Vow of a Mate

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Part 3

Rose’s POV

I looked at the dark eyes. My breath hitched at the sight of the man. It should be illegal to be this handsome. His hair stood up in an attractive way, the mesmerizing dark eyes which arrested me in a place. The sharp nose and defined jaw line, accentuated his handsome face. Had I left out the lips? No, I could not describe it. My thoughts stopped, realizing the reaction shown in his face.

His face showed all the emotions from shock, happiness, disbelief and finally anger. Anger? I was confused.

“Not now!” he growled and dashed out of the place.

I was shocked to the core. I had found my mate. Of course, I always feared about this situation. After losing my parents, I was always reluctant in having a steady relationships, for the fear of losing them. But I never expected this. Finding and losing my mate in the same day. My human part understood him, but my wolf did not. I could feel her pain and it was unbearable. I knew she blocked me so that I could be spared from the pain, but I did not want that. She was with me all the time even when we lost our parents. I never wanted her to suffer alone.

Alice shook me to come out the trance.

“What?” I asked unthinkingly.

“What happened? Do you know him?” Alice asked me.


“Then why did he went out after seeing you.”

“I don’t know.”

“Why did you spaced out?” Alice asked me in suspicion.

“I was talking to my wolf.”


“Thinking if we have met him before.” I was surprised that my voice had not broken down.

“Alice, I am leaving now.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Nothing. I haven’t slept properly because of the exams and I am tired. Nothing will cure better than a nice sleep.” I smiled at her and left before facing anymore questions.


After a restless night, I avoided the Diner for the next three days. I hadn’t stepped out of my house since. I excused myself from all activities. My wolf unblocked me the next day, but I was angry at her. How could she think that I should not share her pain, we were one soul with two minds, for God’s sake. We both had somehow come to terms with reality. I could not forever avoid everyone. More than that, I would never give up my dream for a person who I hadn’t known, even though he was my mate. I felt better after these thoughts.

Suddenly the doorbell chimed along with impatient knocks. I know it was Alice on the other side and rushed to open the door, before she broke it. Alice almost fell down inside, in the second I opened the door. My laugh stopped seeing Alice’s glare.


“What the hell Rose? You suddenly left three days back. And when we called, you are not picking up. Nate said you haven’t gone to college. What happened?”

“I was not feeling well.” I turned to move inside, avoiding her eyes.

Alice grabbed my shoulders and turned me.

“What happened Rosie?” She asked again softly.

I hung my head down and mumbled. “I found my mate.”

“What? Congratulations Rosie. I am happy for you.” She stopped for a minute. “But why are you not happy?” I could sense the confusion in her voice.

“It looks like he doesn’t want me.” My voice mumbled even low.

She was stunned for a minute and hugged me tight. The walls built around my heart broke at that simple action. She patted my head while I cried on her shoulder. She guided me to the couch and we sat hugging each other for some time.

“Who is it?” asked Alice. I felt anger in her voice.

“No one you know.” I did not want to disclose his identity. If I had to overcome this, I did not want anyone to know him.

“Where did you met him? And when?” she asked again.

I stopped for a moment. I could not say the Diner or college, she would find out.

“The day I went from Diner to home. I met him on the way. He immediately said that he don’t want me. I understood and left. But it hurts.” My voice cracked at the end.

“Hey…” She held my hands.

“I always don’t interact with people much. You know that I don’t have many friends except you and Diana, even I never got along with you that easily. But do you know, I always secretly wished for my mate. I hoped that he will help me overcome the fear of being with people, like my knight in shining armor. But the way he left me the moment we met, hurts me. Even if I said, I don’t want anyone to get close, deep down my heart I long for someone, who will be only for me, whom I can say as my family to the whole world.”

I said in a dead soft voice while playing with the hem of her shirt. Alice hugged me tight.

“He is not lucky to have you in his life. But you will find someone who will love you with his whole heart, who understand what a gem of a person you are.”

I did not answer back but accepted her words, even though I did not believe that.

Suddenly Alice got up and pulled me.


“Enough of your couch time. Get up. Let’s go to the Diner. Diana is worried sick about you. Don’t waste your time and energy on someone who doesn’t appreciate you. We are here for you.”

I smiled back. Her words made my resolve stronger.

The day went smooth after that. As Alice mentioned, Diana was worried about me, I felt guilty for shutting them off. After some fussing from Diana, I resumed to my place behind the counter. There was a steady flow of customers, which helped me to avoid the unwanted thoughts. But I could not ignore the pain that was internal.

I sensed his entry before looking up at the entrance. The bond was getting stronger with him nearby. Didn’t it affect him? Or was he too strong to ignore it? I shook my head to ignore the heavy feel while he went and sat in a booth looking at me. I could not shake his stares which made me very difficult to concentrate on my work.

I sighed when he left the place after sometime. But that did not help me to stop the mild tremor of my hands. I asked Alice to cover for me and went inside the staff room. I took deep breaths to console myself. The day went almost smooth after that. As usual I, Diana and Alice sat together for our little chitchat.

“How are you dear?” Diana asked me again.

“I am fine Diana. Just lack of sleep because of exams. I am better now.”

Diana looked as if she did not completely believe me, but she dropped the issue much to my relief.

“Do you know, Aubrey’s ex-boyfriend comes here every day? He used to sit in the same place as today and leave after some time.”

“Doesn’t he have a name?” I was irritated when Alice addressed him with Aubrey’s name.

“No idea. He never gave his name when Clarke asked him. In fact he never spoke anything except his order. But why is that bothering you?” Alice asked back.

“I.. I am not bothered. I feel addressing him still as Aubrey’s boyfriend, will cause unnecessary confusion.” I answered.

“Ex.. Rosie. Ex-boyfriend.”

“Can we drop this talk?” I said not able to hear him getting addressed again and again with Aubrey.

Alice shrugged and left it. Diana was looking at me with a smile. I got tensed at that. Even if she had guessed anything, she never uttered a word.

I bade night to both of them and left the place.


I sensed his presence once I stepped out. I looked around and found him standing on the opposite side of the street. He was leaning on a street light pole with his arms folded. He straightened himself seeing me coming out. I moved out fast, to avoid him reach out to me. Trying to walk fast, I cursed myself for not having a vehicle. It would have helped me to get away from that place in an instant.

“I will catch you anyway. So you better stop and let us talk.” His deep voice, stopped me in my tracks. A shiver travelled down my spine at his voice. Turning back, I found him standing right behind me. How fast could he move?

“You have clearly expressed your thoughts on that day. I don’t think we have anything to talk.” I was proud, that my voice is not shaking despite I was inside.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

“I am sorry for that day. But that was not my intention.”

“Then what?”

He looked around the street. “Can we go somewhere and discuss?”

Could I? Yes. Did I want to? I was not sure. I decided to close this and better not postpone it, so that I could overcome the pain soon. I nodded at him.

“Do you want to go back to the Diner?” He asked me.

I shook my head.

“No, let me keep this away from my friends. Diana doesn’t know that I found my mate and lost him the same day and for her nothing is more sacred than a mate bond.”

“Do you have anywhere in mind?”

“There is a coffee shop in the next block. It is a small place but very comfortable.”

“If you say so. Can you show the place?”

I nodded at him and turned to walk towards the coffee shop. He caught my wrist as I took a step. I sucked a breath in silence as tingles shot up my arm by his touch.

“You haven’t lost me.” He said softly. I gaped at him for a minute. He then released my hand and waved his, signaling me to show the path.

“I.. I.. Yes…” I stumbled for words and turned again to walk towards the coffee shop.

What did he mean by that?

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