Vow of a Mate

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Rose’s POV:

I got up by the smell of toast and fresh coffee. I smiled at the male who is in the kitchen making breakfast for me. I moved to the bathroom to do my morning routine and went to the kitchen. I slowly moved behind Drake who is standing in front of the stove and hugged him from the back.

“Good Morning Sunshine.” Drake voiced with a smile.

“Good Morning” I mumbled on his back.

Drake turned and hugged me gently. “Why did you got up so early. You haven’t had good sleep last night.” He asked in a soft voice.

“The smell of toast woke someone.” I said with a smile.

Drake chuckled and crouch down to my big belly.

“You both have become very naughty. You have to be good so your mama can rest well.” He kissed my belly. Yes, I am pregnant with twins and due in a month.

After a good breakfast, we leisurely got ready for the day. We had a small mating ceremony in a month after Drake proposed me. Since then we are living in the log cabin near the lake. The cabin is extended with couple more rooms.

After finishing with my hair, I put on my dress. Drake entered the room dressed in casual jeans and fitted t-shirt. My heart gallops in happiness at seeing him. Even today, I feel a rush of excitement whenever I see him.

“Ready” I asked him.

He simply came, turned me and kissed me hard.

“Do we have to go? Why can’t we cuddle here in peace?” He asked.

I laughed at his childishness. “Because, this is our baby shower party” I said to him.

“Our babies, our baby shower. So let’s go later.” He said.

“It is organized by Olivia. You know her reaction if we are late.” I said with smile.

He sighed. Once we are in the living room, Drake made me sit in the couch, brought my white bellies and slide it on my feet.

“Finally, the prince had found her Cinderella.” He said with a smile. I shook my head and laughed at his antics.

We both went out hand in hand.


When we reached Olivia and Derek’s house, we went straight to the backyard as the party was planned there. I saw Olivia instructing to people on the arrangements. Derek was holding little Blake. Seeing us Olivia came towards us.

“Thank God! You are on time.” She shooed Drake to help with the arrangements and moved me to the center table. Drake gave me a kiss and went away with a small pout. I and Olivia chuckled on his reaction.

“He loves you.” She said.

“I know.” I answered her looking still at Drake.

“I am happy for you Rosie.” Olivia said with a smile.

I hugged her in answer.

“Let me check on Albert. He should be here with the cake.” Olivia took out her phone.

“No need. I am here.” I turned to look at Albert strolling a trolley with a two layered cake.

We still don’t know the gender of the babies and the cake holds the answer. Only Albert knows it as Richard informed him after the scan. We all are eagerly waiting to know it.

“Hey Albert. Where is Maureen?” I called him.

“Maureen is getting ready with Lidiya. They will be coming in sometime.”

I smiled at his answer. Lidiya is a single mom who lost her mate in one of the rogue raids. Her son Elias is in the same class as Maureen and are best buddies. Lidiya and Albert met each other in school. They are currently dating for the past three months. I am happy that Albert found someone. Lidiya is a good female with a beautiful heart.

“This is the longest record.” Albert said looking at his watch.

“What?” I asked in a puzzlement.

“Five minutes. This is the longest Drake had left you and me alone.” He said with a laugh.

I slapped his forearm.

“Hey, Drake is not like that.”

“Sunshine, I bought you some water. It is a hot day and you are out for long.” Drake came with a glass of water.

Albert laughed loudly and failed to glare at him and gave out a chuckle. Drake is still not comfortable with Albert. But he knows not to interfere in our friendship. So he will never stop me from seeing Albert, but makes sure that he is always nearby whenever I am with Albert.

Once everyone has arrived, we cut the cake. Albert mentioned the color of bottom layer is Baby 1 and color of top layer is Baby 2. I and Drake cut the bottom layer and it was Pink. And the top layer was Blue. A boy and a girl.

I laughed with happy tears and turned to kiss Drake. He hugged me as much as he can without crushing the belly and kissed me with full of love.

“I love you…” Words caught in his throat and his eyes brimmed with happiness.

“Congratulations” Olivia shouted and others echoed.

We had the cake and chatted happily.

“You girl will be pretty as you Rose.” Kathy said with her congratulations.

I smiled a thank you to her.

“She has her dad and brother to protect her from all the guys.” Drake said as he comes and hugs be from the back.

Kathy laughed and left to move around.

“Congratulations Rose.” I turned to see Lidiya with Albert holding Maureen and Elias. I hugged Lidiya with a Thanks.

“Rose, when will the babies come out and play with us?” Maureen asked me.

I bend slightly and pat her head. “Soon Maureen. But they will be so small to play. You have to wait them to become big.” I said to her.

“Don’t worry Rose. I will be with Maureen till the babies grow.” Elias said with a shy smile. He is such a smart boy.

“Thank you Elias.” I told him.

Albert and Lidiya smiled at each other. I hope they take the next step in life soon.

After a couple of minutes we bid good bye to all and moved towards our house. Yes, the log cabin is our house.

I pressed our joined hands and Drake turned to me.

“I love you Drake.” I said to him.

“I love you too Sunshine.” He said back with a tender smile.

After all the roller coaster rides in my life, I am now having my happy life. My life is complete with my mate, my kids, my family, my friends and my pack.



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