Vow of a Mate

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Part 4

Rose’s POV:

I entered the Coffee shop. He followed me right behind.

“Hi Leila. Busy day?” I asked with a smile.

Leila looked and smiled back at me.

“Hey Rose. Good day. How about you?”

“Yup. Good so far. Do you have that window booth available?”

“Yes. Go ahead.” I nodded at her and moved towards the booth.

It was a secluded place and ideal for private conversations. We sat facing each other. Thank God, he didn’t sit next to me.

“Isn’t she a human?” He asked nodding his head towards Leila.

“Yes, she is studying in my college. We are see each other often there.”

“Does she know?”

“No, No one there knows that I am a wolf. Except other wolves who study there.”

“Hmmm.” And when he was about to ask something, I intervened in a hurry.

“Before you ask anything, Can I know your name?”

His lips curved upwards showing a small smile. He extended his hand towards me.


I looked at his hand. Here goes nothing.

I shook his arm and said. “I am Dr. Rose Nooman”

He raised one brow. “Doctor?”

“Yes Doctor.” I nodded my head.

“You are studying human medicine?”

“I have finished Human Medicine. I am currently doing my Veterinary science. What about you?”

He was silent for a moment.

“I am the lead warrior in my pack. Also..” He stopped suddenly.

“Also..” I prompted.

He shook his head. “Nothing important.”

It hurt that he was hiding things, but what could I expect. I nodded back.

Again we fell into silence when Leila came to us.

“What do you like to have, Rose?”

I looked at him.

“Hazelnut Cappuccino will be good here.” I said to him.

“Then Hazelnut Cappuccino it is.” He answered.

I asked Leila to bring two Hazelnut Cappuccino. She wrote it on her mini pad and left us. After going behind him, she signaled me that he was hot. I chuckled at her antics, but stopped short realizing that Drake was looking at me.

“You wanted to talk. So tell me.” I prompted him.

He looked at me for a long time. I sighed when he was still in silence.

“If you don’t have anything to say, let’s leave.” I said.

“No.” He replied sharply.

I looked at him with confusion. What did he wanted to do?

“Do you know why I came here?” He asked.

I swallowed roughly, remembering it.

“Yes. You had come to get permission to mate with Aubrey.” My throat blocked in pain at these words. He nodded his head.

“I am the lead warrior in my pack and have travelled to almost all the packs across the country in the past 4 years. But I haven’t found my mate anywhere. I was slowly losing my hope in finding my mate. At that time Aubrey joined in the college near to our pack. She was also mate less. Both of us thought that we don’t have any mate for us. When started talking with each other, we realized our thoughts, tastes and preferences matches with us. That’s when Aubrey suggested that we can become chosen mates. My wolf almost lost his hope in finding you and hence prepared himself mentally to accept a chosen mate. My brother is the Alpha of my pack. We discussed this and he finally accepted us. That when we came here to get the permission of Alpha Reol.”

He stopped and looked at my pain filled eyes. He shook his head and continued.

“Alpha Reol was reluctant at first to accept us. After Aubrey’s persistence he accepted us, but halfhearted. He also told that he will organize a party to introduce us. I now think that was his last resort to find a true mate for his sister. And he succeeded in that.”

He laughed humorlessly. He still longed for Aubrey.

“When we are about to be introduced to the pack as chosen mates, a male wolf suddenly attacked me and all hell broke loose. After a serious confrontation, Alpha Reol refrained us to understand the situation. We then learned that he is Aubrey’s true mate. No one can compete against a true mate bond and I knew then and there that I lost my chosen mate.”

I did not answered because I was myself confused, how to feel for this.

“My wolf lost his hope in finding his true mate and started loving Aubrey’s wolf. He became very frustrated in losing a chance of having a mate. He understood that he cannot compete against a true mate bond, but we could not switch off our feelings towards Aubrey. I avoided her from that day. Four days back, I was pulled towards the diner. When I saw Aubrey getting out, I thought that me and my wolf were not able to overcome our feelings for her. But when I entered the Diner, I realized that I was pulled towards you, our true mate.”

“Oh..” I said at loss of words.

“But I and my wolf both were confused on our feelings. If I am feeling the pull towards you, then is my love towards Aubrey is fake? Am I feeling only the connection of bond with you, or is it more? Or was it my wolf alone? I was confused to the core and could not interpret my feelings. That’s why I reacted in such way.”

“When you left abruptly, I thought you don’t want me. So I braced myself to accept the rejection. But I don’t know how to react for this. What now?” I asked. In fact, I was now confused on how to deal with him.

He smiled at me.

“Can we get to know each other apart from being mates?”

I looked at him.

“Can we be friends? Know each other and then decide?”

Could we? Most important could I? What if this didn’t work out? Could I go through the heart break again? I did not want decide right away.

“I need time to think.” I said softly.

His face fell down in my answer. But he managed a smile immediately.

“I understand.” He said.

“Can we meet again tomorrow same time? I will give my answer.”

He nodded his head. Then we moved out of the coffee shop. He offered to walk me till my house. I refused his offer stating that we could meet tomorrow at the end of my shift. Understanding my reluctance, he bade farewell and walked in the opposite direction.


I turned in my bed for the 100th time. My sleep was MIA and I was thinking about Drake’s offer. Could I do this? My mind was too much confused to decide on my own. Only one person came into my mind and I dialed her number without a second thought.

“Rose dear, how are you?” Luna Allison chimed without waiting for my voice.

“I am doing good Allison, How are you and Alpha Jackson?”

“We are fine dear. But Rose, how many times do I have to tell you. You are another daughter of mine like Olivia. Call him Jackson.”

I chuckled.

“What is bothering you?” I chocked in my own breath at her question.


“Darling, I know your voice. And now it says, something is bothering you.”

“Well you see. I found my mate.”

“What? Congratulations Rose. I am so happy for you.”


“But what?” I could sense her worry now.

I gave a glimpse of the entire situation.

“So I don’t know what to do. Can you give me some suggestion?”

Allison chuckled.

“Rose, I am not going to give you a suggestion, but a word for you to think about. If you accept the offer and didn’t work out, you need to go through the heart break again. And If you don’t accept the offer, you need to live a life of regret always with a ‘what if’. Can you live such life?”

I was silent at this new perception. Could I?

“But I will say one thing. You are good soul. Moon Goddess will always pair the mates with a reason. Even if any mates have their struggles at start, I strongly believe that the Moon Goddess will always be with them.”

Somehow her words gave me a peace of mind.

“Thank you Allison.” I smiled.

“Anytime for you darling.”

Biding Good Night I cut the call and embraced the much awaited sleep.

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