Vow of a Mate

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Part 6

Rose’s POV

I finished my classes and left for home. I had to clean the spare room, if Drake wanted to move in. Informing Diana, that I would be coming later, I hummed myself making the house presentable. I normally had my house clean, but till date I never had bothered about other’s opinions about my house. Once finished, I took a shower to go to the Diner. My phone rang when I was about to step out of my house. It was Alpha Reol.

“Dr. Nooman” He said before I uttered a word.

“Good Evening Alpha Reol.” I said in a polite voice.

“Good Evening. I heard an interesting news today.”

“Regarding?” I was now puzzled. Did the Alpha want to gossip with me?

“I heard that Drake is moving into your house.”

Oh! That.

“Yes, Alpha. In fact, he moves in today.”

“How did you know him?”

“He visits Diana’s Diner. You already know that I work part time there.”

“Are you saying that, you are allowing a person to move in with you, just because he is a regular customer in your workplace?” His voice was stern now.

If anyone heard this, it surely looked absurd. I would too mention the same.

“Alpha, my actions may look as if I am acting on impulse, but please note that there is a very valid reason for my actions. But with all respect, I cannot utter that.”

“Why is that?” He was genuinely concerned.

“That is a personal matter between me and Drake. But please note that, I will not ask anyone to move in with me whomever I know. And also this is a temporary arrangement, since I knew Drake will be leaving soon.”

Alpha Reol did not answer immediately. I had reached the Diner by this time, and I stood outside to complete the conversation.

“So, are you saying that your actions do not have any intention of prying in the pack?”


“Alpha, I don’t think neither Drake nor myself are too shallow to do that. Also, I presume you would never allow this, if you really have such doubts.”

He chuckled at my answer.

“Sensible Answer Dr. Nooman. I also want to make sure that, you are not pressurized by this. Since you are under my protection till your course completion.”

“I understand Alpha.”

He bade good bye. I closed the call and entered the busy Diner. I greeted Alice and Diana, and started my work behind the counter.

I saw Drake entering the Diner and went straight to Diana’s room. Strange! He never had done that. After some time he emerged out with a smiling Diana. They both came towards me.

“Rose Darling, What is that I am hearing? Is Drake moving in with you?”

I could see Alice’s eyes bugging out at this news. She mouthed that we would be talking about this later. I shook my head, and turned towards Diana again.

“Yes, Drake was in need of some place. So I thought of not sharing my house.”

“Good Idea! I will be now less worried about your safety.”

My eyes widened in surprise at this answer. Apart from all, I never expected such an answer from her. I expected more like a warning or some reprimands that I was acting without any thoughts. She just patted my shoulders and left for her room.

I then turned towards Drake with questioning eyes. What was that all about?

“I just want to ask Diana’s permission before moving in. Even though you are under Alpha Reol’s protection, I know Diana’s concern towards you is more important.”

I was touched realizing, how clearly he understood me. Would I survive if things did not work out for us? I knot formed in my throat at both happiness and anxiety. I just nodded at loss of words.

Alice caught me in the break and demanded an explanation. I smiled and told her the story except for the fact, that Drake was my mate. She just hummed hearing everything. But not without a warning to be careful. I just hugged her with a promise to be careful.

Drake waited till the end of the shift. Nowadays he joined myself, Diana and Alice on our little chat after the shift. Today we left just after the dinner, considering Drake had to settle in the new place.


I felt nervous when Drake entered the living room. I badly wanted him to like my place, but could not point out why.

“I know this is not very much. But a comfortable place and near to my college. Also near to the Diner. I know it is small, but I felt is a kind of compact…”

I knew I was blabbering, but could not stop. Drake dropped his bags, stood in front of me and placed his finger on my lips. I widened my eyes at his closer proximity.

“I like this place. It is perfect.”

He smiled uttering the words softly. I blinked at his actions naively. He chuckled, seeing my reaction and that brought me back to reality.

“I... Yes… I will show you your room.” I stuttered rubbing the back of my neck.

I showed his room to him. Luckily it had an ensuite, so I would not encounter any awkward situation in case. Leaving him to unpack and freshen up, I left to the kitchen to make some coffee.


I woke up, relishing a fresh aroma of coffee and toast. My mind woke up in confusion, and the previous day played in fast forward in my head. Drake… I got up rather fast and took a shower. Dressing up for the day, I entered the kitchen to see the most breathtaking scene.

Drake dressed in casual jeans and T-shirt, was tossing the eggs in the pan. I could see piles of toast already set on the table, and coffee was brewing with fresh aroma. Definitely a tantalizing scene in the morning. Finally sensing my entry, he turned up with a good morning.

“Good Morning Drake.”

“I could not find anything else but a packet of bread and some eggs. So I prepared them alone. You seriously need some grocery shopping. What do you eat in the morning?” He asked while motioning me to sit. While he was placing the eggs, I moved to remove the coffee jar along with two mugs to pour it.

After seated, I took a piece of toast with jam and started munching it.

“I normally have coffee. If I am in the mood, I will either take a toast or an omelet.”

He shook his head with a frown.

“That is not good. Breakfast is the important meal of the day. Haven’t you heard the saying? Eat like a king in morning, like a common man in the evening and like a pauper in night. You should eat more in the morning.”

“It’s more like, I am bored to cook for me alone.”

“Tsk.. Tsk.. No way. Promise me that you will eat well in morning hereafter.”

“Or else?” I asked playfully.

“I will make you eat.” He answered in equal playful tone.

We both chuckled and started eating in silence. It felt good to eat full breakfast in the morning. After Allison, Drake was the one insisting me to eat well in the morning. This created a warm feeling in my heart.

“Thank you for the breakfast.”

I mentioned to him.

“Friends, Remember?” He smiled back.

“What is your plan for the day?” He asked when we were cleaning the dishes. Believe me, you definitely did not want to come back home with a sink full of dirty dishes, that you had left in the morning. That was another reason for me, to prepare a limited or no breakfast.

“College as usual and after that to the Diner. What about you?”

“I am heading to the pack for the talks and training with the Alpha Reol’s pack.”

He dropped me in the college, and promised me to meet in the Diner. I could not hide the smile creeping on my face the whole day.


It’s been a week, since Drake and I had started living under the same roof. Our routine was pretty much the same. We started the day with breakfast, then he dropped me off in the college, met me in Diner and finally, the day ended with our chat over a coffee. We almost talked everything under the sky. I kind of started looking forward to the time of the day, when we would sit with a cup of coffee in our living room. Yes, I got used to address this place as ours.

It was Sunday. A day I usually took off. Drake had planned a list of movies for us to watch. I was looking forward to it after hearing the movie names. After breakfast, we went to grocery shopping for the coming week. Breakfast was another time of the day I enjoyed with him. We roamed aisle after aisle bantering about nothing. He insisted on buying only fresh goods and stopped me from getting any junk. I was not a picky eater and so I was ok with that.

We had our lunch in a cafe, reached home and settled into our couch much later, with our movies. After the second movie, I felt tired and bored so we switched off. After a cup of coffee we went to the park for some time and roamed around for an hour. We were surprised to see standing in front of the diner, as if our legs had taken us here on its own. It was almost closing time, so we entered in to chat with Diana and Alice.

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