Vow of a Mate

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Part 30

Rose’s POV:

We sat in silence. Even though Drake stated that we need to talk, both of us are not sure on how to start. ‘This is not the time for ego’ my wolf hinted. ‘But I am not hesitating because of my ego’ I said to my wolf and I know she also knows it.

But taking my wolf’s advice, I looked up to see Drake. He is also looking ahead with a small frown in his face. Is he also thinking the same?

“You know about my past.” Drake turned listening to my statement. I looked at his eyes and continued.

“I was a talkative and friendly girl. After losing my parents at very young age, I have locked myself in my very own shell. I never had many friends after except a few. I always had this fear of losing people. Hence I started to behave as if I don’t want to become close to people. But deep down I always long for one thing - A mate. Because, I believed that my mate will love me unconditionally, will be my family that I always longed for.”

I stopped for a moment. Drake understood my silence and he gave a sad smile.

“But when I met you, you had already chosen a female for your life. Even though Aubrey was not in picture when we met, I could not discard that. Because, finding my mate was my secret wish all through my life. I was heartbroken when you didn’t want me.”

I kept my finger on his lips, when Drake tried to talk.

“No, let me finish. Even though it was not your intention, I felt that way. Hence why, when you proposed to be friends, I hesitated to take up the offer. I was afraid, that I cannot face another heart break. But after some serious thought and advice, I decided to take it up because I don’t want to live a life thinking what if. And to fuel my fear, I fell in love with you slowly. But I did not disclose my feelings as I was afraid of denial. When you confessed you love to me, I felt like the luckiest person in world whose dreams are coming true.”

I stopped as old memories rushed in my heart and mind.

“Do you know what happened when my parents met with the accident?” I asked Drake. I know that he don’t know, but I asked. Drake shook his head.

“My dad left me in front of my school peppering kisses all over my face. And on the day you disappeared, you kissed me with love in front of my university. I had thought about this similarity a lot of times later. But I knew what happened to my parents. In your case, I never knew anything. So I decided to find you. I wanted to know why to left me. I reached out to Alpha Reol and even Aubrey. But no one revealed anything. It was as if you have disappeared into thin air.”

“I even started going to places to search for you. I wanted to see you only once again just to know why. My hopes were slowly diminishing every day. My course got completed in mean time and I moved here to Olivia’s pack. My wolf was restless from the moment I stepped into the pack. I could not find why.”

I grabbed Drake’s hand in mine. Looking into our intertwined fingers, I continued.

“When I saw you again, my emotions were so jumbled and I cannot pinpoint to one. But I was confused that you did not recognize me. I never got angry, because whatever the case, you will never act as if you don’t know me. So I went to Olivia. When Olivia said that you lost your memory, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at my fate.”

“And when you said, that you are becoming restless at the sight of me, a small flare of hope grew inside me. So despite my fears, I proposed us to be friends.” I paused and smiled remembering that day.

“My hope started to grow every day, till Aubrey came back.” Words stuck in my throat. It was painful to recollect the memories. Drake hugged me. I need it and I hugged him back. We stayed hugged for a couple of minutes.

“When you declared that you want to mate with Aubrey, I panicked. I was hoping something else, but you decision was like a big shock to me. So I decided to reveal the truth to you, but it backfired. That’s when I finally thought of accepting the fate. And so I decided to move away after the mating ceremony. I wanted to be in the mating ceremony, because me and my wolf wanted a closure. Seeing you marked by another female, will make me and my wolf to realize that you are no longer mine.”

“But tables turned in the mating ceremony. Now Aubrey is no longer in picture. But…”

I stopped. I don’t know how to string my thoughts into words. I was silent to compose myself.

“I… I was afraid Drake.”

“Was?” Drake asked me.

“Yes. Was. I was afraid that you are accepting me for the sake of mate bond since Aubrey was not there. I know it is not portraying a good picture of yours, but I want you to understand me clearly. For the past one month, my mind slowly understood your love, but something stopped me. When Emilie told that you have never brought anyone there, I finally understood your heart. When you proposed me that day, I was never silent in hesitation. I wanted to throw away any unwanted thoughts before starting the next step in our life. So let me tell you.”

I looked at Drake’s eyes and said “I love you Drake. I want to be your forever and you mine. You are my family. You are my light of my life which was dark. I can understand if you still don’t believe that I love you. But I will wait till you understand my love.”

I was answered with Drake’s silence. My heart started beating erratically, since I could not decipher anything from his face. He stood up and go into his room. I sat dejected at his reaction. He still haven’t forgive me. I heard Drake’s steps and look up. He is coming back and sat next to me.

He took out a small box and gave it to me. I opened it. I gasped to see a ring with smaller uncut diamonds. Not very polished but not very crude.

“I got this on the day when I met with the accident. I wanted to propose to you with this. But things changed a lot because of the accident. Even then I felt that this ring is something very important. Something that plays an important role in my life. Even when Aubrey came back, somehow I could not match this with her. Even though my mind could not remember you, my heart still connected with you.”

Drake place the chain in my hand.

“I am sorry, that I did not believe you on that day. I love you Sunshine and I know you love me too. So will you my soul mate forever?”

I stood up and gave the ring back to him. Drake looked at me with shock.

“The ring does not belong in the box. It belongs to my finger.” I said with a smile.

Drake laughed heartily. He stood up and slide it on my finger. Drake took my face with both his hands and kissed me deep.

After couple of moments in silence I asked Drake.

“You never told that you know to draw?”

Drake voiced in surprise. “Draw? I don’t know to draw. Why did you get such a doubt?”

I pointed that room which had the canvas of my silhouette. Drake chuckled.

“I did not drew it. Your image comes in my dreams vaguely. Even then I felt that image was important to me. So I paid an artist and to draw this. Looking at your silhouette makes me feel calm.”

Why did I doubted him?

I looked up at him with guilt filled eyes. “Sorry Drake.”

Drake placed his fingers on my lips. “Don’t. We both made mistakes and both realized our love. Whatever happened is for the best. Else even smaller things will make us doubt our love for each other. Now, we have our whole life to love each other.”

I nod accepting his words. After refreshing we both went to Derek’s house.

Once we entered inside the house, Olivia looked at me face. Seeing the pure joy reflecting in my face, Olivia’s smile brightened. She rushed to me and hugged tight.

“I am so happy for you. You always were like a sister to me. And once again you have become my sister.”

I teared at her words.

“Oh Oli!” I sobbed at her words.

“Your quota for tears is over. Don’t cry.” Drake said in a teasing tone.

Me and Olivia chuckled at him. Drake entered inside at the same time. Seeing us, he also smiled at us.

The brothers left us to talk about the raid and close the issues, leaving me and Olivia. We decided to prepare lunch as it is almost noon.

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