steps. Once I was near him, I slapped him hard.

Drake’s face showed a hint of shock for a moment. But he realized my state of panic and was confused again.

I started hitting him with closed fists.

“Why did you leave me? Why did you not believe when I said yes? Why you did not call me? When I heard that you are in hospital, I... I...” I sobbed uncontrollably with loss of words.

Drake hugged me tight.

“Hey, hush… I am ok. I am fine.” He repeated the words again and again rocking me.

Derek and Richard neared us by now. I saw Jacob also coming near.

“What happened Drake? We got a call from Steve that you both are in hospital. But the call got disconnected before he finished the sentence.” Derek asked Drake.

“Oh..” Drake’s voice is laced with realization. “We are on the way back to our pack. A car that was in front of us lost control and hit a barricade. The people in the car were badly hit. So we called for ambulance and brought them here.”

“I am sorry Alpha. My phone battery is drained and I could not convey the whole message to you. I was about to inform you about our delay because of this accident.” Steve appeared suddenly at our side. He turned to me with a guilt ridden face. “I am sorry Rose. I never thought my call would have created such a reaction.”

None of us said anything as we know that Steve was not at fault.

Drake turned to Steve “What happened?”

“The cops are on the way. The hospital wants us to give a statement on the accident.”

Drake nodded his head. “Can you take care of it? Also once done, you please come with others. I am leaving now with Rose.” He said but looked at Derek. Once Derek nodded his approval, he walked outside holding me within his hands. He never let me till we reached the car. He opened the front door, made me seated, buckle the seat belt, hopped in the driver seat and slid the car out.

He never spoke a word till we reached the pack. Even then, he never uttered a word till we were inside his cabin. He sat on the couch along with me. He took both my hands and looked straight into my eyes.

“Let’s talk.” He said.

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